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Seba, Larten, and I started to head out. We packed only a few things and prepared our clothes, sliding into them almost instantly. The two of them wore dark red capes and if one were drunk, they'd swear they were twins. I found it funny how Crepsley looked to the man so much…I did to but not to where I would want to copy his every move. I wore a simple dark dress that you suffice for now; when we reached a town I would buy, or steal depending, some blue jeans. Oh I missed those! The idea of no longer looking like a girly-girl, to have my hat on again backwards, I longed for it!

I asked if we should pack any food and drink; after all we were going on a journey. However, Seba just looked at me and smiled as if I were a naïve child. Maybe I was. "No. You will need to pack blood that will last a few days but until them, we will just have to hunt."

I nodded and went out to grab some blood. While I was at it, I sipped some and grimaced. I think I would have to hate to admit it but I was wanting warm blood, wanting to hunt. I shook my head and walked over to them, noticing that they looked ready to go.

"Master, are we going to flit down the mountain?" I asked quietly as we started climbing down the rocks. I looked up at him and saw him frown though by the sparkle in his eyes, he was considering it.

"Not now." Seba answered my question that was directed towards Larten. "Now then…are you ready?"

Several weeks later

The man I called master had his arm around my waist, my cheeks a dark crimson. It was night and we were trying to pull off the illusion of being a couple out for a late night. Thank goodness in this light I looked legal enough to date such an…elderly man. I could feel the smugness Larten was grinning and was tempted to slap it off him.

However we had to pass a couple of policemen so we had to act normal.

Seba was nearby in the shadows but had we all been traveling by shadows, they would have noticed something. As we passed the two, I leaned up and whispered something in Larten's ear, giggling. The man replied by swatting my bottom, making me giggle more; at least we could pull off the act.

When we turned the corner, I looked around and made sure we were followed. Turning, I slammed into a body that was neither Seba nor Larten.

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