Every day routine: wake up at seven, breakfast, school, football, homework, biking, tv, sleep

Every day routine: wake up at seven, breakfast, school, football, homework, biking, tv, sleep. Today I don't expect it to be any different. Unless Matt is sick of course, then it'll be boring.

My name is Mihael Keehl, but I'd rather have you call me Mello. I'm an orphan at Wammy's House. I could say that I'm pretty popular, along with my friend Mail Jeevas, also known as Matt. The rest of the kids here respect us because we're smart, we're strong, we're cool.

We're called the Golden Duo because we're best buds and together most of the time.

I'm 12 years old right now, 12 years, 10 months, 18 days, 4 hours and 46 minutes to be precise!

"I still can't understand how Cornflakes can taste good if you eat it with chocolate milk, Mello."

"Well then try it! It's not that bad, in fact, it's delicious!"

Matt shook his head. "No thanks, unlike yours, my stomach can't stand everything I eat."

Mello shook his head. "Your loss, man.. Your loss!"

Matt laughed and shook his head, he had already finished his food and was behind his portable Nintendo again.

"What level are you now?"

"12. That damn bully from yesterday stopped me from going any further."

"Well, we showed him not to mess with us, didn't we? Now stop whining and beat Bowser's ass already!" The blonde grinned, peeking at his friend's handiwork. Matt's hands were fast. His fingers shifted from left to right, from the x button to the o button.

"You just finish your cornflakes already, we're going to miss the bus and then The Big Boss will get mad at us again.."

Mello laughed. He laughed so hard the rest of the orphans that were in the dining room were staring at him. He grabbed the bowl, finished the rest of the cornflakes in one gulp, stood up, grabbed Matt's arm, grabbed their bags and raced towards the exit.

"Great Matt, now we're first, dude we're gonna look like a couple of geeks!" Mello complained, dumping his self next to Matt.
"What're you complaining about? We didn't miss the bus and we ate breakfast. How can we look like geeks? Unless you're going to iread/i of course.."
"Oh shut up, twithead! Can't I complain once in a while?!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Maaaaatt!! I'm gonna kill you!" Mello strangled Matt.
The gamer only laughed and pushed Mello off. "But you're just like a girl having her period! You eat chocolate all the time and you're so grumpy" Matt snickered as he put a lollipop in his mouth. Mello rolled his eyes, unwrapped a chocolate bar and sucked on it.

There they were, sitting next to each other and sucking on sweets.

"Clearance, C minus ", "Matt, B" The teacher paused and handed Matt his work.

"Ah, and of course, as expected, Mello an A" The teacher grinned, winked at Mello and gave him his work back.

"Some of you have really disappointed me! I've expected much better from you. You must realize that you are here to become L's successor. Homework like this may seem unimportant, but being selected as a successor requires intelligence! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Take Mello as an example and work as hard as him!" The teacher lectured the class.
Mello only grinned. He had this one in the bag. He was going to be the successor of L and nothing was going to stop him. He was the top student anyway. He could feel the rest of the class staring at him. Yeah, he was smart, and he felt great about it.

"You did it again! You did it again!" Matt grinned as he pulled out his Gameboy on the bus back home. "I just got lucky" The blonde replied, grinning and stretching, he folded his hands behind his head. Matt frowned and rubbed his knuckles against Mello's head. "Why won't you just admit you studied your ass off?!"
"Ouchiee!! Fine! Fine! I studied my ass off!!" Mello admitted, pushing Matt's fist off.

The redhead rolled his eyes and chuckled. "And you were the one that didn't want to look like a geek…"
The bus stopped.

"Yeah, well, Whatever!" Mello answered frustrated. Matt laughed, and Mello laughed along.

They wrapped their arms around each other's shoulder and walked off to their room.

"Hey Mello…. What is a third bed doing in our room?.." Matt asked a little anxious, after entering as first in their room.

"Another bed? I dunno…. Do you think there might be a new guy?"

