Well, I give, a second part cuz I think I made things a bit hard to understand the first time.

I mean, really, you thought I was going to make an invincible Samus? It's canon that she's been defeated 3 or 4 times already. Here's an explanation of what happened in the Hunters' side while the Spartans came to save the day. Hope this clears any doubts from chapter 1.

And, just to make sure, if I had wanted to make Samus overpowered, I would have had her using a power bomb and vaporizing the soldiers that tried to stop them in the beginning. Or maybe using the dark cannon and let her rip the fabric of reality to create a black hole and send the marines into oblivion… or making jelly outta them with a shot of the Annihilator's sonicboom! That would have been unfair.

Oh, and in the first chapter, Gandrayda was just making up information for the admiral, she was just acting there.

To clear any confusion with the beginning of this chapter: This is set after Fusion, so Samus already had her DNA mixed with Metroid's….. The Corruption Hunters never died, they just were badly hurt by Samus and DSamus simply took her Phazon back from their damaged bodies.


From the collection of One too many Shots, Crossovers section:

Lesser of five evils

Chapter 2: Really thought I overpowered Samus? Think again!

By: Dan Heron


Not again, please not again!

Deep fear.

Can't let it happen again. What can we do?

Deep enough to do horrible things.

Destroy her… we can't let them use her to reach Earth.

Despair settling in.

My entire life has only seen war with the Covenant, and now this?


Please, I can't keep doing this… I can't…


Kill them all! Just fucking kill them!


We can use them, just like we used those dead Covenant.


I think that is the only option. I just need to get some information out of them. You can start with the ships as soon as we contact Earth and then dispose of the freaks.

Its tendrils reached out, its hunger filling the darkness; spores flying through the air and bloated mockeries of life lumbering away on the horizon. Learning what others had learned before, looking for a way to keep on growing.

Then, the Devourers came.

The Devourers were efficient. Captured the spores as these tried to fight; the feast started in molecular levels, eating, nourishing, growing.

As the first spore was tasted, X knew what to do.

Brutally crushing them, tearing them apart, eating, growing.

They had technology, enough to destroy the assimilated bodies, but X don't die. Just as they were destroyed, they showered at those around them with their remains, and started to feast one again. Destroyed, feasting, destroyed, feasting, destroyed, feasting.

The collective didn't know what to do.

The X knew that, and they took advantage of that.

Never before the tide had changed, now there was a whole new ocean.

The one sided war ended when the smallest larva appeared. It chirped happily, glowing a tender and mesmerizing light. It landed on her chest, glowing excitedly; it had found a Mother! And now they could bring their family to enjoy of all that food!

Two titans waited behind Mother, basking in the feast set in front of them. So many children could grow happy with all this food!

The reptilian licked its lips, letting its body rest, making sure its eight eyes kept watch on the food. The insectoid tapped its front legs a moment and then settled down.

Children arrived. Larva, Miniroid, Alpha, Hunter, Beta, Omega. They all were here.

They all waited for their Mothers to have the first bite.

But Mothers couldn't start, not yet. There was an Alpha Mother among them, and she was the one to have the first taste. The reptilian encouraged its superior with a nudge, the insectoid letting out a musical sound out of its exoskeleton.

The X and the collective attacked her, trying to break into her armor. She causally lifted her arm, looking at those tendrils and the devouring cells trying to eat her arm away, trying to assimilate her.

Then, they turned to dust. She closed her hand, letting their ashen corpses float away on the wind. A smile turned on her lips and Samus looked back to Tallon's and Zebes's heirs. "They are delicious."

The Metroids' feast began.


The blond awareness returned, focusing on the pink woman in front of her.

"Show time," Gandrayda gave her a sultry smile, but Samus had been enough times there before like to blush or respond.

"Just like we planned."

"That's that, huh?"

"Nnnh. Oh, they are terrified of us."

The plan was simple, way too simple. Nobody ever thought it was a plan. Samus would play the experienced yet ignorant one, surrounded by language barriers that kept her from being useful for the little chat –reading interrogation- about to take place. Not hard to do considering she had no idea how speak the language, and she had left her translator along with her helmet and most of her armor in their host's care.

