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CH.15-So This is How it Ends?


Within the next half hour the young prince would be arriving. I grinned at my clever plans…..By the end of the day I would have the power to not only 1 crown…but 2. After all these years, my dreams will be fulfilled….once I get rid of the loose ends.

I grabbed a pistol and stuck it in the band of my pants-such fun we will have. I imagined all the delightful possibilities as I walked down to the basement.

I unlocked the door in a swift motion….I wonder how Isabella is doing this fine morning? I grinned, before proceeding.


"Well good morning my lovely niece" James said in a condescending, sadistic tone. His eyes gleamed with satisfaction as I lay motionless on the floor...not willing myself to move for fear of pain.

I remained silent, while tears leaked slowly from my eyes…

"Now now Isabella, I said good morning"…he strolled forward in a predator like walk. "What do you have to say in return?" He stood dangerously close to me now. With the same blade in his hands, just waiting to be put to use.

I willed myself to face him. I would do this for Edward…play his game till Edward comes…

"Good morning" I answered in what I meant to be a tone filled with hatred, instead it came out as defeated, weak and tired.

"There, that's much better" he laughed as he began pacing around me, enjoying every minute.

"Let's discuss the schedule for the day why don't we?" he began, talking more to himself with a grin.

"Your prince Edward is on his way here now as we speak…..he expects to make a trade-money" he scoffed "for you" I prayed silently that Edward would have a guard or two following him.

"Well..." He continued. "I have some bad…quite terrible news…well for you anyways" he smiled as if he were telling a secret. "I may heave lied an intsy-wintsy bit" he grinned murderously.

"You see, when young Edward finally arrives" he paused as he examined his blade, my already erratic heart began speeding as fear enveloped my body "well too be honest, there wont be much of you left when he arrives" he turned towards me and flashed the blade with a disturbing grin.

"Edward" I whispered painfully…

"Let's make this quick shall we?" he smiled brightly

"NOOOOO!!!" I screamed with all my strength

"Yes, I know, it is a shame that we will have to do this in a rush" James mocked me as he moved closer and closer like a hunter stalking its prey.

Just then- the floor boards creaked above.

"NOOO! NOOO!! Edward! Don't come! Get away!!!" I screamed with all my strength, with every last breath in my body.

I heard the footsteps pound against the wooden floor above me…

James eyes flashed in frustration and anger as he snapped his attention back towards me.

He lunged forward swiftly…I could do nothing but scream and urge Edward to run..

"Edward Please… RUN! IT'S A TRAP!" I screamed repeatedly, until the words stopped abruptly. I felt a piercing sensation in my abdomen. The smell of rust and salt smothered the air...I looked at James… I looked down to his arm, his hand, the handle of the blade, and then I saw it….the tip of the blade was sticking halfway into my side… The room began to spin… I screamed in pain as he twisted the blade before withdrawing it.

James smiled viciously as the blood poured freely out of the open wound…I felt the hott sticky mass dripping down my sides. James licked the tip of the blade, cleaning off the remains of my blood.

"Mmmmm tastes real good" He laughed sadistically

I felt myself slipping, falling into the oncoming darkness. The smell of rust and salt was too overwhelming. I felt my eyes droop and close, all feeling in my body had vanished, I felt cold, and numb…

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard my angel scream in a mixture of anger, pain, hate and anguish….then nothing…I was gone.

I closed my eyes and saw my only comfort. I pictured his bronze, wind tousled hair. The smooth firmness of his skin, remembering how soft it felt, yet was as hard as stone. His clear, emerald eyes that shone with love when he looked at me. His voice, how it soothed me.

Slowly I began to loose consciousness…until everything around me was black…and I was gone


I arrived at the location James had given me. With the pistol secretly hidden in my pocket, and the bag of gold coins, I proceeded without any hesitation towards the door.

"Hello?" the wooden floor creaked as I walked... "BELLA...BELLA!' I called hoping to hear her sweet voice.

"NOOO! NOOO!! Edward! Don't come! Get away!!!" I heard my love call in terror. I felt the most unsettling amount of hatred and anger towards James.

