Well, what can you say? I had to start another one before continuing the Game. I needed a timeout from that. So, here it is, a twist on Twilight.

I adore the love Edward has for Bella, so this story is about them.

Summary: When Alice and Jasper's adopted daughter, Violet, finds a picture of Bella and Edward together from high school and demands and explanation, it's up to Alice to tell the story about her brother and best friend's unconditional love story. ExB.

And one more: Just for this story to work, I have to change the vampire's characteristics: like their ability to cry, have children (but only with humans)…

Disclaimer: I don't own Stephenie Meyer's lovable characters. And if I did, Edward would be stuck on my bed, shackled with unbreakable handcuffs.

Chapter 1: The treasure chest.


Violet opened the door to the massive attic of her grandmother's old mansion. At the age of 11, her parents' upbringing made her carefree, adventurous and always looking for a new discovery. In this case, the cobwebbed room was her latest treasure.

She walked to the window ledge and sat down, being careful not to knock anything out of place. She had no idea what Grandma Esme would say if she caught her snooping around the forbidden area. She didn't know why she wasn't allowed to come her anyway. It wasn't that scary. Besides, she was brave. Her chest puffed up a bit at that reasoning.

When the full moon shone against the window, bathing Violet in it's silvery light, her hazel eyes fell upon a chest that was kept hidden by heavy books atop it. Curious, she stood up and neared it, pushing the hardbacks to the side. When it was free, she lifted the knob and peered inside.

More junk, she thought.

She raised the lid up more to reveal the contents and use the moon as the light. Papers were strewn everywhere around the huge chest, mostly deeds and such. Sighing in disappointment, she opted to close it when the moonlight made a particular piece of paper glitter. She put her hand in the chest and pulled the mysterious piece out for her examination.

It turned out to be an old photo. Well, not that ancient, but the edges looked frayed, like it was taken in and out of a frame too many times. In it were two people, both she did not recognize, smiling at each other. A boy and a girl, both looked peaceful, as if they had no care in the world. They looked in love. She hoped they weren't related, because that would be just weird. But observing it more, their eyes were different, so they couldn't have been.

The girl was short, with long straight hair that framed her heart-shaped face. She was leaning against his chest, but looking up and facing him. The boy looked young, with bronze hair and pale skin. Come to think of it, they both looked pale. Probably from the flash. He was staring at her with intense eyes but with a crooked smile on his handsome face. He looks cute, she giggled.

"Violet! Where are you little monster?" Violet's petite body jumped out of her skin as she suddenly stood from the spot on the floor she'd been sitting on. Her father just called her nickname.

A floor below, Jasper yelled for his daughter again as he checked the bedrooms upstairs for that sneaky girl. He breathed out and gave up, finally letting his ears listen for her faint heartbeat. He suddenly snapped her fingers. Oh no, she's upstairs. "Alice, come up here!"

Immediately he turned around and faced his wife's adorable face. "What's that, honey?"

He stared at her gold eyes and turned his head to motion her to the door that led to the attic. "Your daughter's in there. She's better at hide and seek than I was."

Instead of gliding to open the door, Alice patted her husband's shoulder. "Jaz, you're a good player. Violet just learnt from me, that's all." Jasper's face screwed up, then took on a baffled face. "Hey! I resent that."

But Alice was already at the foot of the stairs, giggling silently. When she reached the top landing, she found her daughter at the center of the room, eyes wide with fright with both hands behind her back.

"Mom! I didn't mean to come up here, I promise. I was only looking for a good place to hide from Dad and I got curious, and Grandma Es.."

But Alice cut her off. "Calm down, sweetheart, I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay to get interested once in a while. Besides, your dad didn't catch you." She winked at the eleven year old. She motioned for both of them to sit on the window ledge. "Now, why don't you tell me what you're hiding behind your back."

"Er…" She paused before continuing, "I found a photo from that weird chest over there."

Violet pointed to the open chest and Alice's eyebrows rose, puzzled. She held out her hand and was obediently handed the old image. Instantly, her mouth turned upside down, as her face saddened over the picture she glimpsed at. She carefully traced the couple's features and a tear slid down her cheek. No, she promised herself that she wouldn't break down…

Violet gazed down at her mother, all of a sudden worried. "What's wrong, mom?" She knelt in front of her and studied her mom's expression as she studied the photo.

Alice took her eyes away from the only piece of evidence she had of them and looked at her daughter. She was so beautiful. Her big, innocent hazel eyes looked at her with such love, and her dark long hair fanned her beatific face.

Jasper and Alice adopted Violet when she was just a newborn. They both knew the risks that they had to take to be able to care for a delicate child such as theirs. But Jasper proved to be the one that made the most effort. He was the best dad anyone could ever ask for. His control was stupendous. They were both worried when they told Violet what they both were, and what curse and blessing was put upon them. But the child, at the age of six when she knew, wasn't scared one bit. She is the most understanding little girl anyone could ever hope to meet.

"It's nothing, Violet…just remembering good times, a long time ago." Alice's face scrunched up as she sniffed, willing her tears not to fall in front of her.

But the girl wouldn't budge. "Who are they, mom? And why were you crying when you saw the picture? You said you'll tell me everything I want to know, right? If it's reasonable…"

Violet's eyes broke the last of Alice's resolve. She heaved a sigh, and at vampire speed, called her husband to come up to the attic. Out of the blue, Jasper appeared at the top step, looking confused at them both. "What the…"

He passed on his calm thoughts and Alice felt better. But looking at him sorrowfully, she answered, "Violet found this, Jasper." Carefully, she handed him the photo. Jasper glanced at it, and he too dejectedly looked away, as if hurt by the meaning of the photograph.

Violet was ready to burst. "Would someone please tell me what's going on?"

Her parents both looked at her, then shared a look with one another. Alice moved her mouth and silently formed words only her husband could understand. Then, they stared back at her and Jasper finally responded.

"This is Edward and Bella, Violet…" It took a lot not to run out of there and hide, but he glimpsed at his daughter bravely, with an unwavering gaze. "They were our family."

Even for a highly intelligent girl, Violet still could not figure out her parent's reaction. She opted for a deeper question. "What happened to them?"

Alice suddenly squeaked, but replied. "It's a really long story, sweetie…I don't think you're ready to hear it yet."

But Jasper briskly said. "I think she's ready."

Violet nodded. "I'd like to know more about our family. I don't know a lot…" She looked at her mother with naïve eyes and Alice almost immediately conceded. But she didn't go without a groan.

"This will be a long night. Jaz, could you go and fetch a blanket? Violet needs to lie down and we'll have a little picnic up here."

Jasper nodded and was gone in a flash. He reappeared a moment later with a two quilt blankets and a cup of hot chocolate for Violet. She took the cup from her dad and sat down on the floor. When everybody was set up, Alice began.

"You see those stars out there right now, Vi?" She pointed at the glimmering dots. "Edward and Bella, their love…it was as bright as those stars up there in the sky. They loved each other so much that they needed each other every second of everyday." She stopped and glanced at Jasper, who continued.

"Their love surpassed anything in our world. But they're both dead now, and that's it…only their love remained."


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