Gandrayda meanwhile would buy some time while Samus sent the mental commands to Drynn to start their little escape and let her know to stop waiting for other options. She'd just have to fall into her innocent and gullible self, and oh how much fun she had playing fool. Better than playing cold-blooded assassin.

If these guys were anything like the G.F., Samus could place this man in a high rank. Admiral maybe?

Reading the man was way too easy, not even making use of the gifts the Chozo had given her along with their blood. Disdainful, distrustful, xenophobic. She didn't even need to know the language to know what he thought of the shapeshifter.

English, huh? Nope, doesn't ring any bell. Sounded like the grunts used by the Jovian though.

Samus made sure to burn a couple holes with her glare, and was happy to see the man knew he was being X-rayed. Gandrayda would stop to translate bits of the conversation to Samus, confirming the scenarios they had planned beforehand.

Even with the language barrier, Samus did her best to keep from smirking and giggling at Gandrayda's shenanigans. She had known her for years and it still drove her to laughing tears seeing her acting like this; laughing in the middle of what she knew a serious conversation wouldn't look too good. Not that what they were about to do was better, but oh well.

Finally the man stood up. Intent written all over his body and Samus felt tired. Here we go.

Gandrayda stood up, pleading with the man, but he made sure to grant her a small portion of his precious attention for the petite spy. Pinkette turned to Samus, and the Huntress said.

"That's it, we won't see another day if we don't get out."

"Graceful retreat?" Gandrayda inquired with a twirl of her wrist.

"And flashy." The Pink Spy almost squealed. She was rubbing on her Sammy at least! "But first, ask him about something called Earth… well, hadn't seen somebody stiffen like that before," Samus commented with an amused smile.

"My pleasure, Sammy."

In the next two seconds, the man tried to pull out his gun on them but Samus had already taken it out of his grasp before he could even put his finger on the trigger. A quick look showed her she didn't know how to use or if this thing had a manual lock or if it was genetically programmed or… something told her the latter wasn't the case.

After five painful second –trying to keep from laughing as Gandrayda switched from bubbly innocent ditz to a seductress- the admiral noticed his gun in Samus's hands.

At least, and with that thought she crushed the metallic piece of junk. She may be a weakling by Chozo standards, but damn if she had a gargantuan strength in Human eyes.

Message delivered and understood. "Gandrayda, tell him we are gonna keep him safe," Samus said as she lifted her left arm –still covered in part of her armor- and punched the command for the plasteel's reserves she used with her most harmless marks. If things went smoothly, they'd be gone in a matter of minutes, so there was no point in using something more terminal with the poor man. Of course, a couple days worth of discomfort should be noting for an army man.

After a bit of struggle, they glued the man to the chair and the ground, not bothering to shut him up. They knew there were no cameras in their little cell –having searched beforehand for any trace of unwanted energy- so they decided to start the fun.

"Drynn, you ready?" Samus said to nobody, and a voice replied in her mind.

"Yes Samus. Already sent signal to the other Hunters. Good luck," the young voice replied and Samus nodded. She had used the interface ship-mind only through her helmet before, but after a few close calls she decided to take a step further and install an interface directly into her body. Not only it improved her hacking skills, but it'd also allow her to save Drynn's mind in case her ship was destroyed.

"Ladies first," Gandrayda said, showing the door to Samus.

"Thank you," a simple kick and the doors were blasted away, luckily hitting nobody. The two bounty hunters made quick job of the soldiers placed at both sides of the door; that taken care, Samus checked on her left arm for a holo map. Her armor wasn't too far away… in fact, it was moving towards her.

"That's what I call service," Gandrayda giggled and Samus looked up to see a green armor and golden visor.

"Weavel, what a surprise," Samus said with no surprise at all.

"Your little girl told me to give you a hand. She didn't say how close it had to be," the former general said in his synthetic voice. Synthetic, but not devoid of passion. He was grumbling.

