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-- Chapter Start --

"Zero... may I pretty, pretty please make love to you now?" Kaname's husky words held a promise of sinful delight that demanded nothing short of total surrender.

Zero swallowed then gave a quick nod. "Yes," he managed to whisper.

"Good," Kaname smiled slowly and Zero swallowed again.

With one smile and a promise of heaven in his passionate eyes, Kaname slid from the bed. Zero was just about to lift his head to check where he was when Kaname was next to him once more, bending over him with a reassuring smile. That was the last thing Zero saw before something soft was placed over his eyes, cutting off his vision. The silky feel and the faint fragrance emanating from it told him it was one of Kaname's silk ties. Quick and skillful fingers tied the length of silk behind Zero's silver head in a fit that was comfortably snug without being too tight.

"Kaname...?" Zero questioned, hating the slight note of uncertainty that coloured his voice. He had nothing to fear and he knew it. He was with his beloved pureblood and he was completely safe but he was also born with sight and the sudden removal of that sense, however temporary, left him with a sense of helplessness.

"Shh, Zero," Kaname whispered in his ear. "I'm going to make love to you and nothing more than that... just relax."

Zero swallowed and let his head fall back to the bed again. "All right," he murmured, willing his erratic heartbeat to slow down a little. He didn't want Kaname to think that he didn't trust him. He did - more than life itself. Gentle fingers combed reassuringly through his hair and a sigh blew a warm gust of air onto his face.

"I'm sorry our first time wasn't on silk sheets and surrounded by lit candles, Zero," Kaname murmured and the regret in his voice helped to temper the embarrassment Zero always felt at the mention of those unexpectedly frantic, passionate moments in that warehouse - moments that he never thought would happen with the pureblood prince of vampires. Gentle fingers touched one of his flushed cheeks.

"I was so desperate then... but you saved me," Kaname's whispered words were soft but they surrounded Zero with a cocoon of warmth, gratitude and love. The ex-human felt familiar lips press to his in a chaste kiss but they were gone before he could open his mouth to reciprocate.

"I still have no candles now, Zero," Kaname continued a moment or so later and now, there was a slight smile in his words, "but at least the sheets are satin...!"

The teasing note in his voice made Zero blush again but his brow furrowed at the following, "I'm sorry", whispered so low it was almost inaudible. Quickly, he shook his head and felt a gentle fingertip trace the outline of his lower lip.

"I want to give you - give us - that first time we didn't have, Zero."

The heartfelt words tugged at Zero's emotions and he swallowed again. "I – Kaname, you don't have to. Just make love to me," he whispered shyly. "Each time with you is special." He was flushed bright pink with having to say those words out loud but he wanted to and the warm lips that pressed suddenly to his was an indication that their owner appreciated them.

"Then let me make it even more special," Kaname murmured tenderly. Zero gave a nod and with that, the rest of his shirt buttons were quickly undone. His shoulders were lifted one at a time and the shirt eased away.

Kaname then proceeded to kiss each and every inch of his quivering, blindfolded lover, starting from his forehead and working his way to those pierced ears. There was something so very enticing and sexy about Zero's ears, adorned as they were with those silver piercings and Kaname loved to hear the tiny clink of metal against his teeth, knowing that Zero could hear them too. Dipping his tongue into one of the ears and relishing the adorable squirm of response and sharply indrawn breath, Kaname smiled and kissed his way past his lover's jaw, pausing to drop another kiss on the softly parted lips on the way. He toyed gently with the other pierced ear, making Zero's chest arch up into his.


Each of Zero's other senses were magnified tenfold in the absence of sight. His breathing grew more and more shallow as Kaname continued kissing him, moving down to his neck and paying particular attention to his very sensitive bite area. Kaname delighted in dragging the tips of his fangs over the moistened skin as if drawing invisible lines over it. He then traced each line with his tongue and Zero moaned, a low, broken sound that made Kaname long to join with him. Firmly, he held himself back.

Pleasure Zero first...

