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Chapter 4 – Meeting With The Principal


Posted by Hunter H. Hemsley,
Captain of The Red Warriors

The football season is near!

So callin' all Red Warriors! We need to come together as one!

The first official meeting will take place at the following date:

Date: Friday 10th October

Time: 3:00 pm

Venue: The basketball court

Anyone who is interested in joining the team, please attend the meeting. There will be discussions in regards of the tryouts.

Hope to see everyone there!

The Red Warriors count on you to bring the championship this year!


There was one thing that he would always look forward to after school and that was to play football. He wouldn't care if he ended up dirtying his uniform despite his mother's constant complaints about the matter in terms of washing.

Rain or sunshine, he would surely be there in the football field.

The first official meeting would be starting in two days from today and he was very eager for that day to make its arrival. In fact he couldn't wait to start training.

His lips curled upward upon seeing the poster that was stuck on the bulletin. He was confident that his team could capture the gold this year. The Red Warriors would surely win the trophy for the third time.

He could hardly wait.


A visit to a principal's office would be a nightmare to almost everyone at Campbell High.

And that nightmare was soon to be realized to a student on that fateful day.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when Randy was his double period of Biology. The principal's voice broke from the speaker.

"May I have your attention please? Mr. Randy Orton, please come to the principal's office right after school.

Randy felt a sudden jolt in his stomach the minute his name was called. He didn't just hear his name being announced, right?

"I repeat, Mr. Randy Orton, please come to the principal's office, immediately right after school. Thank you."

Unfortunately his ears heard it right.

The whole class turned back toward the person that whose name was called.

"Oooh you're in for it now," John teased.

Randy, shot a glare across to John at his right. "Shut up."

"What have you done?" Chris whispered with a chuckle.

"I didn't do anything!" Randy hissed.

"So then what is it about?"

That was when Randy wanted to know. Why on earth would the principal wanted to see him for?

The bell eventually rang to signal the end of the last period of the day.

"You want us to wait for you outside?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Randy said as picked up his bag from the floor. "Hopefully the meeting or whatever it is…shouldn't be that long."

"Well…" John trailed off and then changed his voice into a British accent, "Enjoy your teee party."

The two boys laughed. Randy simply rolled his eyes.

"I'll pretend that I didn't hear that," he said.

"Oh Mr. Jericho would you like some sugar in your tee?" John said, emphasizing on the word tea.

"Oh yes please Mr. Regal," Chris replied in the same accent. He pretended to take some sugar from the invisible sugar and then took a sip from the invisible cup. Suddenly he began to cough, in a fake way of course.

"Oh bloody hell. This stuff takes like pee."

They howled with laughed. Randy just glared at them in annoyance.

Chris wiped away the tears from his eyes and patted Randy on the shoulder. "Oh man I would love to be in your position."

"Will you guys cut it out?! Randy spat. "I'm really upset about this!"

"Sorry," John said, chuckling. "We were just trying to lighten you up."

"Guess thanks for that," Randy said with sarcasm and rolled his eyes as they walked out of the science lab together.

"We'll meet you outside," Chris said. Randy nodded and went onto his journey to the principal's office. He weaved in and out through the crowd at the hallways and then eventually rounded a corner and soon came upon the place that anyone would dread to pass by.

The principal's office.


Randy went up to the secretary's desk. "Hi. Um, I'm here to see Mr. Regal."

The secretary nodded. "Give me your name please."

"Randy Orton," he stated.

The secretary pressed a button and picked up the receiver. Randy waited a while for the secretary to give him a sign.

"You may enter."

This was it.

Randy got to the door and placed his hand onto the doorknob. He let out a breath before he entered.

He found a man sitting beside his desk. His name was William Regal. He was in his late thirties with short light brown hair and wearing a pair of spectacles.

He had taken his first sip of hot cup of tea just as a student entered.

"Ah Mr. Orton," the principal began in his famous British accent that everyone knew of. "Good you're here. Have a seat."

Randy did as he was told. He placed his bag on the floor and sat on the face that was facing the principal.

Principal Regal put down his cup and saucer. "Now before we get started, would you like some tea?"

There was one thing about Mr. Regal. Tea had to be offered prior to the meeting.

Randy grimaced. "No thank you."

"Or how about a biscuit then?" A scone perhaps? Miss Hercules delivered a lovely batch for me from the cafeteria. They're lovely to have with jam, strawberry especially.

The teenage boy shook his head. "No thank you…sir."

"Okay." Principal Regal pushed the big tin aside and cleared. "Alright, on with business. You must be wondering why you're here."