"This is good enough," Samus admitted and sent the mental command. The biometal pieces of armor in Weavel's arms turned into energy and then floated around Samus body; with warmth washing over her body, Samus felt her body and mind fusing with the rest of her armor. She let out a content sigh as the systems flashed an OK; the little rest enough to patch up all the missing energy and absorb some of the environ residual energy to power up the microfactories in the suit to fill the ammo reservoirs.

"Thought they had taken your Ego," Gandrayda said as she walked along with the two towering hunters.

"Only a memory backup," the Urtragian cyborg replied with a wave of his hand. "It was complex enough to let them think it was my Ego."

A giggle escaped pink lips and Samus did her best to keep from laughing. Without Ego, cyborgs would function in the most basic commands as long as it didn't endanger their integrity, and she was sure Weavel had had to play tin toy for the last hour to avoid raising suspicious. The glare Weavel shot Gandrayda was enough to confirm the thought.

"How is everybody else doing, Drynn?" Samus asked and several screens jumped in front of her for Weavel and Gandrayda to see.

A row of cells opened for the guests to take a walk. A huge yellow larva slithered out before reshaping its form into a bipedal, yellow muscles bulging up, and metallic pieces of armor decorating parts of the body, and a helmet showing four glowing eyes underneath.

"Kanden feels better," the prime product of the super soldier project stretched up his arms.

The Vhozon monk cautiously walked out, four eyes blinking in the dark of the corridor. "The feeling is shared, Brother."

The frame of another door glowed orange for a moment before cooling down. The giant Diamont walked out; his shoulder spikes digging through the metallic roof, leaving three trails behind. "Don't wanna stretch your legs, Trace?" Spire inquired in his cavernous voice.

Finally a Triskelion walked out. His detached head peered around before his rear leg segmented and split in two limbs, supporting the insectoid to walk as a bipedal. "Reeks like primate's sweat," his androgynous voice growled, shuddering as he walked out of his cell.

"Send them to the place they took their weapons to."

The next screen showed only static. "Sorry, Rhundas disabled the cameras on the cafeteria," Drynn commented.

"Why there?"

"Well, there was no other place big enough for him," Drynn said with a sigh. "Here's the last recorded thing before he escaped."

The image showed the Phrygisian hunter sitting on the floor, legs crossed, and looking positively bored. That changed when the six soldiers around him jumped into action and opened fire with the turrets positioned around the large hunter. Before the bullets could leave the barrels, a dome of subzero air frosted the area around the Hunter, reaching the turrets. The few bullets that managed to escape were frozen in the air, suspended like inversed icicles. Rhundas rose to his feet, looking around him before raising both arms. The atmosphere around him started to reach subzero temperatures in the blink of an eye, forcing the present soldiers to move away from the ice as the Phrygisian herded them out of the room before the image was cut.

"That's when the cameras froze," Drynn said.

Another screen moved forward to show the hangar. Ghor's gunship/armor/body came to life and a small female walked towards it. She could have passed as Human if it weren't for the fact she was partly transparent. A teenager with long blond hair and light skin, the image showed her punching buttons on Ghor's body and then gave a thumbs up to the camera. "His armor is set ready to help me with the work," Drynn said to Samus.

"Where's Sylux?" Samus asked.

The last screen moved forward to show a message in an unknown language. "No signal. He absorbed the energy of the room he was being held and the cameras went down. I still can track his signal, he hasn't moved from the room, but motion trackers showed several concussive impacts in the room and the soldiers vitals went flat a few seconds ago."

The screens disappeared and the three hunters shared the same silent conclusion. "The asshole is gonna kill the entire crew," Gandrayda said in a quiet tone very unlike her.

"Drynn, do you have the location of Ghor's ego?"

"Not yet. They did their best to keep that part a secret, removing it from their logs and recordings."

"They must have taken it with my backup," Weavel said, starting to run, "Drynn, link me to Ghor's unit."

"Starting sequences… It'd be better if you can come down here."

"Already on my way," and with that the cyborg was off.

"Drynn, seal all the doors leading towards Sylux. Isolate him from the rest of the crew," Samus ordered as she started to follow Sylux signal, Gandrayda on her heels.

