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The First Father's Day

The Martian Mice liked that this part of Earth had a holiday specifically for celebrating how awesome one's mother was. Not many cultures focused on family as much as Martians did, so it was always nice to see something like this. When they found out there was a similar holiday for fathers as well, they had been somewhat surprised. Martian Mice families were more matriarchal, and a mother was considered the ruler of the house, and always had been. (After all, you always knew who your mother was. Your father? Not so much.) But humans were traditionally patriarchal, so it made sense them.

Charley had decided to go out to the store to look for a present for her dad. She'd already nixed the idea of a gift card (too impersonal), tools (he had multiples of damn near every tool she knew of), or machinery (limited budget). So she was now checking over the clothing options, hoping to find a new jacket or vest for her dad. To her surprise, the Bros had decided to come with her.

The store was mostly deserted that time of day, so no one was paying them any attention. Charley was perusing the aisles as Vinnie, Modo, and Throttle looked over some of the new black leather jackets they had in. She looked at her boys from the corner of her eye as she picked up another shirt to consider buying for her dad this Father's Day. "Hey, if this is too personal a question, tell me, alright? I've heard a lot about Modo's Momma, and some about your moms too. How come I never hear any of you talk about your dads?"

The trio glanced over at her, then at each other. Modo was quiet a moment before answering with a small shrug, "I never really knew my daddy. His name was Coil, and he died when I was about two, I think. Some freak accident at his job, Momma said. She loved him a lot though." He found a small smile. "Says I look a lot like him. I've seen some pictures, and its true."

She smiled at the gentle giant. When she looked over to the white mouse, Vinnie just gave a shrug. "A true-life story. At one point my father decided that he'd help my mom be perfect, and the way he figured he'd do that would be to point out all of those little things where she wasn't perfect, so she could fix them."

Charley winced. "Oooh."

He snorted. "Yeah. They got a divorce when I was six. Both sides pretty much blame that choice of his as the cause. I remember seeing him at my...seventh? No, eighth birthday. Didn't see him too much after that. And after the war broke out, we didn't see him at all. Got no idea where he is, and honestly, I don't much care. Any guy that just up and leaves his family because he was an perfectionist bastard ain't worth much in my book."

She nodded, silently thinking to herself that this bit of info explained a lot about Vincent. The mechanic was almost afraid to look over at Throttle after a story like that, but the tan Mouse smiled at her. "My dad was a teacher at Brimstone University," he said in quiet pride. "Professor Tardian, phD. Taught upper level classes in physics and universal science."

"Universal science?" she asked.

"Um, I think humans call it astrophysiology, thermodynamics, and string theory," Throttle frowned in thought. "I think that's the right words for it. Either way, it was all about how the universe works and comes together. He was pretty popular on campus. Every time me and Mom went to visit him at work, he was always with a bunch of students, doing tutoring and stuff."

Throttle lost his smile. "When the war came, the universities were some of the first places that were bombed. The invasion forces stole the projects in the labs, then incinerated everything and everyone. The ones that escaped got dragged onto their slave ships and carted off who knows where. My dad was on campus when the Plutarkians came." He blinked hard, then continued. "There's a chance my dad is alive somewhere, on some slave world, but after all this time, its a really small chance."

"Oh," she said softly, at a loss for words. What could she say that wouldn't sound trite or cliché?

He saw her distressed look, and quickly pulled up a smile. "There's always hope, right, Charley-girl?"

"Yeah," she said with a nod and small smile in return. "There's always hope. So!" The girl held up a set of black, fingerless leather gloves. "What do you guys think about these?"

This idea came since we've heard all three guys mention something about their moms, but honestly, they weren't conceived via immaculate conception! Where are their dads? I'm fairly certain that boys are influenced by their fathers no matter what species they come from. Yet Vincent, Throttle, and Modo make no mention of their other parent. Stoker undoubtedly came in as the closest father figure the trio seemed to have, but that did beg the question as to where the real thing was.