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The game was over, what was she supposed to do now? Viola looked over at Duke, and her heart was breaking at seeing that she upset and betrayed him. She had betrayed his trust. All that crossed her mind was, "Why didn't I just tell him sooner? He would've understood, wouldn't he?" She just wasn't sure. She thought she knew him, but she only knew him from a guy's standpoint. She never fully got the chance to think of him from a girl's standpoint. It was now time to become one hundred percent Viola and not Sebastian. From Viola's viewpoint, she just wasn't sure what to do about Duke. Her thoughts were going off in so many different directions. She thought, "Should I talk to him? Does he need his space? Does he like me? What do I do if he doesn't?"

Duke still was in shock. He couldn't believe that he had been rooming with a girl this entire time. He thought, "How could I have been so blind and stupid? It was obvious she wasn't a guy. Come on Duke, tampons." Duke had never really been comfortable around girls, and Viola had made him even more nervous now. She knew some of his innermost thoughts, and the thought of that alone was scaring him. Not even his own mother was that close to him. Unlike Viola's mother, Duke's mother just used him. He was the trophy son; she only used him for bragging rights. Thankfully though, his grandmother and him were very close before she passed away. After she was gone, he always got tongue-tied around girls. She had taught him how to respect women, but she didn't get to the whole dating part. He thought, "I can't believe she was just using me to get ahead in soccer."

Once the field was cleared, Viola left to go home with Paul. On the way back to Cornwall, Kia and Yvonne tried to cheer her up, but nothing they seemed to do worked. They knew she wanted to stay in Illyria, and they knew she wanted to be with Duke. After she assured them that she would be okay at home by herself, they all left, and Viola headed upstairs to her room. Strangely enough, her mom wasn't home, but Viola was happy with that. She wanted some alone time. After sitting on her bed and reflecting on the past two weeks, thoughts of Duke could not escape her mind. That's when she came up with a plan; she was going to personally invite him to the debutante ball. Just a few minutes later, the phone started ringing; it was Sebastian. He told his sister that he was coming over to keep her company since he had seen their parents leave together. Before they hung up the phone, Viola asked him to pick up a few things for her.

About an hour later, Sebastian walked through the front door with shopping bags in each hand. He dropped those to the floor when he saw his sister, and he rushed to give her a hug. He asked, "How you feeling?"

She said, "Not so good, but I'll survive."

He asked, "So what's all this for?"

She said, "Well, I plan on having you deliver Duke's invitation to the ball for me personally."

He asked, "And the cheese?"

She giggled and answered, "You had to be there."

He said, "Okay. Well, I'm going to go crash. See you in the morning."

She said, "Night Sebastian."

Viola then gathered all the shopping bags and headed upstairs to her room. She took out the gold box and placed a bunch of filler inside before she laid the hunk of Gouda cheese on top. Afterwards, she put an addressed invitation for the ball on top, and she put the lid on the box. After taking some red ribbon and tying it around the box, she could only hope that he would show up. She could just imagine it in her head, playing out like some romantic movie. She saw herself wandering about and thinking that he wasn't going to show up. Just when she would give up hope, there he would be. He'd be her knight in shining armor, ready to take her away with just a kiss.

The next day after lunch, Sebastian returned home to Illyria with Viola's invitation in hand. After he dropped off the package, he left the room to go and visit Olivia. She and Sebastian were getting along great, seeing that they had just met the day before. After looking at the chunk of cheese in the box and staring at the invitation, Duke decided to go to the ball. If anything, it would at least make his mother happy. So, he left to go and rent a tuxedo for the ball.

That Saturday, Viola was nervous about everything. Most of all, she was nervous about Duke. She desperately wanted him to come, but she couldn't guarantee that he was going to be there and neither could Sebastian. Duke had not uttered a word to his new roommate in fear of anything getting back to Viola. Over the past week, he had come to realize that she didn't mean to hurt him, and that she wasn't just using him. She might not have intended to fall in love in the beginning, but she did. Duke realized that he had fallen in love with her. It was her little quirks that fascinated him. Plus, she was a girl that loved soccer. A girl that was so in tuned with sports but could still manage to turn him on, he never had so much luck. Even after Paul agreed to be her escort, Viola still wasn't comfortable about the whole debutante thing. She wanted her escort to be Duke, but he hadn't showed up. So she excused herself to go outside and get some air. Meanwhile, Duke was in the ballroom sitting with his mom. He couldn't wait to get Viola alone so that he could try and talk to her.

While Viola was walking outside, she saw a figure in the shadows. She thought it was Duke, and she started saying some personal things that were on her mind. As soon as the figure came into full sight, she was completely stunned.

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