Okay I had to delete the original "Different Paths" and remake it basically. Anyway, I was reading the 12th book and decided that a GIRL takes Darren's place. It's the series through a girl's eyes; hatred for Crepsley, love for him, traveling with Evra, meeting another kid instead of Sam…etc. Slight twists in this story!


My name is Samantha Ivy but most call me Sam for short. My life was "normal" compared to the story I'm telling you. Although my last name sounded like some stuck up rich snobby person, I was the complete opposite. My family barely scraped by, my father was disabled, my sister was an innocent curious creature and my mother was old fashion.

One day, my best friend Steve and I were walking through the town at night. His mother didn't care about his whereabouts, just as long as he arrived without a criminal record. My mother was at work and my sister was occupying my father, thankfully. It was rare that we got to roam around at nearly 10 at night, but it was relaxing. The city air was crisp and somewhat clean by that time; no cars.

Steve was like my brother. Sometimes he got angry and, believe me; I've learned to stray when he does. Still, he's protective of me and pokes fun. Actually, now that I think about it, the last thing he treated me was like a girl…unless he mocked me. I was-…am the type of girl who's called a 'tomboy'.

As he passed an alleyway, I suddenly shouted, "Bet you can't beat me to Baker street!"

"You're on!" He exclaimed and took off in a straight line, planning to take a left and be at Baker street in minutes. I, however, decided to take a shortcut. I ran into the dark alley and laughed. Back then, I didn't think about how dangerous these places could be. My town's worst crime was…hm…stealing a lawn mower!

I slammed into a body and skidded back onto the ground, the gravel cutting up my palms. Wincing, I looked up and shouted, "Watch it!" I wore brown Capri's that were no doubt covered in dirt now, dark blue long sleeve shirt with a dark blue hat. It was backwards, the hat I mean, and it hid my long hair. It threatened to come off when I fell, but I managed to catch it. My tennis shoes too were scuffed.

"Pardon me, young miss. You too should watch where you step." A man's voice, kind, not rough, came from the shadows. A hand grabbed mine and helped me up.

"Yeah, sorry sir." I still could be respectful when I felt like it! "What are you doing back here anyway? People might think the wrong thing."

There was a soft chuckle and as he stepped forward, I saw his orange hair. Then, my eyes landed on his scar which came across his face. Whoa…looked painful. He handed me a flyer, "That is why I am here. Do you not have a race to win?"

Stunned at the flyer, I nodded and sprinted off with it in my hand. It was only until I slammed into Steve at the corner of Baker Street that I realized he knew about the race. Then again…I had shouted it.

Steve and I looked at each other and he laughed, seeing my dirty appearance. I too cracked up after a moment of glaring. As he helped me up to take me to his home (he had an awesome tub, better than mine), I glanced at the flyer.

Cirque Du Freak, it read.

Next chapter: Sam convinces Steve to buy the tickets; they go. We see some of her family past but not a lot. Crepsley and Steve meet…and (here's another twist I spoke of earlier) Sam gets caught!