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Chapter 13

"Loving the Little Things"

Atsushi blushed as Risa sat over him, looking down at him with new found confidence and love. With a swift motion of her hips, she took his throbbing cock inside of her wetness. The two shut their eyes and moaned in unison. The feeling was incredible. Risa hadn't known how good it would feel to dominate hime like this.

As they made love, Atsushi would occasionally try to slide his hands around her body, but Risa would always bat his hands away and then pin his arms to the bed. Atsushi didn't seem to mind, and it didn't seem like she was hurting him with her heavier body either. "Atsushiiiii!" she moaned loudly, grinding her hips and clit against him. "I'm going to- I think I'm going to come!!" She shouted, throwing her head back in pleasure.

Atsushi stared up at her, his face was flushed and showed that he was feeling great, but it still had a shocked look to it. 'She's...never been this loud before!' Atsushi thought. Risa looked back down to him with passion in her half closed eyes, and moaned again, this time much louder, as she came.

Atsushi could feel himself getting close and rolled her over so that he was on top and could use the rest of his energy to pound into her harder, and faster until he too, came. He then collapsed on top of her, panting. "Risa..." he mumbled in between pants. Risa laced her fingers in his short sweaty hair and sighed with satisfaction. "Yes?" She mumbled, smiling.

"Marry me." he whispered, against her shoulder. Risa's eyes became wide. "What did you...say?" she asked, thinking that she'd heard wrong. "I love you, Risa.I love you and Yukio, and everything that comes with you. I want you to become my wife." he replied, lifting his head and looking into her eyes.

She bagan to cry and he wiped away hwe tears. "Yes!" She said happily, hugging his body close to hers. "You're everything to me, you and our baby!"

They both smiled and curled up together. This was it. This was everything Risa had ever wanted, ever since high school. She couldn't think of anything else that would be better. The two then fell peacfully asleep and had countless amazing dreams filled with happiness.

The End