"What is that you're playing?" asked Rose.

"It's a chromatic accordion."

"No, I mean what music are you playing? I like it."

"Oh! It's a waltz – 'Tales from the Vienna Woods' – by Johann Strauss. That's Johann Strauss the Second, also known as 'The Waltz King.' Do you really?"

She nodded and The Doctor smiled brightly.

"The piece includes a virtuoso part for a zither but I've not managed to find one, yet. You haven't seen a zither anywhere, have you?"

Rose smiled back and shook her head.

He was doing fairly well, all things considered…

After he'd recovered enough to get out of bed, they had all come to see him.

Wil visited briefly before leaving to spend a few days with her family in Berlin. Rose perceptively excused herself and had not been privy to their conversation, but Wil hugged her happily as she walked out of the TARDIS. "Keep in touch," she whispered in Rose's ear.

Later, Jack was followed in by his team. Rose suppressed a smile and thought they all rather looked like goslings, tagging along after their mum.

Somehow, somewhere the Captain had obtained an exact duplicate of The Doctor's long, brown coat; a replacement for what had been lost on the Shrake homeworld.

The expression on the Time Lord's face as Jack handed it to him was priceless and, as far as Rose could tell, unique. It was one of the very few times Rose had seen the Gallifreyan absolutely speechless.

As The Doctor stood blinking, Jack cleared his throat. "Um, unfortunately I can't replace your sonic screwdriver."

"Oh! That's okay!" The Doctor recovered himself quickly. "No worries! I have hundreds of them!"

He then motioned towards Jack's team. "Do you think they'd fancy a tour?"

Jack nodded and The Doctor looked at Rose. "Would you mind?"

Rose trundled the goslings off, leaving The Doctor and Jack to each other.

Again, she had no idea what was discussed but when the group returned the two friends were standing in silence, smiling.

Then Jack and his team departed, and the Time Lord and his Companion were alone.

"Whelp," said The Doctor, carefully putting down his accordion. "Perhaps it's time to leave…

"But first," He walked over to Rose, smiled brilliantly and extended his hand to her. "Would you care to dance?"

'The Blue Danube' waltz began to play and the two laughed merrily as they careened around the control room to the sound of cellos, horns and crashing cymbals.


It's the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


The sequel to Revelations is called Vengeance. Read on!