The clear morning moonlight from Kingdom Hearts shone down on Marluxia, as he tended to the flowers in his greenhouse, humming as he did. His flowers, though they seemed normal, were truly miraculous, as they required no sunlight to grow. The reason for this was found in the only scientist in Organization XIII.


"Vexen, I'm a very persistent and impatient man. The longer you refuse, the longer I stay."

"I said no! Why can't you just leave me alone?

"Why can't you just listen to reason?!"

"If I agree to help you with this ridiculous whim of yours, will you let me have some peace?"

His tone was cold.

"Of course! The only reason I'm still here is because you were too stubborn to assist me in the first place!"

"Fine! Anything to keep you quiet!"

Marluxia chuckled recalling the argument. Did Vexen really think he could win? He brushed himself off as he finished his morning inspection, heading to the kitchen for a snack. As he stepped through the door, he saw Vexen sitting at the island, looking over some papers. Vexen casually looked up at the sudden intrusion. Seeing only Marluxia, he boredly shifted his gaze back to his notes.

"Hello, Marluxia."


Their greetings were brief as Marluxia nodded in acknowledgment, making his way to the fridge.

"Are the flowers growing properly?"

Marluxia stopped and stared at the Chilly Academic. He cared? No, not Vexen. He had no reason. But his voice was sincere. Vexen, lacking an answer and feeling the stare, spoke again.


"You...want to know? Why?"

"I'm the one who genetically altered the seeds, if you recall. I wish to know if they're still growing normally."

Vexen never once looked up from his papers.

"They're doing fine. And I haven't pestered you since."

The two men smirked.

"Indeed you haven't. Not for the most part, anyway."

It was well known throughout the castle that Marluxia and Vexen have never really gotten along very well. A few words were sometimes spared between the two, but conversations rarely got started, and never lasted long when they were. As far as either one were concerned, it could stay that way. Marluxia opened the fridge and scanned the shelves for the last piece of strawberry pie.

"It's gone..."

"Something wrong, Marluxia?"

"The pie is gone. It was there just before I left for my garden this morning! Who-?"

He was interrupted by a soft chuckle that came from behind him. Vexen.

"You! You used it for some stupid experiment, didn't you?!"

"Believe it or not, Marluxia, I'm capable of consuming food without turning it into some kind of science project."

His eyes showed signs of amusement, but never strayed from those notes.

"I was saving that pie!"

"I think you're forgetting that you're not the only one living here. I have just as much access to the kitchen as you do."

Marluxia lost it. The smugness in Vexen's voice sent shivers of fury up his spine. Marluxia leaped at Vexen, knocking him to the tiled floor, pinning his wrists on either side of him. Vexen's legs were pinned by Marluxia's knees. Vexen struggled in vain under the weight of the younger Nobody, attempting to get free. Marluxia gazed down at him, hate in his eyes.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Vexen smiled smugly, knowing that every word sent Marluxia into a flurry of anger. But he never expected the answer he got. No one in his position would have.

"As a matter of fact, you do, Vexen."

Marluxia's voice was surprisingly stable. He didn't sound mad at all. He sounded...almost serious.

"A little bit of strawberry jam right at the corner of your lips."

Marluxia brought his face closer to Vexen's. Vexen's eyes went wide as he felt a warm, wet tongue at the corner of his lips. Marluxia's tongue. Vexen's mind was racing. What did that insolent fool think he was doing? Was he just trying to get back at him? Was there really some pie on his lips? And if so, did Marluxia really want the pie that badly? Or was there...something more? Marluxia slowly got up, leaving Vexen on the kitchen floor, too shocked to move. Marluxia smirked, walking towards his room, stopping only to turn back, and say a few words.

"You taste good, Vexen."

At that, Marluxia kept walking, and was gone. Vexen suddenly snapped back into reality, as the thought of what just happened flew through his mind. He quickly got up, scribbled something down on that paper of his, and rushed off to his lab.