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Kanda has had enough. Drabble, Yullen.

Mental Images.


The roar of a pissed off Kanda Yuu could be heard from the corridors three floors in both directions, though the afformentioned white-haired excorsist shivered in fear in the library, where he was currently talking to Lavi, whose facial expression turned from a giddy one, to one of absolute horror.

"Ho, shit. What did you do this time?" the red head demanded to know.

Allen held his hands up defensively, "I didn't do anything! I swear on my life!"

Lavi looked worried. "Well, it's not going to be worth much in a minute. Look, here's Yuu-chan now! ...What kind of flowers would you like on your grave, Allen?"


The scarlet-faced samurai/excorsist that was currently marching towards them scowled, and looked about ready to run them both through with Mugen. "Moyashi..." he grated out, which made Allen shudder in absolute terror. Kanda was absolutely furious.

But, surprisingly, the raven didn't stab him, and instead, got right up in his face, pinned him up against a bookshelf, and kissed him senseless.

"So help me God, if I get one more mental image of you and I having buttsex while I'm trying to meditate, I am going to tie you down and do unspeakable things to you until you pass out from sheer exhaustion. Got it?" the raven growled huskilly into the other excorsist's ear after a few minutes of ravishing him within an inch of his life.

Allen babbled a bit, before blushing beet red, and fainting right there on the library floor.

Kanda smirked. "Good."


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