"Kaname," Zero panted softly. He knew that his lover didn't often take his blood but each time Kaname touched his neck, he couldn't help wishing he would. After all, this wasn't just any pureblood - this was Kaname. But before Zero could work up enough courage to say anything, Kaname had moved lower and was now delightedly tracing the contours of his chest with his lips. At the same time, he swept the smooth palms of his hands up Zero's firmly muscled arms, curved around his shoulders and then dipped below, fingertips skating lightly over the smooth, sensitive skin of the underside of the hunter's arms. Zero quivered again and Kaname smiled as he raised the boy's arms high above his head. The movement pulled those pink nipples higher up his chest and caught the pureblood's attention straightaway.

"Ka-Kaname!" Zero's head tipped back as a hot mouth closed over those two sensitive points and ravished them hungrily, first the one and then the other, then back again to the first. Lips, tongue and teeth all worked together in an intricate and magical combination to drive Zero out of his mind. Each of Kaname's touches sent heated pleasure that tingled directly to the ex-human's gut, knotting his insides with pleasure. He started thrusting his hips up against Kaname's stomach but the pureblood held them down easily as he continued to taste the delight that was Zero's nipples.

"Kaname, p-please...!" Zero soon found himself begging huskily, his head thrashing from side to sides on the sheets. His nipples were hard and so sensitive now that he wasn't sure if he could bear much more stimulation. Thankfully, Kaname took pity on him and dipped lower but the low, rich chuckle Zero heard didn't bode well for him. He knew that once the lips travelled past his quivering stomach and Kaname settled for pleasuring his lower regions after swiftly removing his trousers and underwear. Zero sucked in a sharp breath, every cell in his body focusing on the twin needle sharp fangs that were making their slow and deliberate way up his throbbing length. He tensed as one of the points pricked him a little too deeply for comfort. Of course, Kaname could only be teasing him but his fangs damn well felt like he was searching for the right spot to draw blood...

"Unh, Kaname...?"

The pureblood stopped at once. Zero felt the head between his legs lift and then Kaname was kissing him reassuringly. "I don't bite there, Zero," he murmured. "I won't mind if you bite me there... but I won't do that to you."

Zero swallowed and relaxed onto the sheets.

"At least, not when you're blindfolded like this," Kaname added teasingly. Zero scowled once again but Kaname only kissed it away lovingly before returning to his former position. Soon, Zero was helplessly writhing about on the bed, Kaname taking him in deep with that unreserved confidence and skill that said he was not going to stop until he was rewarded with his lover's complete surrender.

Zero tried to raise himself onto his elbows but his arms were shaking too much from the onslaught of sensations and in the end, he settled for thrusting his hips up instead, loving the moist heat of Kaname's mouth and the suppleness of his lips. The pureblood was far too skilled and relentless in his pursuit of his lover's pleasure and before he knew it, Zero was screaming, his arms and legs flailing as his body pumped its passion into Kaname's willing mouth. The pureblood exulted silently, his dark eyes taking in the ecstasy in the hunter's face even as he swallowed the warm fluids.

"No..." Kaname whispered as he saw Zero trying to take off his blindfold. "Let me..."

He took his time though and when Zero could see the dimly lit room again, there was the beautiful sight of Kaname, completely naked and smiling adoringly down at him. A shy smile curved Zero's lips in response.

"That was one hell of a first time," he murmured but Kaname's smile widened. "Oh, but it's not over yet, Zero," he reassured. The hunter's only response was to lift an eyebrow and Kaname nodded.

"I still haven't made you mine yet," he reminded the hunter in husky tones and Zero found himself flushing again. He didn't know if he would ever be able to say those sort of things out loud but to Kaname, those sensual words just rolled off his tongue.

"Raise your legs, Zero. Open up for me," Kaname whispered, the words made ten times more sensual by the lust in his eyes. This time, Zero flushed from his ears all the way down to his toes. Still, the way Kaname was looking at him was far too enticing to ignore and Zero found himself lifting his legs and hugging Kaname's hips with his knees.