"I'm sorry Samus, but Sylux took too much energy from the ship, I can't work with the instruments near him or seal him in his current location. We could seal them manually-."

"Leave it to me!" Gandrayda chirped.

"You heard her Drynn, give her the coordinates," Samus said, extending her hand to the shapeshifter. The pink woman put her hand over Samus and pulled a disk out of the palm. With holopad in hand, Gandrayda gave a smile to Samus. "How about this?" without breaking her pace, Gandrayda's body shifted into more Human standards, changing her skin, eyes and hair pigmentation, length of her hair, and finally her body was covered in the same clothes they had seen wearing a female previous to their imprisonment.

"Boring," Samus and Drynn replied.

"Perfect!" and activating her holopad, Gandrayda was off.

"Rhundas is already making his way towards the hangar. I'll take the other hunters around all the soldiers I can find," Drynn said after Samus took a sharp turn to the left. "Uh… oh damn. Samus, they managed to send a distress signal."

"Don't worry, we'll be long gone before somebody picks it up," Samus tried to reassure herself and her AU.

"Unfortunately, somebody was already coming this way. ETA one minute."

Samus simply sighed. "Can't be helped. Make sure to leave them in silence as long as you can, and tell the other hunters about this."

A screen jumped in her HUD showing the hangar again as Weavel made his entry. The green clad cyborg walked behind the large battle suit; taking a hold of the shield generator, Weavel pulled himself up as his legs remained on the ground. From where his waist should be, several cords started to connect with the machine, as the blond girl appeared to press more commands.

"How long until you can get me Ghor's location?"

The synthetic voice replied. "Three minutes."

Right, there's nothing easy in this universe. "How's Gandrayda doing?"

"Already has most sections sealed," Drynn replied. "I'm sending her to the generators room to help me with the energy issue."

"Good. Send me all the information you can as soon as possible," Samus cut her transmission as she arrived to a dark corridor. Adjusting to the darkness, her visor took in small details like the bent shape of the doors in front of her and the busted lights. Pushing the door open she saw the blue clad hunter kneeling next to a pile of bloody flesh.

"I thought the G.F. was fragile," the androgynous voice came out of the blue suit's speakers. "These guys are just begging you to step on them."

"We gotta get out," Samus simply said.

"Haven't had my fill," Sylux replied.


"Gotta do better than that." Samus knew there was a smile.

"Okay, Drynn, take the Delano 7 and put her in that big cannon this ship use. Fire at will."

"Aye aye!" the transmission was directed to Sylux suit.

"Okay, you got my attention," the terrorist stood up, walking past Samus. "You coming?"

"I lead," Samus walked past Sylux, brushing shoulders roughly with him. "We need to pick something up first," Samus said as she saw in her HUD a message from Drynn. ETA, twenty seconds. "Hurry."

"Drynn, tell Weavel and Rhundas to avoid contact with the new ship," Samus sent the mental command and the computer replied with a heart in Samus' HUD.

"Why so many turns?" Sylux asked, but she knew he was just trying to push her buttons.

"No! Samus, some soldiers managed to manually open the doors Sylux disabled. These cameras aren't helping either. Seems like a large group went in the opposite direction, but-."

Samus's radar picked a signal before Drynn could finish.

"Freeze!" the translator installed on her suit making quick corrections to the speech patterns and delivered the message for Samus.

Fuck, Samus thought as they turned around to see –a hundred feet away- a soldier holding a weapon and running after them.

Apparently Sylux's translator was working too for he raised his arms in a surrender stance. Samus immediately grew weary, but she surrendered too. No need to kill the poor man.

Her radar started to pick up more signals, much further away but closing in quickly. Luckily Drynn had done a good job, and they were taking their sweet time.

Samus mentally sent commands to her visor and she started to survey the corridor they were standing on. Thermal vision showed a large network of electrical energy still available underneath them and inside the walls. "Drynn, can you increase the energy directed to this corridor?" having extra energy available to absorb would be do a good backup in case these soldiers somehow counted with more advanced weapons.

"Yes," a pause, "Gandrayda already took care of that. Samus, two more minutes for Ghor's coordinates."

