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They fear me.

In my hands is all power. I dominate all that is, and I shall control all that will ever be. A raise of my sword and you all scream, you cower and run, going to hide away in your houses, in your holes, like the little ants you are. You abandon everything in total terror and scatter in the hopes that you will be safer off.

No one is safe from me.

The faster you run, the higher my desire to taste your blood will be. Stop running, you foolish, weak creatures. Do you not know that I will find each and every last one of you, and crush you under my supreme strength? No spear you throw will penetrate my desire for complete power. No weapon you raise will make you safe.

You are all weak.

I can bend you to my will. You are helpless under my supreme power. I can mould you into the perfect weapon. I will mould you into the perfect weapon, and you will all do as I say, or suffer. You will give me nothing but your madness, and soul… The only power in your otherwise meagre forms. And I will laugh as I watch the shells of your former power crumble into the darkness. As I watch the weakness swallow you, and kill you.

You are all pathetic.

Why do you continue to challenge me? Can you not see the first crack in the metal? I can see the first crack in your heart and your mind… You are afraid of me. I can see the fear, the madness, the darkness take over you, like a disease. You know you are unsafe. I can see how your eyes dart around in paranoia to see if I have accomplices sneaking up behind you. And you know that you are weaker than I. Hence the helplessness in your eyes, yet you still attempt to challenge me. How pathetic.

Surrender to the darkness.

I am a disease. I will take over every part of you. First one person, then another and another. It will spread through quickly, like forest fire, as I dictate, until each and every last one of you is infected… Until each and every last one of you are under my complete power, now under total surrender… And you will stand with me in the dark realm and laugh with me as the darkness eats away at everything you ever were.

I want to see your madness.

Individually, each and every one of you are all like a twig in my hand. A simple, harmless and fragile twig. And I can snap you in an instant, as if you are no challenge. But you are no challenge. You are a star in an otherwise black sky. A flickering flame in an empty cave. A glimmer of hope in a desolate world. And I will put you out with a simple glare… And with that simple glare you and I will both see your madness.

Offer your soul.

The fear has swallowed you now. You are completely vulnerable. All your strength has left you. How pitiful. The darkness has grown, and the madness consumes you. Your time has come. You know this as I raise my sword, as I show you my power. I will destroy you until there is nothing left but your madness and your soul. I will peel back the skin until the fruit of my labours is in my cold hands. Your darkened soul. My power.

Scream in vain. No one will hear you. No one can help you. Resistance is futile.

I am the Nightmare waking you up.