"Might be… What kind of guy could it be?"

Mello lifted his shoulders.
A boy walked towards them. "Mello! Matt! Everyone is called to the Dining Room, there's someone new! Everyone must gather around."
And the boy walked off, followed by Matt and Mello, who would meet their new roommate.

"Dammit" Matt muttered, "Now we don't even have time for ourselves.."

Mello snickered, enjoying Matt's frustration.

Arms linked, they entered the Dining Room. Everyone had taken a seat and so they did the same.

The Old Man in charge also known as The Big Boss or Roger was standing at the other end of the room, his hand resting on the shoulder of a small boy with platinum white hair. He didn't look at anyone, he looked at the floor instead, his fingers of one hand tangled in his hair. Mello formed a small smile on his face. Damn, it was a cute sight.

"You might have noticed already that we have a new one between us. This is Near. Be sure to be nice to him and give him a warm welcome. He will be the new roommate of Matt and Mello. Come on you two, help your new friend and his luggage up to your room and show him around."
Matt snarled. Clearly not wanting to, but he got up and walked towards Near. It took Mello a while to realize he should follow. He should learn to stop gawking. He stumbled after Matt and rubbed the back of his head. Near was short. Really short. He just reached the length to Mello's shoulder. The blonde bit his lip to stop himself from screaming it looked cute, he looked off hiding his face behind his hair. What was he even thinking?

The little boy looked up at the two taller and older boys, his eyes were dark. Mello had the feeling his eyes pierced right through him. He gasped softly.

A smile formed on the boy's lips. He looked pretty tired. A little boy who would easily fall asleep on someone's lap. "Where to?….." His soft voice spoke.

"Our room, follow me." Matt walked up front and Near followed.

Mello walked at the back, behind Near, carrying his luggage. He had a clear view of Near's back, which was bended slightly. i'Can't he walk straight?'/i Mello couldn't help but to think it.

Matt held the door open for the other two. Near eyed the room, still tangling his hair between his fingers. "Which bed is mine?" He asked as he sat on Mello's bed.
"That one." Matt nodded to the new bed. "Believe me, you don't want to sleep on that bed, it smells like chocolate.." Matt grinned. Near sniffed and grimaced. The strong dark smell of chocolate filling his nostrils. Matt laughed at the boy's expression. Mello pouted. "I get hungry in the middle of the night, okay?!"

"You'll get fat if you do.. In the middle of the night your body needs rest and it will be harder for your body to digest the chocolate and burn the high amount of calories while your asleep. You'll gain weight because of the extra amount of calories, which can't be used. Though chocolate is good for your health too since it decreases the chance to die by a half, although you must've overdone it. But I think you've actually ate so much that the drug part of the chocolate had it's effect on you and you're addicted, seen the fact that chocolate contains a chemical which can also be found in marijuana, though only in uvery/u little amount."


"……..How iold/i are you?..." Mello asked staring at the little fella.

"Ten.." He gazed at the floor. "Why?" He looked straight at him.

Matt's jaw dropped, he was staring at the kid like he had seen an alien, and he started to believe he was one too.

Near looked at the two as if he had said something over-obvious, he walked to the closet and filled the empty drawer with his small amount of clothes and his toys.

Mello and Matt stood next to each other not really knowing what to do or say.

"Weeeeelll…." Matt begun. "We're supposed to show you around, right?" Mello finished.

Near smiled again. "Don't bother, I've already seen most of it. I thought a little investigation wouldn't do harm."
Mello opened and closed his mouth like a fish. "Errr. Well.. Erm… Matt and I are going to play a little football, want to come along?"

"No thank you… I don't wish to be attacked by a bunch of guys running after a ball. Have fun, though.."
The blonde and the redhead looked at each other with questioning looks. They looked once more at the platinum white and left the room. This guy was weird.