Randy nodded.

"Tell me something. How are you doing with your studies so far?"

Randy shrugged. "Okay I guess."

"You guess? You don't sound confident."

"Well there's a lot of work to do. Especially with Math."

"Ah yes Math. Your weakest subject area, yes?"

"I suppose," said Randy. He shrugged. He knew that was the truth.

"From what I've seen from report, you keep getting low grades on that subject. This cannot continue this way or your grade average will drop. You know that."

"Yeah well…I just have to work harder," said Randy.

The principal could sense the tone of boredom in his voice. He continued.

"You've got to do better than just work harder Mr. Orton," the principal pointed out. "So your teacher and I had a discussion earlier today at lunch time…and he made a suggestion, in which I agreed to."

That was when Randy raised his eyebrow in curiosity. "He's not giving me extra classes right?"

"No. You'll be getting a tutor."

Randy thought he was just about to fall off his chair at the new information he had just received.

Did he just say tutor? He was going to get him a tutor?


"You heard me loud and clear Mr. Orton."

"But sir…"

"It's for your own benefit," Principal Regal insisted.

"But sir I don't need one. I just need to do all my assignments, pay attention in class and..."

"You're not getting out of this Randy. You need help whether you want to admit it or not. I'm giving you the first semester to do better. If I'm not getting a good report then consider yourself banned from playing football."

Randy's eyes widen with horror. "You can't do that!"

"Listen to me boy," the principal began in a serious tone, pointing a finger as to scold him. "Do not talk back to me in that manner!"

"But this is our chance for us to win the championship this year!" Randy said in defense. "I can't leave. The team is counting on me! Hunter is too!"

"As much as I would like our school to take in the gold this year, your academics are far more important."


"No buts Mr. Orton. You're getting a tutor. This decision is final."

Randy groaned. He hated this.

"Do I make myself clear, Mr. Orton?" the principal asked.

"But sir…"

"I said do I make myself clear?" Principal Regal repeated in a serious tone.

The teenage boy had no choice but to obey.

"Yes sir."


Then the telephone rang. The principal turned on the speaker. "Yes Ms. James."

Mr. Regal there's a student out here to see you.

"Excellent. Alright let the student wait in the lounge. I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Yes sir.

The principal turned back to the student who was definitely not happy with the decision that was made.

"Do you have any questions regarding the matter?"

"Yeah, just one. Exactly when am I going to meet this tutor?"

"Well hopefully by next week. I'm meeting with the student this afternoon to discuss on the times and so forth. So once we got everything sorted out then your tutoring session shall start next week."

Randy nodded. "Okay."

"And before you leave, pass by Miss James' desk. There's a letter for you to take home."

Randy nodded again. "Okay."

"So is there any else you want to say before I call another student in?"

"No sir."

The principal nodded. "Alright then. Off you go."

Randy picked up his bag and was going for the door when he got called back to the desk.

"Oh and by the way, I've already called your parents earlier today so they're expecting to see that letter."

Principal Regal picked up his cup and took another sip. Randy just stood there and watched him with horror.

"Mmm. There's nothing like a good cup of tea to relieve stress on a hard working day." He turned to Randy with a calming smile. "Have a pleasant afternoon."


Randy closed the door behind him with a scowl on his face. He didn't like the idea one bit. He had to take sessions with the tutor or he would be out of the football team for the rest of the season.

That was so unfair, he thought.

"I believe that this is for you," a voice brought him out of his thoughts. It was Miss James with a neatly folded paper in her hand.

"Oh right. Thank you," Randy said, retrieving the letter.

"You're welcome," said Miss James with a smile. She turned her attention to the other student behind him. "You may go now."

"Okay. Thank you."

Randy froze instantly at the soft tone of voice. He could recognize it very well. He turned around and his answer was proven to be correct.

Maria looked back at him as she stood up from the couch. She was here. That meant she was going to meet with the principal too.

Ever since she gave him back his drawing book he had forgotten in a classroom, they had not met eye to eye.

So there was definitely some awkwardness between them.

"…Hi," Maria started.

"Hi," Randy echoed.

They looked at each other in silence for a brief five seconds.



There was nothing else to be said. Just a short and simple one worded greetings was good enough for the both of them.

The eye contact was soon broken as Maria disappeared behind the door. Randy left the office and met the hallways once more. His mind was already filled with worries about the predicament that he was put into.

He would have to attend the tutoring sessions with whoever it was assigned with.

Or he would have to kiss the championship trophy goodbye.

"Great," Randy muttered with a sigh. "Just great."