"Good..." Kaname purred approvingly. He had taken the lube before removing his silk tie from Zero's eyes. Now, he smiled into the adorably shy silver amethyst gaze as he started prepping his lover. Kaname thought Zero's eyes very attractive but they were especially beautiful when their owner was happy or experiencing pleasure like now. Even though his own body was craving release, Kaname smiled happily as his fingers gently and expertly stretched Zero's body, adoring every small little sound he made, whether voluntary or not. The pureblood soon bent over Zero with his other hand braced on the mattress so that the hunter could touch and kiss him in return.

When Kaname's fingers found Zero's special spot, he slowed down and gazed raptly at his lover, drinking in every small sound the boy made and enjoying the sheer pleasure that made his eyes flutter shut, his brows crease and his lips part. Kaname appreciated the soft flush that painted Zero's cheeks and the helpless way he squirmed on the bed, the shy push of his hips as he tried to get Kaname's fingers deeper into himself.

"Ka-Kaname... I – I can't..." Zero broke off to swallow. The pureblood pleasuring him like this was intensely beautiful but it wasn't giving him the release he craved. Zero knew Kaname didn't want him to touch himself but he was going to if the pureblood kept up this sweet torture.

"Take me!" Zero rasped pleadingly. He craved not only the pleasure of their joining but the feel of Kaname's body pressed next to his. He didn't want only a part of their bodies to touch, he wanted to hold Kaname close to him, arms and legs around him tightly as if he could pull all of Kaname into him and not just a certain part of his body.

Kaname smiled again. Zero hadn't said this when they first consummated their physical relationship in that warehouse but then again, he hadn't really given the hunter the chance to stop or even back down. It meant a lot to him now that Zero consciously wanted him... wanted this.

"Anything for you, Zero," Kaname whispered as he slowly pulled his fingers out, loving the beautifully needy way Zero looked right now with his pale skin glowing with passion, his eyes glazed over with pleasure and his fangs showing between his rosily flushed lips.

"Let me fill you, Zero," Kaname whispered as he slid between Zero's legs and stroked the milky thighs even further apart. The hunter's only response was a shy smile as he lifted his arms to loop them around the pureblood's neck. Then Kaname rocked his hips forward and Zero thrust his hips up. Both vampires gasped as they filled one another – one physically, the other emotionally. They had done this before so many times. In fact, their last union was only a few hours earlier but as Kaname pressed himself into Zero with deliberate slowness, the latter found stupid tears welling up in his eyes. They weren't even tears of discomfort and for a few confusing moments, Zero didn't even know why. He tried to blink them away but Kaname lifted his head as soon as he realised.

"Zero," he whispered, his eyebrows drawing together in immediate concern. "Why, what's wrong? Does it hurt?" he whispered, his heart lurching at the unexpected sight. Logically, Kaname knew his gentle penetration shouldn't hurt. Well, not beyond the usual, initial discomfort. After all, he and Zero had been far rougher with each other in the past. But to find that he had caused tears now, when he was trying to give Zero that tender first time they hadn't had before hurt.

"I'm sorry," he whispered but Zero shook his head at once, looking very embarrassed.

"I'm not in pain, Kaname," he murmured. "I... crap, I don't even know why I'm feeling like this!" he groaned as he quickly palmed away the shameful moisture from his eyes. Actually, Zero did know, only it was far too embarrassing a reason to even think of voicing out. This was how he had envisaged his first time with anyone, if he ever had. Of course, Zero had believed he wouldn't have a long life at all seeing as how his fate was an eventual descent into madness. But during the times he had felt more hopeful, his boyishly innocent fantasies had taken a rather sexual turn only of course they had involved Yuuki, the only girl he cared about.

But after that, things had happened - he was betrayed by his own twin, his life was threatened and then on top of that, Kaname was kidnapped and it all turned out to be part of a sick plan. Things were happening faster than anything Zero had ever experienced and after rescuing Kaname from the dungeon, he had fed the starving pureblood his blood - there had been no time to think about anything but survival and then later, a bond neither of them wanted.