Samus nodded. They could avoid a bloodbath if they acted cool for now. Another screen appeared in Samus's visor. Those six soldiers in power armors that had just boarded could bring problems; at least Weavel and Rhundas managed to go unnoticed.

"Put your hands higher!" the soldier's voice snapped Samus back from her thoughts just in time to see Sylux's hand darting forward, too fast for the soldier.

Disarming the man, the blue hunter then proceeded to rip his arm clean off without effort. "Man, not even a basic power suit," Sylux's voice came distorted, but Samus knew the terrorist was clicking his tongue.

"Put him down!" Samus ordered, her arm cannon flaring to life, growing as energy started to charge in its barrel. She knew it would be nowhere near to even damage his armor, but she needed to recover control, and fast.

"Okay," came the simple reply. Samus simply diverted her eyes as she heard the first sound of flesh tearing, immediately followed by a wet thump. He turned his head towards her and –even without any hint of what could lay under that helmet- she knew he was grinning, waiting for her to open fire.

The huntress dispelled the built up energy and instead started to download the map Drynn was sending. She had a visual of the ship and probable location of Ghor's ego, but she remained where she was standing. The narrow corridor would minimize the damage they could cause when the large group of soldiers finally found them.

"We stay here," Samus coldly said, switching to her Scan Visor.

"Sounds good to me," Sylux replied, kicking the still twitching corpse against a wall, making a splatter impression all over it.

"And don't attack them."

Sylux twisted his head in a curious gesture. "And why, should I do that?"

"You mean you can't stand a little punishment?" she made sure to put enough sugar in there.

Sylux's head tilted to the other side.

"Scanners show they have metal encased weapons," she said, looking down to the weapon at their feet. Capable of firing a spread of slugs in a wide range, better suited for close encounters, her logs read. "Can't hurt more than a pissed off geemer."

"Why are we waiting?" the mockery in his voice had been replaced by his business hunter tone.

"We need a minute to get Ghor's ego's position," Samus casually shrugged. "Of course, if you need to run so badly to your ship, be my guest. Drynn will show you the quickest exist."

"I think I can wait," Sylux simply shrugged, putting both hands behind his back. Samus didn't have time to reply as the first shots were fired.

Seems the bloody mangled corpse didn't go unnoticed, Samus dryly thought as she stood put.

True to her words, the rounds fired upon them couldn't cause more damage than the shelled parasite, but it was still as annoying. Several calibers were brought and Samus scanned them all, finding nothing worth the worry, they could spend almost an hour here before their shields started to reach critical levels.

Of course, considering they were standing over an overloaded power grid –thanks to Drynn and Gandrayda-, they simply had to siphon the built up energy bellow them to refill their shields. She had to admit the G.F. had done a great job with their systems when they tried to imitate the Chozo's energy manipulation design. It wasn't perfect, and it was reduced to only a few certain types of energy like electricity, but it was enough for situations like infiltrating a space station or a vessel.

Despite more than feeling the punch on some of these weapons, the stolen energy was enough to outmatch the strain on the shields. Heck, even Sylux's friendly shove had carried more punch than what they were enduring now.

An image popped up her visor and Samus found a group of four soldiers behind them, way behind. They left two behind… she noted. Considering the fire they were enjoying, it made sense these soldiers would wait for a better chance before running to get shot along with them.

"Hey, look at that," Sylux nonchalantly commented and Samus looked at the large group of soldiers. Rocket launchers…

"Have you ever gotten hit by a Dragoon?" Samus nonchalantly replied.

Sylux simply turned his head in her direction.

"Well, it's something like this."

The rocket flew through the corridor, aiming directly at Samus. Closing her eyes and clenching her jaw she prepared for impact. She grunted as she explosion pushed her back a few centimeters, but noted there was little damage to her shields. Only ten units out of the hundred in a single tank. Well, Dragoons seem to hit harder… then again they fire several missiles at the same time.

Before the smoke could clear, Samus waved her arm around, refilling part of her current tank. Her visor found and interpreted where the energy of the explosion was still present, appearing in front of her eyes as yellow glows, and she absorbed it. No need to let it go to waste.