"Goooaaal!!" The blonde high-fived the redhead. Mello wiped the sweat off with his shirt and got back in his position. "I like you and all, Mello, but if you won't let me score this time, I swear I'll steal and sell your chocolate to Roger!" Matt smirked, Mello only snickered. "Fine, you jackass!"
Matt ran towards the goal, switching the ball from his left foot to his right foot, dodging the guys who ran towards him, followed by Mello, who blocked their way. "Super Mario Kiiiiicckk!!" He shouted and shot the ball towards the goal. The ball shot to the pole and bounced into the goal. A wave of cheering sounds was heard. The blonde jumped on the back of Matt. "AND THE WINNER IIIIS: MARIOOO!!" He laughed, nearly falling off of Matt's back. "But only thanks to his Princess Peach!!" Matt grinned in reply.
"Why you little son of a-… Son of a… A YOSHI!!"
"Haahahahaa! I'm just joking! I swear!!"
"Shut up and carry me to our room, Matthew!!"

They both laughed and left the others, going towards their room, Mello being carried on the back of Matt, singing 'We are the champions' the whole time.

"Near! Near!! We won!! We beat their asses!!" Mello slammed the door open. His eyes grew big. "Err.. Matt?"
"What?" "Since when is our room a Lego castle deluxe?"
Matt entered the room and looked around. Their entire room was transformed into a castle of Lego's. There were four towers and on each tower their was a Transformers action figure guarding the gigantic plastic building.

In the middle of the castle their was a puzzle, only missing two pieces. Mello carefully entered the room, as did Matt, trying to reach their beds.
"Dude. Wow. What the hell?.."
Mello looked at a tower in front of his bed. He put the Megatron action figure away safe and then wrecked the tower. "There. Much better." He grinned.
"You're so cruel. He'll cry once he sees, you know?"
"Oh please, he can rebuild i-" "SHH!!" Matt cut him off.
"What?" Mello whispered. Matt pointed at a corner behind one of the towers. "Seems Optimus Prime was guarding something else…" he snickered.
The blonde stumbled to where the redhead was and held in a laughter when seeing the sight.
Near had fallen asleep in a corner, holding something tightly in his little fist. His clothes were all raffled and his mouth was a little open. Mello stumbled to the little boy and carefully opened his fist. He was holding the last two missing pieces of the puzzle. "Awww. Couldn't you just eat him, Mello?" Matt snickered, followed by his friend who snickered along. "Watch out Little Lamb Near, Big Bad Wolf Mello wants to eat you!" Matt laughed silently. Mello stuck his tongue out to Matt and carefully lifted the Little Lamb. He set the small figure on his bed.

"Shit! Matt! Help!"
"What? What's wrong?!"
"He won't let go of me!"

The white haired boy had grabbed Mello's collar and wouldn't let go. If it weren't for the fact that Mello thought he was cute, he would've hit his hand off. But he couldn't. He glanced at Matt, who was grabbing his stomach and biting his hand to stop himself from laughing out loud. "Matt, you bitch! Come here!" "It seems he wants to be eaten by you, Hot Beast that you are, rawwr " Matt laughed as silent as he could, tears forming in his eyes.
"Aww, you moron! I hate you!" Mello snarled, giving in and lying next to Near.
"Ohhhh! Mello! Getting ready?" Matt grinned. "No you moron! But I can't bend the whole time, my back'll hurt, you stupid jerk!"
Matt grinned and accompanied the two. Two people yawned at the same time.
They were both tired. "Hey, do you think it's okay if we sleep like this?" "Yeah, of course. He won't let you go, will he? So it's his fault. And I'm just your Siamese twin, so I'm here too." "Thanks man." "You're welcome, retard." "Goodnight jerk." "G'night ma'am" "Matt!".
Soft laughter…

And there they were. The redhead, the blonde and the platinum white. The little boy lying in between the two friends, a small smile forming on his lips. Feeling the two bodies relaxed next to him, he let go of the blonde's shirt and entered a world of wonderful dreams.