Their frantic unions then were more sex and lust than pure love making, their shared bond making everything more intense than either of them could have imagined. But even now, after realising their feelings for each other and voicing them out, the subsequent encounters however beautiful, still hadn't matched up to this one now. Perhaps it was because Zero had finally confessed his wish of wanting to dance with Kaname. Perhaps it was the pureblood's beautiful willingness to fulfill that wish, however silly it was. Perhaps it was the innocently sensual dance itself, weaving its magic of first time innocence to both of them. Perhaps it was how Kaname had pleasured him with careful intent after blindfolding him.

It was all of the above reasons. Each one of them had merged together to form a perfectly shaped piece that finally fitted the hole that was inside him – a place that had always felt just a little bit... empty... as if it was missing something. Zero raised his hand and cupped Kaname's cheek. As he always did, the pureblood turned into his palm to kiss it and Zero felt that funny little ache in his chest. Kaname always turned into his touch and Zero loved that about him, just as he loved all the other aspects of the pureblood's behaviour that showed him how Kaname felt about him and belonged to him.

Kaname was holding himself still, his chest heaving with the effort and Zero knew the pureblood would not move until he knew for sure what was troubling his lover. Zero hesitated, his own body tense and drumming with need. He wanted to reassure Kaname but he didn't know how to do it without sounding like a total sap.

"It's all right, Kaname," he said. "Move..."

"Huh uh," Kaname shook his head. "Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Zero groaned, his legs tightening around Kaname's waist. He thrust his hips up, seeking to pull the pureblood deeper into him. "It's nothing! I – I –"

Kaname raised a brow, intrigued by another wave of colour surging into Zero's cheeks. "Nothing?" he murmured and Zero's head fell back to the bed as he cursed softly.

"I - you... you just gave me that first time, Kaname, that's all," he finally mumbled. The pureblood's eyes widened in surprised delight and after a moment, Zero smiled hesitantly, his lover's surprise chasing away most of the embarrassment he felt.

"I did?" Kaname asked and Zero gave a slight nod. "You did," he reassured and Kaname's next smile was even more brilliant.

"So this time is special then?" he murmured and Zero nodded.

"Yeah... but it won't be if you stay still like this," he reminded the pureblood wryly. Kaname blinked, seemingly realising that they were still intimately joined without really doing anything about it. Then he chuckled and Zero gave a small laugh as well, even if it still felt endearingly shy.

"My mistake," Kaname said smoothly before picking up where he left off. It wasn't, of course, but Zero didn't quibble about it as he looped his arms tighter around Kaname's neck and let the slow, delicious thrusting of the pureblood's hips slide him back and forth on the warmed satin sheets. They felt especially good against his back and Zero smiled, his flushed face buried in the side of Kaname's neck, his fangs aroused by the sheer proximity of that creamy, silky skin.

Definitely better than the rough weave of those carpet runners in that warehouse...

The slow, rocking motion soon increased in speed. Kaname held Zero close to him, arms going under his back and hooking around his shoulders. He needed to have Zero as close to him as was physically possible and the enticing, half muffled sounds the boy made against his neck tore at Kaname's splintering control. He took Zero even harder, the burning fires of passion raking through their bodies glowing hotter than ever as tension coiled tightly in their guts and begged for release.

Kaname's face was buried in Zero's shoulder and the hunter cried out softly as his lover took him with deliciously satisfying thoroughness. Zero's length was pinned between their bodies but Kaname's body continuously rubbing against it was more than enough friction and soon, the hunter toppled over the edge. He cried out as he came and Kaname increased his pace as he felt the warm liquid against his stomach. He half regretted that he couldn't see Zero's face painted with bliss this time but that thought was soon lost as his body erupted with its own blissful release, filling Zero's inside with warmth.

Panting hard, Kaname collapsed onto Zero and let his beloved hunter hold him as their bodies quivered in the aftermath of pleasure. After a while, Kaname disengaged their bodies and rolled off Zero to cradle him in his arms.

"Was that special enough, Zero?" he murmured sleepily and Zero nodded quickly against his shoulder, smothering a yawn.

"Special much, Kaname. Thank you," he whispered and he meant it. The soft hitching in his words made Kaname's heart full and happy. He pressed his lips to the damp silver hair.

"You're worth it, Zero. I love you," he whispered back and Zero nodded again.

"Love you too," he whispered.

-- Story End --