She unclenched her jaw, letting out a strained groan. It was starting to sting.

"I like that sound," Sylux said with a jingle in his voice.


Before more pleasantries could be exchanged, two more soldiers emptied their rocket launchers on the hunters with slightly more success this time. Still, Samus simply absorbed the residual energy around them, but Sylux remained on his place –a few centimeters back from where he had started, though.

The first soldiers to open fire at Samus finally fired his second round, aiming after Sylux this time. With little effort, the blue hunter caught the rocket in his hand. Not wasting the chance, Samus scanned the projectile; much larger than the ammunition used by the dragoon, but surpassed in pure output potential by the much smaller Elyssian weapon. Not a second later, Sylux crushed, engulfing himself in flames.

That androgynous laugh broke out again.

Asshole, she thought, not bothering to see what happened to Sylux, focusing instead on the soldiers. By the look on their faces this was supposed to have brought them down.

"That felt good," Sylux said, siphoning the entirety of the energy in the grin below them, causing a short circuit on the corridor and submerging it in darkness.

"Yay," she dryly replied with a shrug. Her HUD came to life.

"Samus, here's the path," Drynn said and her visor interpreted the information as a glowing corridor that would lead her to Ghor's ego. She quickly sent the data to Sylux.

"We are leaving." The blue soldier didn't bother with a reply this time and simply followed Drynn's information. Guns went off again, and deprived of their previous source of energy, they started to move more cautiously, trying to keep the minimum amount of their bodies exposed. So far they had done a great job at appearing invincible in the soldiers' eyes, but thanks to Sylux little stun they'd have to be more careful. Fortunately they already had a new target, far away from the current fight.

"Look, they put lights on them this time," Sylux chuckled and Samus looked up at a group of soldiers holding spheres. Scan visor still running, Samus had a second to scan the spheres as they turned into glowing spheres of plasma; the scan finished right before the spheres latched onto their chests. Technology radically different than the one used in the previous grenades, highly intelligent, much more damaging…

"This is gonna hurt," Samus said, placing her left hand over the plasma grenades. Sylux tried to pull off the ones that landed on him, but only succeeded in covering his fingers in the sticky plasma.

The explosives went off, stopping the hunters for a moment before they siphoned the spent energy of the explosions. There was considerably less wasted energy, but enough to keep their current tank from depleting.

"They are starting to piss me off," Sylux grunted, but the distortion wasn't enough to keep Samus from noticing the strain in his voice. She suppressed the grunt coming from her beaten chest as best as she could; she didn't feel like getting more lip from the terrorist.

Somebody shouted from among the half circle surrounding the Hunters and Sylux turned right in time to get a long weapon smashed against his head. Samus blinked once, wondering if she should stop Sylux from killing this soldier… but the thought quickly left fled her mind as the same soldier tried to use a throw on Samus. Unfortunately for him, she had loaded her Gravity upgrade for the outer space operation, and he was unable to hold onto her body offering zero friction. That didn't stop him from keep trying.

"Think these guys are gonna have more success?" Sylux idly said, sending a signal behind Samus towards the four suited soldiers running after them.

"I don't feel like finding out," Samus said, looking right and up, beyond several plates of reinforced alloys and wiring. "There's Ghor's ego," Samus said, turning towards Sylux.

The blue hunter simply nodded his reply, studying the map Drynn had sent. Long and narrow corridors, the bulk of the enemy force right in front of them already… they practically had all the room they could need.

The Lockjaw system activated, turning his body into plasma and his armor turning into two tetracarbon ceramic-alloy blades, just as Samus activated the Morphball, looking like a harmless sphere.

"They are approaching," Samus sent the message to Sylux and he replied with a light. Both soldiers started to charge energy and blasted off before another soldier could reach them. They zigzagged around the present soldiers before running down a lonely corridor, wide open for them. Samus noted with a little smile the fact Sylux hadn't placed any mine among the soldiers; he could have easily vaporized a large number of them, but miraculously that didn't happen. Then again, Drynn still had the Delano 7 hostage.

