Complexities of Love

Chapter 1

"Romance under the Blooming Fireworks."

"Trust me. It'll be alright this time." Atsushi whispered, taking her hand. "…Otani, I have way too many bad memories from that place." Risa sobbed, tears beginning to form in her chocolate orbs.

"Koizumi…I have everything set up. Let's go. I promise you won't regret it." he said gently, pulling her along to the elevator. The roof was their destination. The best spot to see the fireworks on Risa's birthday. Risa blushed. He was holding her hand again. It always made her feel funny, like a squirmy type feeling in the pit of her stomach.

They got up to the roof. "Close your eyes, Koizumi." Risa blinked at him a few times before closing her eyes and letting him lead her to his surprise. "Open them." he said happily, after walking for a bit.

Risa opened her eyes and saw it. An evening picnic. A blanket, a basket, some music, even some candles to make the area look nicer. "Otani…this is amazing." She whispered, her emotions getting the better of her, as tears began to well up in her eyes again.

Atsushi sat down on one side of the blanket and beckoned for her to sit beside him. She sat down and he began taking out the dinner he had brought in the basket. Risa looked around at everything he had set up. "This is…really romantic." she said, smiling at him. Atsushi blushed. "It's n-nothing. I just…thought…you'd like this…" he said, looking away while scratching the back of his head. "I do. I love it. Thank you." She giggled.

"The fireworks are supposed to be incredible this year. I heard the show is supposed to last half an hour." Atsushi said, handing her the neat little dinner box he had prepared. "Half an hour? Wow!" she beamed, starry-eyed. Atsushi smiled in his lop sided way.

After they finished their food it was really dark out, but the candles were bright. "So what should we do while we wait for the fireworks to start?" she asked, checking the time on her phone. Atsushi blushed. "Well…how bout this?" He placed his lips gently on hers, his eyes closed, his hand touching hers. Risa was a bit surprised at first but soon joined the kiss.

Atsushi placed his hand on one of her breasts, but it was hesitant. He didn't want to screw up the moment with her. Much to his surprise, she didn't move his hand or pull away, continuing to kiss him with all the love she felt for him. Atsushi began feeling nervous. 'What if…Koizumi wants to…' he thought, but soon pushed the thought from his mind. 'Nah…she wouldn't its impossible.'

When Risa felt him touching her like that, the only thing she could do was act like he hadn't. Otherwise, he may be upset with her if she pushed him away, like that last time, when they had to share that hotel room together. 'What if…Otani wants to…go all the way with me…?' She thought, fear suddenly taking hold of her mind.

They suddenly heard the first firework boom in the summer night sky. The sudden noise made the two of them open their eyes and actually look at each other, both were blushing a deep shade of red and both were thinking the same thing. 'Sex.'

Atsushi kissed her again, more roughly than the first time. She simply kissed him back with as much enthusiasm as he did. The fireworks boomed and were beautiful, but the two probably didn't notice at all. Their hormones going crazy and making them act unusually.

Soon, it felt like it was becoming too difficult to stay sitting up, and Risa slowly layed down, Atsushi taking the opportunity to lay over her, continuing to kiss. Their tongues began to touch and tease each other, deepening the kiss. Atsushi couldn't take it anymore and had to ask her. "Koizumi…"

"Yes?" She asked, a little upset that he pulled away somewhat. "You…know what I want don't you…? If I asked you…would you?" The question sounded extremely confusing to Risa. "Would I what?"

Atsushi looked away; the dark red blush that had formed on his cheeks had spread outward and even turned the tips of his ears pink. "Would you…have…?" Dammit…he just couldn't say it!! He glanced at her, hoping she'd get the hint so he wouldn't have to say it.

Risa's confused expression changed to shock. "You want…it?" she asked, afraid to say the word. "Yeah," he replied. "It."

Risa closed her eyes and thought about it. This was her nineteenth birthday. She and Atsushi had been together for a whole year now and she loved him more than anyone or anything else in this world.

"Okay." she whispered, looking away.

Atsushi stared with disbelief. "Koizumi, I need you to be absolutely sure you're ready for this." he said, seriously. He turned her face to force her to look at him. "Tell me."

"Otani…" she whined, clutching at his shirt. "I'm sure. I want to."

With that, Atsushi kissed her gently and the two of them made love under the blooming fireworks on the hot summer's night.

Yeah I know…It's me Lemony Dreams so you were expecting a lemon. Lol. But the lemony goodness will be for a later chapter. For now…I'll let your imagination handle the details.

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