All Around Me

My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you

The night was cold as the heart of a hollow and Ichigo could do nothing but remain in bed to keep his sanity from escaping him. He pushed himself up against the headboard of his bed with one knee drawn up to his chest to support his arm that was supporting his bowed head. The moonlight shone through his broken window and allowed a cool breeze into his battered room in a cheap hotel, cooling his burning skin from a night of intimacy.

There was a small sigh beside him. He ignored the soft sigh; it was all he could do to stop himself from looking at her, to keep himself from being over come with emotion. But that was not to be; a small, soft and gentle hand came up from beneath the covers and touched his warm arm.

"Ichigo." Said Rukia as softly as she could, "Lay with me, please." She almost sounded like she was begging him. He did nothing as he kept his head bowed, resting on his arm. The small hand caressed his arm lovingly, brining a sigh to escape his lips.

"Rukia." He said softly, as if he was about to explain to her how wrong this was, how wrong and stupid their love was, how she deserved someone else. Someone who could be with her, to protect her from all harm and danger.

Someone who she could be seen with.

"Ichigo, please, don't start that again. I have already told you, you are the one I want. Not Renji, no one else will do but you." Her hand tightened on his arm and Ichigo heard the bed creak signifying that Rukia had moved to set up.

"Ichigo, look at me…" Her right hand remained on his arm as her left brushed against his unruly orange hair. "Ichigo." She cooed softly as if she was trying to get a child to understand that it was wrong to steal cookies before dinner.

Her left hand dragged through his hair, past his ear and traced his jaw line. Her two fingers stopped at his chin. She slowly put pressure on his head and made him turn to face her ever so slowly, he did not resist her touch or that she was forcing him to look at her.

"See," she started as she offered him a soft smile. "That wasn't so bad." Her hand brushed away the orange locks from his eyes.

His amber on black eyes.

Ichigo looked at her for a long moment and then dropped his vision to roam her pale naked form. Rukia had let her blanket drop when she had moved and she left nothing to the imagination. The pale blankets where gathered at her waist, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. "My eyes are up here." She teased him, but Ichigo was in no mood to be teased and Rukia knew this, so she sighed. "Ichigo, please lay back down with me, I never get to see you."

It was true; she never got to see him much. In fact it was plain dangerous for her to come and see him, to spend time with him, to love him. Ever since the war ended, Ichigo had never been the same. He had never told Rukia or anyone what had happened to him when he had been captured by Aizen two weeks before he killed Aizen with his own hands.

He had been placed in a room that was dark, no lights, no windows, nothing. The room itself was not even white; it was perhaps the only room in the whole fortress that was black.

Ichigo had been alone for three days. No food, no water. His only company was the Espada's. Each one had taken their turn with him; their duty was to break his will for Aizen so that Aizen could use Kurosaki as an example to the Shinigami. That anyone that stood in his way would be just like Kurosaki Ichigo.

Broken. Beaten. Empty.

No will. No resolve to continue fighting.

For two weeks he had been in situations no one would ever want to be in or understand. Each Espada did their own thing to him, they had done everything and in the end, Ulquirroa was the one to clam he had broken Kurosaki's will and resolve. Ichigo had no will to even save his own life.

Ulquirroa had gotten part of that right. Aizen had come then on the last day and he took Ichigo by his orange hair and had dragged him outside Hueco Mundo. He was going to be used as the example Aizen wanted, to bad for Aizen he did not take into account that he had left himself open.

It was amusing to kill Aizen with his own sword, straight through the neck.

That's how everyone found them, had seen them, Aizen on his own sword and Ichigo yelling at the top of his lungs. It took two months for Ichigo to recover; it took a day for the others to notice his change.

With a broken will and resolve, it was easy for his hollow to talk to him, to break him inside his own mind, to take over his body. To use him anyway the hollow saw fit.

Ichigo was now hunted by Seireitei, the only way he had escaped from them when they saw his change was due to Rukia, Renji and the whole 11th Squad.

He offered Rukia a small smile. "You are right, I'm sorry." He said and wrapped his arms around Rukia. He lay down and taking her with him. The woman of his life smiled and rested her head on his bare chest. "Don't worry about it; just promise me, you will always be with me, that you won't…"

A rough finger was placed over his lips softly, "Rukia, we have gone through this. Please, let's not go through it again. Let's just enjoy each other. After today, I won't be able to see you for another month."

Silence entered the scene and the two lay together, he ran his hand up and down her bare, cold arm slowly. God, he loved her so much, but he felt that she could have so much more. With him, all she would receive is pain and suffering. She had to hide their relationship, lie to family and friends.

He closed his black and amber eyes and let out a soft sigh. He would go back to sleep with her, and miss her when she was gone. He was half asleep when he suddenly felt like his body was being crushed by some unseen force that he could not explain. His two colored eyes shot open as Rukia suddenly sat up. Ichigo's hair stood on end and Rukia stared off into space, suddenly frightened.

Ichigo knew that reiatsu he would know it anywhere! He threw his blankets back quickly and reached for his hakama's that had been tossed to the side. He had to hurry he had to move!

Kuchiki Byakuya was in the building.

Quickly he pulled them on his body and tied his hakama's on. He felt the presence come towards them quickly; he did not have time to get his gi. He ran across the room and grabbed Zangetsu within his hands. He knew he would not be able to run, Byakuya was to close and he could not leave Rukia like this, there was no way he could.

Taking Zangetsu in hand and knowing Byakuya was coming. If he could save Rukia the humiliation of her being caught with him, in bed no less, then it would be worth being seen. He turned towards the door as it opened and he swung Zangetsu as hard as he could. His blade sliced through wood and old dead wires, he heard Rukia scream and the sound of metal clash together and his sword was suddenly pushed out of his hand. He watched as a jagged blade with no end pushed his sword across the room and through the wall into the next empty room.

With empty hands and watching a blade retrack as quickly as it came, he was at a loss, unsure of how to react to this unexpected event. It had not occurred to him until he felt cold steel touch the back of his neck. That with Byakuya came Abari Renji, always.

"Getting slow, aren't you, Kurosaki Ichigo?" Stated the noble with a bored tone or voice. Zabimaru finally snapped back together and the shikai wielder known as Renji stepped through the broken doorway and into the room. He turned and faced Ichigo with an expression that was impossible to read as he raised his shikai at Ichigo, now threatening him on both sides.

"You should of ran when you had the chance." Said Renji in a soft whisper that made it clear this was something he did not want to do to his old comrade. But it was to late now, the dark eyed vizard had no weapon in hand, he did not know Kido and he could not perform a hollow ability for his hollow was to much of a bastard to teach him anything. Ichigo closed his eyes, he thought about disarming the two shinigami, but he knew he would just leave himself open like he was now.

"Rukia," came to the soft and dark voice of a displeased Kuchiki. "Dress yourself." He did not look at her and nor did Renji. All eyes were on Kurosaki Ichigo, a shinigami who was slowly changing into something no one ever thought he would.

Into a hollow.

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