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+waking Jiroh up+

Atobe looked around him. The others have already gone to the clubroom and he was left with a sleeping Jiroh. He walked to the bench where the latter lay.

"Jiroh, wake up. Ore-sama needs to change and you're preventing ore-sama from doing so" he shook Jiroh's shoulder. No response. He tried several more times. At least he got a groan and a "5 more minutes, mom…" from the boy. Which I guess was a bit promising.

He sat down next to Jiroh. He took a mental note to always make Kabaji wake Jiroh up before going to the clubroom. He silently stared at the famous Sleeping Beauty of Hyotei. He now knew why people called him, Sleeping Beauty. He wasn't wondering why "sleeping", it was obvious anyway. He did wonder about "beauty". Now he doesn't have any contradictions to it. It was true. He shook his head. He was supposed to wake him up. He shook Jiroh again.

"'Tobe…" the boy groaned, shifting from his position so that his head was now resting on Atobe's lap. Sure, Atobe's glad that he had awoken Jiroh but not too glad as the latter was falling asleep again.

"Jiroh, wake up. Ore-sama has to change and ore-sama can't do that with you sleeping on him" Atobe tried his hardest to sound convincing but to no avail. Jiroh shifted again so that he was now facing Atobe.

"Then why didn't you leave me earlier?" he asked groggily.

"Ore-sama does not leave his teammates sleeping on the cold bench. Now, get up, Jiroh."

"But, Atobe…" Jiroh pouted. This was the last straw. Atobe just can't win over cute, Jiroh. He decided to pet Jiroh's hair a bit. The boy leaned to his touch. Jiroh liked it. Atobe was petting his hair. He wouldn't want that moment to end. He smiled, closing his eyes again.

Atobe sighed. It was hard wake up Jiroh; harder when he's sleeping on you; hardest when you have lost the will power to wake him and just sit there and look, no, stare at the beauty that was Jiroh.

Jiroh wasn't exactly asleep. He couldn't. He was so happy that Atobe was there, petting him, letting him sleep on his lap. He cuddled closer to Atobe, to feel the warmth the other radiated. He wasn't cold as others say. He was actually very warm and very nice to cuddle with.

"Ne, Keigo…" he murmured. Atobe was shocked but he just let it pass. If it was any other person, he would have slapped them. (does he slap people? dunno. but i'd go with slap.hehe…) But it was Jiroh. That was a whole different thing and coming from the boy, it sounded very nice.

"Yes, Jiroh?" he replied, caressing Jiroh's face by now with the boy leaning to his touch again.

"Can we stay like this forever?" Jiroh asked, looking at him, those brown eyes hoping. He sighed.

"Ore-sama is afraid we can't, Jiroh…" he really didn't want to say no to the boy. He didn't want to see him disappointed.

"Oh…" he looked down. Then he looked up to Atobe again. "Can I stay over at your house tonight?"

"Yes, Jiroh. You may" at this Jiroh smiled again and moved so that he was now sitting on Atobe's lap. He wrapped his arms around Atobe's neck and pecked him on the cheek. Atobe was dumbfounded and stared at him. Jiroh could only smile at him.

Jiroh proceeded to nuzzle Atobe's neck and close his eyes. He wanted to enjoy every single second of this; even every millisecond. Atobe looked at Jiroh. He smiled and petted the boy's hair again. He knew it. He can't win over Jiroh. He simply can't.

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