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I couldn't think of a way to bring in the others... It just kinda ended perfectly for me...

A Friend, but Nothing More

I, I can't move...

This feeling, I, I can't move...

I can't feel anything in my body, except the blood seeping out from my wounds.

And for a while, I just hang here, like a broken puppet hanging on strings just to keep it standing on the ground, except that I wasn't exactly on the ground..

Though, for a second, I thought everyone was here with me.

When Ashitare's hand struck through me, I felt it.

They were all here. Even Hotohori-Sama was here with me...

I can almost feel it. Death, death is slowing coming towards me like a shadow coming at sunset.

I can let him kill me right now, ending my life where it is.

But, I have to win! I have to! In order to protect the others from you.

I wont let you win!

I flip myself over him, grabing his jaw to make sure he doesn't bite me with his twisted teeth, and swing my arm about 120 degrees or more around his neck.

I, I wont let you! I wont let you hurt my friends!

I tighten the space around Ashitare's neck the best that I can, finally hearing a sound that was unhuman even to my ears.

I let go of him, his body falling with a thud.

My breathing is shallow, it hurts even just to breath...

"Never, EVER underestimate me!" I manage to say, even though no one heard me up here.

Ah, up here being alone in the cold air of the mountains, I almost want Ashitare back alive only to keep me doing something to stay warm up here.

I look around, finally taking notice of beautiful landscape around me.

The mountains, so high, I almost feel as if I'm already in heavean...

But, I know I'm not there yet, the pain I feel, It's getting worse.

I walk a small distance, wanting to get a better view of everything before I go from this world.

I fall, not having the strength I need even to stand up.

I really do wish I was dead now, I mean, I wouldn't have to deal with all of this!

But, now that I think of it, I wouldn't be able to see Miaka, the others, Hotohori-Sama...

"That was pretty stupid of me, I'll never be able to make fun of Miaka again after this..." I laugh, trying to make myself feel better, but knowing that it's not working at all.

Not to mention how much it hurt even to laugh.

Though, I feel as if I'm forgetting something, like, I have to do this before I feel that I've done all that is possible of me before I go.

... ding

I turn around to see that rock.

That God, damned, rock.

"Gotta move that rock..." I mumble, barely hearing myself say these words out loud.

I some how have strength to stand up again, my legs screaming with pain as I stand, my body almost falling under me.

I slowly take my time walking towards that large boulder that's blocking the way to the entrance.

No wonder, If I had died before I moved this, the others wouldn't be able to get the Shinzaho.

So it really was supposed to be me to come up here.

It was really me who was to die alone up here, in the cold mist of the mountains that shadowed the village where the others were.

It really was me...

Right before I had been injured by Ashitare, I thought, "What if it was supposed to be Tamahome to come up here? He would be able to defeat Ashitare, wouldn't he?"

But now that I think of it, I know it's really me who was supposed to be here, the one who fought and killed Ashitare, one of the Seriyu Seshi.

It was me who was supposed to be here lifting the rock to help the others get to the Shinzaho.

It was me who was supposed to have fallen in love with Suzaku no Miko, but never getting the same feeling back from her, just like Hotohori-Sama...

I grab the boulder, with all the might I have left. But it doesn't move one bit.

"Please, give me the strength..."

My braceletes glow red, and I can feel the rock slowly lifting from the ground, but my mind isn't focused correctly, and I see something else.

I see, Miaka's world, I'm there with her.

I can see us, in a yellow mobile, having fun... Just her and me...

Is this, what they call a date?

We're having so much fun, I can tell, but there's something, just something, that's wrong.

And then, I see it. The only thing in this whole scene that makes it wrong...

We're just friends...

Just, friends...

Those few words go through my head, repeating so many times, but I still can't understand it.

Miaka, why can you see it?

Why can't you know that I love you, more than a brother?

But even I already know the answer to that question, but it's so simple I don't want to believe it.

The truth is, that's just how it's supposed to be.

I'm just a friend to you Miaka, but nothing more.

Ya ya, it ended.

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