Unwanted Memories

Author's note: This is just an extra something for my fans that are waiting for chapter 2 to come. The good news is I already had written Chapters 2 and 3. The problem is that I got typer's block.

Alexa went back to the dark alleys of Densan City. She knew half of the city by now, thanks to those kids. Like all the cities and towns she been to, she will mentally memorize all streets in every city or town. But she was going to leave soon, 3 days or so. She needs to move on. It's her life, a lone traveler. She was a wanderer, from North to South Japan. What else has she to do, ever since, ever since, that.

Crimson fire, crackling in the mountain, melting the snow around it and scorching the grass beneath. Snowy White Mountains, with a hint of violet as the sun went over the horizon. Screaming, tears…


That is her past and this is her future. Don't look back. Every time she arrives in a new place, the memory replays itself, but this time, it is stronger and vivid then ever.


She banged her head against the wall, ignoring the pain, trying to get the memory out.

Dead bodies, burnt, so ebony in the pale snow. A smoky smell, lingered in the air from previous seconds. A plane, in the colorless white mountains. If only some had survived, those among the first class seats, 3rd row…

Tears welled in the azure eyes. She must forget and move on. It had been over 3 years since, and the image is clearer than ever. She ran through the gloomy streets, cape trailing behind her, fluttering in the twilight breeze. The soft light from the pale moon was enough to guide her. A storm cloud rumbled ominously behind her. But she didn't care, what has she to lose? She had already lost what she loved most.

Cold snow, all around, in an endless white plain. Remains of her shattered world that was lost in seconds. Alone, the lone survivor of a devastating airplane crash. Blood, speckled everywhere. Flames, licking at the lifeless bodies. People blown apart. Just her.

She started sprinting, to nowhere in particular, just to get away from the image haunting her mind. The wind blew her tears across her face. She ran past the dark lanes of the city. Strangely enough, the memory was clearer, as if she was watching a movie.

She was the only survivor. The rest lost. She was chatting to the stewardess, asking for a drink of water. She was in the front of the plane, right next to those emergency doors. The next few minutes were all in a blur. Quick flashes of what had happened flickered in her mind, before slowing down and replaying itself, slowly. There was a shout of fire from the cockpit. The scent of smoky ash wafted into her nostrils. She held onto the wall. The plane was spiraling down onto the mountains below. Alexa felt herself growing dizzier until there was a loud crash out the back. The plane had landed on its rear! The aircraft was suddenly in flames. "Alexa!" It was the sound of her own navi, Firinity. "I open the door, be ready…" The door was abruptly opened and she felt herself being pushed, and the freezing snow on her back as she rolled down a small hill. The icy feel was soon replaced by a bright light. She turned around just in time to see the mobile blown apart. The flare reached up to the sky light an aurora. Alexa glanced at her pet, to see the horrifying words flashing on the screen Deleted. "No, this can't happen, noooooooooooo!'

She shook her head to get rid of the tears and to cast a quick look at her navi. Fortae had appeared a few hours after the incident. Without her guidance, she wouldn't have made it to safety. Alexa sighed; she didn't want to remember what had happened. She headed to the motel she booked. She had this ghastly feeling that something will happen. Something horrid, something evil. But she wasn't physic or had EXP, she was just a girl. But as she glomped down onto her bed she fell instantly asleep. Something was going to happen. And it's not gonna be good.