Ok so this is my first fan-fic!! Its a cross Between Twilight and Anastasia. It's all Human though of course. So basically instead of taking place in Russia during the war it takes place in England during W.W II I hope you guys like it!!



My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I am 8 yrs old and the only child of Charlie and Renee Swan.

"We are at the beginning of the Second World War" mommy had told me.

Mommy had died not long ago; she was caught out during an air raid in downtown London.

Before she left for the market she had said "I love you my Isabella, be a good girl for me while I'm gone"...I miss her terribly.

Daddy and I are living in a small house on Livingston St. in London. We were on our way to the train station to leave London and get away from the war when the bombing came closer. There were loud, scary sirens ringing everywhere, warning us of the danger.

"dadddyyyy!!" i screamed in fear

"its alright Isabella, stay close to me!" daddy yelled to me while pulling me through the wild crowds to the train.

People were pushing and shoving to get on the last trains out of London with hope to a new life. Daddy and I had managed to get on one of the trains. The conductor was yelling towards the crowds of people trying to secure a space. The train slowly began to move. In the middle of the frenzy I was pushed of the train….

"aaaahhhh" I screamed ,"Daddy ...please wait for me…..don't leave me" I cried out

"Isabella, run darling!, come,… take my hand."

I ran after the train trying to make my way through the large crowds I almost reached daddy when I slipped and fell. The last sound I heard was daddy yelling to me…

"Noooooooo!! Isabella get up! Hurry…you can make it darling!"…."Let me off for my daughter…… Please stop the train…" it all faded into silence……


This is my first fan fiction so please give me some good advice! Its going to be an ExB, RxEm, AxJ, and CxEs story of course :) If you have any ideas, they are welcome! Plz Review!