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Aizen had merely wanted tea. Orihime had wanted to scream the entire time she had sat meekly across from the traitorous captain, quietly refusing an offer of steamed buns and not touching her tea. So what if she wasn't eating? It was the one act of defiance allowed to her, and she wasn't going to sit and pig out while her friends were fighting and probably dying out in the real world.

Ulquiorra walked her back to her room, but not before running into Grimmjow on the way. Orihime wasn't sure how to feel around him. She knew he had it out for Kurosaki-kun, and yet he also owed her for returning his arm with her powers; not that she expected the Espada to have any sense of indebtedness or human decency at all. When he loomed up out of a corridor, Orihime shrank back slightly.

"Oh look, it's Ulquiorra and the princess, out for a walk." His tone was mocking, jovial, and Orihime relaxed a little. She was only used to him being angry...perhaps Espada weren't all stuck on one emotion, like she had previously assumed. Too bad. She'd been looking forward to meeting the one stuck on happiness.

"Grimmjow." Orihime wasn't sure what emotion Ulquiorra was stuck on. He seemed to just not have any at all, which she supposed was a valid emotional state, but she couldn't think of a good word for it. "It would be in your best interests to leave the woman alone."

"And you, too, you mean!" Grimmjow slammed his arm into the wall beside Ulquiorra's head, leaning there almost casually, a grin stretched across his features. "You're no fun, Ulquiorra. I'll bet the woman's bored out of her mind with you as her keeper."

"He's not my keeper," Orihime said softly, then wished she hadn't.

"Oh-ho?" Grimmjow flicked his eyes to Orihime, and she wished he wouldn't undress her with them. Her cheeks burned. "So then what is he, hmm? Your jailer?"

"He's not my anything." Her cheeks burned, and she wished she could let Tsubaki out to argue with Grimmjow for her.

"That will be enough, Grimmjow," Ulquiorra said, and began to walk down the hall once more. "Come, woman."

Orihime trotted obediently after Ulquiorra, Grimmjow's sniggers ringing through the hallway. Once they were in her room, Ulquiorra turned to go, but Orihime tapped him politely on the shoulder. Ulquiorra turned again, waiting.

"Um, my name. I have one," Orihime stuttered out, feeling embarrassed, but insisting on getting her point across. "It's Orihime. Not 'woman'. I don't call you 'Espada'."

His eyes were flat. "Perhaps you should."

The moment the door slammed, the Shun Shun Rikka were out around her, and Orihime demolished the bathroom seventeen times and rebuilt it eighteen more times. She needed to think.