Samus noted a soldier chasing after them, running at far more speed than she had thought possible for these soldiers. She didn't waste time trying to figure out why as she and Sylux simply picked up more speed. The terrorist vaporizing anything that could store any energy to refill his tanks, but that didn't made him stay too far behind. Following Drynn's directions, the two hunters reached what looked like a resting area, noticing that the holo map showed the path continuing three floors up. Not missing a beat Samus kept racing after a wall while Sylux skidded on the floor. The Spyderball system in Samus Morphball activated as she followed the wiring behind the wall, carrying her to her destination while Sylux boosted the Lockjaw as he placed it in a vertical position. Releasing the built up energy Sylux was launched up after Samus, pushing back at that lonely soldier that had been stepping on their heels.

Upon landing, the two hunters left their alternate form, reassuming bipedal shape. The map showed their destination right in front of them; Sylux entered in action, ripping off the reinforced door in front of them. Both hunters stepped in and Samus reconfigured her cannon. Releasing a faint white mist, Samus fired a charged shot of her ice beam, covering the door previously filled by a door. Sylux went after another door, much larger than the previous one, and started to pull. Not much success this time.

Right then, they started to hear a pounding and Samus looked towards the ice to see the same soldier than before opening fire to the door, and seeing the bullets bouncing off, started to pound into the ice with his hands.

"That's perseverance," Samus idly commented before powering up her Grapple lasso. She threw a punch at the door and the energy beam connected with the reinforced door. Sylux once again started to pry the door open as Samus started to pull from behind him. From her point of view, Samus saw more of the soldiers in power suit joining the first. The groan of metal reached her ears and Samus threw the door behind her shoulder, the holo map compensating as the road was cleared, showing their mark. Samus casually walked into the reinforced chamber, finding Ghor's ego and Weavel's backup. There was an explosion outside the room and Samus winced; carefully picking up both pieces of technology, Samus stored both units inside her own armor.

Just as she stepped out, four soldiers in power suit started to surround them. They had weapons on them but they didn't make an attempt for them. Sylux started to move after one of them but Samus held his arm back. The blue hunter shot a glare at Samus as he jerked his arm free but she wasn't fazed.

"Wait," Samus said in Common, having turned off her translator some time ago.

"What?" replied, emulating Samus's actions. No need to let the enemy know what they were talking about.

"I'm going to collapse this room," she said, looking down as she activated her scan visor.

Sylux couldn't help laughing out aloud and shrug. Taking that as confirmation, Samus charged her gravity upgrade, sending its properties around her suit. The floor started to groan and Sylux sent a mock military salute to the four soldiers and Samus waved them goodbye as the entire floor collapsed under Samus' colossal weight.

"Ow, dammit!" Samus groaned as she stood up, nursing her rear. They had gone through only three floors before she turned the gravity upgrade off; it was still enough discomfort for her.

"That was fun," Sylux grunted, pulling himself up from his throne of debris. That was enough to make Samus forget about her own pain.

"We are leaving," Samus said as she entered Morphball again. The Lockjaw activated too and the two vehicles started to move back, following the new holomap towards the hangar. Their radars started to pick up new signals, trying to create traps for the hunters, but the hunters simply gained more speed before the soldiers could finish setting up their plans.

The hunters left their alternate vehicles when they reached a corridor too small for Sylux's Lockjaw to pass through. Just as they took the first step a laser hit Samus on the back of her head.

Samus bit the curse in her lips and simply ran after a laughing Sylux. Okay, that was harder than those rockets, she thought, checking her energy tanks; none depleted yet, that was good. "Drynn," she sent the mental message but after a second without reply she insisted, "Drynn, any problems?"

"Oh, nothing Samus, just chatting with the guys running after you. They have a very interesting AI in one of their armors!" Drynn excitedly said.

"If it's enough to make you so giddy it must be pretty impressive," Samus said with a smile.

"Hee hee, sorry. The hunters are waiting for you in the hangar, including Gandrayda. I already placed a few routines to keep them from following us. We have two soldiers in custody here, well, Rhundas has. Didn't hurt them."

Samus nodded, "Drynn, see if you can find some information about the soldiers that responded to the distress signal. You can give it to me once we are out of here."


