AUTHOR'S NOTES: First time attempting some Code Geass ficcage? Yes, it is.

The raven-haired boy ran as fast as he could, and tried to avoid the sticks and stones cluttered on the grass, and the tree trunks that constantly loomed before him. He dodged and ducked, praying that he didn't trip or bump into anything. Chancing a glance over his shoulder, he let out a sigh of relief and kept on running.

But when he passed a particularly large tree full of painfully pink blossoms, he heard someone yell, "You're so predictable, Lelouch!" and the sound of rapid footsteps ensued. Lelouch kept going. If his legs could speak, they would probably be screaming in protest now, and his breath was becoming even more ragged. Maybe if they had decided to play chess instead…but Suzaku had balked at the mere mention of the game and suggested a different one…

It was as if the world began to spin. Lelouch slowed down, but when he saw Suzaku sprinting towards him, his brown hair rippling in the breeze and his verdant eyes glittering with what looked like grim intentions, he sped up again, panting and feeling drops of sweat slide down his face. Some even got in the way of his vision, and he tried to wipe them away.

And behind him, Suzaku continued, not stopping for anything. He seems to be enjoying himself, Lelouch observed after another glimpse of his playmate. And does he ever get tired?

This was no time to answer questions he himself asked. He tried to concentrate on running, but it was becoming even more futile with every step he took. Soon he would be exhausted, and Suzaku would win again, as always…

Lelouch decelerated again. Exactly one second later, he gasped, feeling something knock him down onto the ground. Actually, it was more like someone than something, who had wrapped his arms around the hapless Lelouch's shoulders. They rolled in the grass before coming to a stop before a patch of flowers that were a lot easier on the eyes.

"Suzaku…can you get off me? All right, all right, you win."

The boy obliged, grinning widely as he sat down beside his amethyst-eyed comrade. "Yes, your Highness," he replied with more amusement than chivalry.

After recovering as well, Lelouch remarked, "We should have just played chess. I still need to practice…"

"You still need practice? I never win against you in chess, isn't that enough?" Suzaku laughed.

"That's because you always think with your muscles," was the straight-faced reply.

"At least I know there are a lot of games I can still beat you in, your Highness." He grinned and watched Lelouch lie down on the grass, staring skyward, and stood up. "Want to go inside and see Nunnally? She's probably awake now and feeling better. Last one in – "

If looks could kill, Suzaku would have dropped dead right then and there, and so he left the sentence hanging.

"No more running, please," Lelouch pleaded, though his mock pout almost slipped into a real smile. "Other people get tired, you know." He pulled himself into a sitting position and saw Suzaku offer a hand. "I can get up on my own, thank you very much."

But he sighed and took it anyway, letting Suzaku pull him back onto his feet. Then the two of them walked back.

"Want to play chess?"

"Play against yourself. I don't want to…oh, all right. Just to make you happy, your Highness."