A Lesson in Love

A/N: Yes another new story again, woo! Lol. It's been on my mind for a while now and so just trying out this idea to see how it goes. This chapter is going to be short but hopefully the next one shall be longer…or should I say it will be longer if you readers like it? Lol. Well I hope you do!

The title may sound cheesy but I guess it fits lol. Happy reading!

Chapter 1 – The New School Day

It was a Monday, the first day of the new school year in September. Kids were popping out of their parents' vehicle, waving to them before leaving. The young crowd was slowly growing as they appeared one after the other. Some had smiles on their faces. Some had frowns.

And the group of boys that were now looking up at the building before them, there was definite frowns on their faces.

"So this is it," said Chris. He was the tallest and the oldest of the trio. "The first day of school."

"Yep," said John. "Summer's over…"

"And it sucks," said Randy.

"Agreed," his best friends said in unison. Then they all sighed.

"You know what this means right?" Chris made a groan. "Tons of homework to do. Tests to study for.…"

"And let's not mention Math class," said Randy with a roll of the eyes. Math was Randy Orton's least favorite subject. Or you could just say that Math was his enemy. He could very well go with the second option.

"Well you just mention it," John joked. Randy gave him a playful punch on the shoulder and laughed too.

Chris made a smirk as he saw a bunch of giggling girls passing by. "And shall I say a new year of beautiful girls?"

"Uh huh!" Randy and John said in unison. The boys looked around and saw girls walking passing by. Maybe today would not be a bad day after all?

"Maybe today wouldn't be so bad you know?" Chris chuckled.

"Look at the bright side," said John. "At least we don't have any classes until tomorrow."

"Hoo-rah for that," said Randy with a roll of the eyes. One question was stuck on his mind. What was the whole point of having school if there was nothing to do in school?

"You know it seemed like yesterday when we all hung out with Randy at the pool and played video games." John loved video games. That was one of his favorite pastimes. If you were to look for him, you could find him in an arcade. He wasn't crazy to save five quarters a week. They were saved for a reason.

"John…that was yesterday," Randy told him.

John grinned. "I know but still time surely flies when you're having fun!"

"Tell me about it!" Chris rolled his eyes. "It makes you wonder where the summer has gone you know?"

"Yeah. Just the other day summer started and now it's done." Randy snapped his fingers to give some effect in his sentence. "Just like that."

"Well at least…we got to see the girls again!" Chris said with an ear to ear grin.

He walked up a little to the wide pathway and held his arms out as if to want to hug the huge building. "Ah Campbell High! How happy I am to see thee."

"Thee?" Randy laughed. "Have you read Shakespeare over the summer vacation or something?"

Chris blew a raspberry and rolled his eyes. "Oh puh-lease! Do you actually believe I would have the time to read a school book let alone a novel?"

Chris Jericho never liked to read. He could tolerate magazines that have anything to do with wrestling, cars and any others that would grab his interest; comics would be included to the list. But a hardcover book? Give it to him and he'd return it to you the next day to say that he enjoyed it when in reality he barely past two pages.

"But of course," John grinned with amusement and pat Chris on the shoulder. "Who would have thought that you of all people as a bookworm?"

"Which is exactly my point! I mean books are so…so…boorrriiinnnnggg."

Randy was laughing at him when he stopped suddenly. "And speaking of books…why in the world…"

He stopped at his sentence when he saw a girl. But it was no other girl that he would normally see around. He had never seen her before. Could it be possible that she was the new girl in school?

She was hugging three huge books close to her chest as she walked by. Her light brown hair was plaited in two and each long plait was hanging on either side of her shoulder. Her school bag looked like it had a boulder in it. There was one question running through his mind.

"What the heck?" Chris raised his eyebrow. He wondered about the same as well.

John scratched his head slightly and blinked. "Is it just me or is that girl more prepared than any of us?"

"But there are no classes today!" Randy exclaimed with a scoff. His eyes were still on her in disbelief. "She shouldn't have been carrying anything in the first place!"

"Oh well. She'll have to endure carrying the load home," Chris chuckled.

Randy turned to the entrance but she had already disappeared inside. Soon enough, the school bell made its signal.

"Well there goes the bell," said John.

"Yeah. Come on let's see what the new school year awaits us."

Randy made a nod. Curiosity aroused him about that girl he saw. But then he thought of removing that strange image out of his head and just shrugged it off. She wasn't his concern anyway.

As he looked up at the school once more, Randy made a weary sigh. His third year of high school had only just begun.

"Come on guys. Let's get this day over with."

Next chapter: The new student is introduced to the class and Randy realizes that it's the same girl he saw earlier.