The two hunters found no more opposition or obstacles as they reached the hangar. Samus cast a brief look to the crystal prison on the corner of the hangar where Rhundas was tapping the floor with two guns. Apparently he already had claimed his trophies for this incursion; much better than one of those vehicles that had landed a hit on her. Their size wouldn't have stopped the Phrygisian from strapping one of those vehicles on his ship.

"Weavel!" she called out for the Urtragian as she tossed him his backup. The general caught it as he jumped over his legs, reattaching his body and walking towards his ship. The rest of the soldiers jumped into their ship's controls and Gandrayda climbed into Samus' ship. Picking Ghor's ego carefully, she returned the cyborg's other half.

"What took you so long?" the cyborg's voice warped into a menacing growl but Samus didn't pay attention. She had worked enough years with the Wotan to be used to his battle armor's split personality.

"Just making sure somebody didn't break you," Samus nonchalantly said, patting the huge battle suit.

"Thank you," Ghor replied much more quietly, showing a small part of his true self. The battle suit started its reconfiguration, getting ready for intergalactic travel.

"Don't mention it," Samus said as she boarded her gunship. The inside of the ship came to life the moment Samus was on board, already preparing systems for the huntress' command. Gandrayda was already there, lounging on the small bed waiting for Samus.

"Welcome home!" the spy said returning to her pinkete self.

"We're leaving," Samus said, taking seat and started to punch holo keys. The ship left the ground and started to turn.

"Hey Samus, there's a ship orbiting this vessel. They only have a little crew, and I don't think they can present any threat," Drynn suddenly said, her image appearing from a holo stand.

"That's good, I just want to leave. Tell the other ships about this and prepare a gate."

"Understood," and Drynn disappeared into her stand.

"Ready to kick some Kriken exo-butt?" Gandrayda said, leaning on the back of the captain's seat.

Samus simply chuckled, pushing the thrusters to the max and leaving the vessel behind.


Well, that's the other part of the story, focusing more in the Hunters than the Spartans. Hope I managed to explain why they appeared to be invincible in the first chapter. I thought you guys would realize I wouldn't overpower one side considering what I had said in the beginning of chapter one.

Other things that may be unknown for Haloverse fans: Delano 7 is Sylux ship, another G.F. attempt at copying Samus technology; it acts a bit like Samus gunship, but not that powerful.

Samus can see several kinds of energy and use it to refill her shields. That's why when you destroy a missile or plasma attack you see energy floating around. The energy released by those attacks can be used to refill tanks. The same with enemies' life-force, that's why when you kill an animal you can see energy floating out of them.

Also, yes, small animals cause some damage, but it'd be very boring if you could just waltz through them, that's why the game indicates damage. But then again, if you stop to consider about it, it makes sense these animals being extremely dangerous.

The animals in Tallon IV have had 50 years to evolve, using Phazon to mutate more quickly, become stronger, smarter, more resilient, and just plain deadly. I mean they can even break into a Space Pirate installation as if it were paper.

The ones in Aether have evolved alongside with the Luminoth, and even though they are a race of the stars, they still are capable of war; look at Quadraxis, the Luminot built it. And the Ing, so yeh, once again Phazon powered, infects the other half of the fauna.

The animals in Bryyo have evolved using fuelgel as part of their main diet, heck the gel ray swims in that thing! Anything that can survive devouring the next most dangerous thing to radioactive material tends to grow a bit strong. And the reptilicus and warp hounds use magic besides their energy manipulation and natural skills.

Finally, yes X can beat the Flood. X works at a cellular level, and even if you destroy the X it just returns to a fluid form before reassuming another assimilated form or the one it had before you destroyed it; and X not only consumes flesh, it also copies memories and personality of its food. It could pretend to be more Flood while it eats more of it. Only Metroids can defeat the X and that's because they suck the life force out of them, sucking their life if you want. Even at cellular level, Metroids can eat X, and the same goes for everything else. As long as it has some energy, even electricity, Metroids can eat it. That of course can corrupt them, like when they started to eat Phazon, but that's another story.

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