I sprinted across the room towards the door which I had hoped to lead to the basement. Taking the steps in 3, I raced down the cold, stone stairway. My heart was pounding as I heard my Bella screaming…"Edward Please… RUN! IT'S A TRAP!"…I willed myself to run faster…then suddenly …it stopped…

I saw my Bella, my angel, my love, chained to the wall…her wrists raw from being cuffed; scratches all over her body, gashes on her arms…she looked broken and in pain. In front of her I saw James kneeling on the ground in front of her. Why isn't she moving!

"Mmmmm tastes real good" He laughed sadistically. He brought a sharp blade and licked a red substance off it…blood.. I looked around him…Bella lay motionless on the floor...with an open wound in her side...bleeding freely...he did this.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in anguish. I felt myself falling to my knees, as I slammed my fists 2 the ground.

"Ahh...Prince Edward, what a lovely surprise" He got off his knees and walked to me.

"Isabella, was being a naughty girl, I couldn't allow that could I?" James smiled mockingly

My mind revolved with torturous things I would do to James...I would kill him…slowly and painfully.

"Come, come Eddie" James mocked..."Isabella is out of the game now… it's just you" he smiled twistedly... "and me."

He brought himself to his knees, and looked in my eyes... "Isn't this game fun Eddie"

I forced myself to look into his eyes. They shone brightly in an uttermost satisfaction. He was the one that had taken Bella from me, he was the one that tortured her and submitted her to pain…he was the one that I would kill.

Without any warning I threw my self at him, he was unprepared for my sudden attack and feel backwards. I braced myself on top of him and punched him continually in the face. Suddenly, he threw me off and we began wrestling for control. I watched as he slashed the dagger at me, testing me to come forwards…I remembered the pistol in my pocket.

James looked satisfied at my lack of attack.

"Aww, is the big prince Edward to scared" he laughed in a mocking tone, he laughed at his joke…then stopped all happiness vanished from his face.

He looked down at his chest, where a red hole began to spread…then he looked at me.

The gun was still pointed at him, as he stared back at me in disbelief… "How" he whispered before he collapsed to the floor.

I kicked him in the side repeatedly, releasing my fury, and for everything he had done to Bella.

I yelled in agony and pain as I butchered James...then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world… It came from Bella...

I rushed to her side and undid the chains… "Bella, love, please say something!" I cried while holding her delicately in my arms.

I waited for what seemed a lifetime, then she moaned… "Edward" she cried softly in a mixture of love, pain and relief.

"Shhh, Bella, my love I'm here, I'm going to go get help, hold on." I kissed her forehead as I gently set her on the ground.

I sprinted upstairs to find a telephone. Within minutes I had called the Palace, and spoke with my father.

"I'll send help immediately" he promised in a strong voice. I heard my mom crying in the background, repeatedly saying thank you.

"Thank you father" I replied with the same tone.

"And Edward?" he asked

"Yes father?"

"We're proud of you son, take care of Bella, help should be arriving soon."

"Yes father" I replied and hung up.

I rushed back downstairs. James lay on the floor, butchered and bloody, I spat on his body as I passed him. Bella lay in the same position as I left her.

"Edward?" she asked meekly

"Yes Bella, I'm here, don't worry" I whispered soothingly into her ear, as I brushed the hair out of her face.

I heard the sounds of the sirens echoing loudly through the town, they would be here soon.

I gently placed Bella into my arms, and walked back upstairs. I opened the front door and saw the palace guards, and medical carriages already waiting. Everyone was in frenzy when they saw us.

"Edward?" she mumbled

"I'm here love, your safe now" I said lovingly

"Where's James" she asked frightened

I felt a tinge of hate, then nothing, because he was gone, forever, and he could never hurt her again.

"He's gone Bella….I killed him" I answered softly

As we walked to the carriages we were escorted by 6 guards, while the others went inside to find him or what's left of him.

"Edward?" Bella asked softly as she opened her eyes

"Yes love?" I looked down on her lovingly as I carried her towards the medical carriage.

"I love you" she smiled looking into my eyes.

My heart felt as if it were soaring... I felt the corner of my lips lift.

"I love you to Bella" I replied assuredly.

I watched her smile as her eyes slowly drooped.

The doctors helped me place Bella carefully onto the bed, and seated me next to her. I felt the carriage start as the wheels began to turn.

I looked down at Bella, my angel, and only love. She held my hand softly as she began to drift into slumber.

I smiled, knowing that for once, everything would be right……

"Sleep now…my Izzy."


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