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Wolf Affection

By Indigo44

Link had developed many characteristics due to his experiences as a wolf. One of the more prominent traits, however, was showing affection. Ranging from nose nuzzling, to wrapping his tail around something, to sleeping next to whatever dear thing he cared for. Nothing compared to his favorite, though. Giving one of his loving licks.

Midna, being the only companion on his long journey, received the most of these wolfish gifts. The first time was in Karkiriko Village when they were searching for the insects holding the Light of Eldin captive. Midna had saved Link from the burning bomb house with a shield she put around them. She had mainly done it to save her own life but Link thanked her anyway. The feeling of a wet tongue rolling up her cheek disgusted the little imp to no end. She screamed at him for doing such a thing and demanded that he never do it again.

The second time occurred when Midna was clinging to edge of life on the day Zant had nearly killed her with light energy. Link raced across Hyrule with the little rider on his back. She was so feeble she couldn't hold on to his fur as she usually did. She tumbled off, rolling in the grass while giving little whimpers of pain. Link was thrown into a panic at the sight. He came close to her, trying to protect her for the bullet-like rain. He barked frightfully, begging her to get up. She refused to move, convinced that she was going to die. Link bent his neck down and licked her tenderly on the cheek. He continued to nuzzle her neck, praying to the gods to give her strength. His prayer was answered as she clutched at his paw and he lowered his body for her to get astride him. After several agonizing moments she was safely upon him and the blue-eyed beast charged for Hyrule Castle. She told him later to never lick her again.

It happened again, however, and again, and again. After every battle with the monsters in the temples Link would lick Midna on the cheek, he decided that was his favorite spot. Every morning as she woke up the first thing Midna would feel was his wolf kiss. It became such a habit that he began to do it whenever he felt the urge. Her protests had died away pretty quick, since she found that she could enjoy his affection. So much in fact that she would feel an odd emptiness when he wouldn't do it for longer than an hour.

A time came when Link forgot to attend to his newly found duty. After destroying Zant the pair were about to leave the Twilight Realm and begin their search for Ganon. Before Link could go through the portal he felt something pull on his tail. He turned around and saw Midna glaring back at him. He gave her an innocent look.

"Link, you didn't…" Midna stopped in mid sentence. Would she sound needy or weak if she demanded that he lick her on the cheek?

"Uh…" She tried to think of something to say. She had to say something! Midna was starting to get worried as she heard him give out a humored bark. She looked at him and found him giving her as much of a smirk as a wolf could give. He turned toward her, forcing her to let go of his tail, and gave her lick that accidentally flicked across a small portion of her lips.

Midna gasped out. Link looked shocked and apologetic. They both stood there, not knowing what to do. Then Link suddenly felt her pull the stone that turned him into a wolf out of his forehead. His body returned to that of a human and he found himself standing eye to eye with Midna. She smiled at him.

"This way, it's less bestial." She told him and her lips fell upon his. Link wrapped his arms around her small body and she wrapped hers around his neck. They stayed like that for a long time.

Later, Midna would tell him to do it again.

The End