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Sequel to Leave Me Wanting More. I had a couple of people ask for one so here it is. Read and review please. I have a part 3 ready to be posted, let me know if it's wanted!

Gibbs couldn't believe his eyes. Abby, his beautiful, gothic, lab rat was walking toward him wearing nothing but a towel. Her hair was wet and tumbling down her shoulder in a jet black waterfall. Her emerald eyes that he loved so much were full of lust. He had wanted this for so long, but he had never acted on his desire for her. He was her boss. 'There are rules about that,' he thought to himself. Not to mention the rules that he had long ago given his team about inner department dating.

Abby let the towel drop and Gibbs thought he might die of a heart attack. "I want you, Jethro Gibbs. I always have." He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Or what he was seeing. His Abby was standing in front of him, naked, and she was telling him how badly she wanted him. It was too good to be true.  He never thought this would happen. Not to him. He loved her, he knew that much. But, he couldn't tell her. But now, here she was, all his for the taking. And he wasn't about to pass up the perfect opportunity he had before him.

Abby walked up to him, placed her hands on his shoulder and pushed him into the bed. She straddled over him, her knees on either side of him, and brushed her lips lightly across his cheek. She sat back for a moment, studied his face and leaned back down. Just as their lips met, Gibbs became dimly aware of a cell phone. The ringing grew louder. Abby was leaving, everything was becoming hazy. The phone kept ringing and Gibbs finally sat up on the bed, everything that had just happened a foggy memory in the back of his brain. 'It was all a damn dream,' he thought to himself. He reached for his phone but whoever it was had already hung up. He sat back against the headboard and sighed. "It's always a damn dream. I'll always be left wanting more from her." Gibbs cursed the air as he mad his way to the bathroom to finish what his late night dreams had started. "Why do I do this to myself? Will I ever do anything about it?" His questions would remain unanswered and his dreams would have to satisfy him for now as he quickly made his way out of the bathroom, his cell phone ringing once again.