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Karigan G'ladheon sat cross-legged on the edge of her rather opulent bed. She held a sheaf of letters in her hands from various people from the Capital. There was a short message from King Zachary, thanking her again for her help with the coup attempt. He also wished her good luck in her studies at Selium. She found that rather odd, since she had not received any letters from the school inviting her back. There was also a note from Alton D'Yer that she hadn't read yet, along with a small book in letter form, written by Mel.

Currently Karigan read a letter from the Captain of the Green Riders. A small smile tugged on one side of her mouth as she turned to the last page. She looked up from her reading, and got the attention of the Rider that had been leaning against her window sill.

"Did the Captain seriously send you all the way here to say thanks again and ask me to consider coming back after I finish school?" The last part was said a little doubtfully since she still had not received any word from the Dean. Why everyone thought she was going to be invited back she wasn't sure. Just because the King sent a letter requesting that they let her come back didn't mean they would. There were other facts involved, like the fact that Dean Gyer really hated her.

The Rider who Karigan had never met before smiled and shooed her back to her reading saying, "Finish your letter and you'll understand."

The end of the letter was rather standard, a hello to her father, and a request to remind him to 'make the uniforms green'. Some good wishes and a post script that read, "Ask Trace about Connly."

She assumed the new riders name was Trace, since it requested that she ask her about Connly. She also assumed, based off the post script that Trace was the new receiver of Connly's ability to mind speak. They had been expecting a new rider when she left, since Joy had been killed leaving the position open.

"Mapstone says to ask you about Connly." She grinned at the other woman.

"Does she?" Trace responded mildly. "Well I may have an interesting story or two. Mind I haven't known the man for long."

Karigan couldn't help but give the woman a knowing look. "I'm sure you do. So sit down and talk."

Trace walked across Karigan's room, and gingerly sat on the edge of the fine bed. She was clearly aware of her rough riding leather, and the fine fabric.

"Well," She said stretching her legs. "He was ambushed by a couple of ground mites a few days ago, but he managed to get away."

Karigan raised an eyebrow at the Rider. "I seriously doubt that's the tale Mapstone had in mind."

"Well there is a rather funny story." She paused dramatically. "But I'm sure you wouldn't be interested."

"I like funny stories." Karigan assured her.

"Well see, the king sent him on a message errand before I even heard the call. He carried some letter to the Dean of Selium."

Karigan leaned in to listen better, suddenly very interested in this story.

"After a rather disgusting comedy of errors involving his assistant he was finally allowed to speak with the Dean."

Karigan sighed loudly, "Matterly is such a, I don't know how to say it."

"You would think his trouble ended there." Trace said lightly.

"What else could they possibly do?"

"When Connolly walked into the office the Dean didn't acknowledge him. This letter could have required explaining so…"

Karigan never found out why the letter could have required explaining because one of her aunts knocked on the door. "Karigan, there's another messenger here for you." She informed them through the door.

Karigan shot a question glance towards Trace who shrugged, "It's not one of us."

They went downstairs to find a messenger for Selium in the entryway. He handed Karigan an envelope and said, "I will take your reply to the Dean."

Karigan shot a glance at Trace who was trying not to smile. Did she know what this was about? The messenger from Selium managed to keep a straight face.

Karigan opened the letter and skimmed it quickly, her smile growing line by line. "Is he serious?" She asked the messenger when she finished, "I can go back."

It was Trace who answered her question. "I don't know about the Dean, but Connolly was very serious. "

Karigan frowned at her in confusion and the other messenger chuckled, "Yes, you may return to Selium." He said, "Shall I inform the Dean you accept his invitation."

Karigan nodded to him, "Yes, please."

The messenger left and she turned to Trace, "This is what Captain Mapstone wanted you to tell me."

Trace nodded, "She also wanted to make sure Dean Gyer followed through."

"So, what did you mean about Connolly being serious?"

Trace smiled, "Just that he meant it when he told the Dean that it was not wise to disrespect a hero."

"He said what?" Horror crossed Karigan's face, "I'm not a…"

Trace wasn't listening though. She had noticed how much of the day had passed while she was speaking with Karigan. "Oh my!" The rider exclaimed, "I still have messages to deliver in town!"

She turned to Karigan, torn between doing her duty and not being rude.

Karigan nodded in understanding, "It's alright."

"It was great meeting you." She said giving Karigan a quick hug. Then the rider was out the door and running across the yard towards the stables in a flurry of green. Karigan smiled bemusedly and went to find her father, he would be delighted to hear she was readmitted to Selium.

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