Hello, hello! The name's A.D. Wiiliams, a lovely pen name, and writing comedy's my game! Okay, enough of the riddles or whatever! Cutting to the chase of things, this is my first Tekken fanfict…I've tried my hand with few different things but writing a story on a video game…this may present a problem due to the fact that you have to buy it to know about it! I will tell you this about my stories: the characters are always portrayed differently. Hey, you can't make a comedy and have everyone the way they are in reality, you might as well go play the game/watch the show if that's the case! So, if that's not going to be too much of a problem (for if it is, you might want to stop right here), do enjoy my whimsical ramblings!

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A Blind Date with Death

The plane ride had been everything but what Hwoarang had hoped it would be. Before it even left the ground, two men stood up and grabbed a woman as a hostage and threatened to kill her if the Korean government didn't reveal its weapons of mass destruction. What they didn't seem to remember was that it was North Korea that had the nuclear bombs or whatever, not South Korea.

After SWAT (if they have that in Korea!) negotiated with the men to let her go and the plane was in the air, he thought he'd get a few hours of sleep before touchdown in Tokyo. That dream went up in flames as did the plane's kitchen. It was only a five hour flight, but Hwoarang had been looking forward to his lobster dinner.

Then he noticed that the elderly stewardess was paying way too much attention to him for his liking.

"May I get you another pillow sir?" she asked him as she passed by.

"Um, gee, don't you think I have enough?" Hwoarang said, gesturing to the ten pillows surrounding him. He knocked one out of the way lest it suffocate him. "I'm good to go," he told her, putting on the sweetest smile he could manage despite the eventful flight so far.

She gave him a wide smile, so wide that her dentures fell out of her mouth and into his lap.

"Oh God! Ah, shit!" Hwoarang screamed, trying to push them away, but they sank down into the pillows. "I think I can feel them touching my crotch!" he shrieked, knocking over everything in front of him. "Ew, she's sucking me off!"

"Sir, don't worry, this can be fixed!" The woman tried to say, but it came out more like "Fur, don'f wowary, fis can be fwikst!" Huge globs of spit rained down on the boys' face, one very large one in particular landing in Hwoarang's open mouth as he screamed.

"Fuck! Now it's like we've French kissed!" He bent over and started gagging, seizures racking his body. The next thing he knew, he felt faint and had collapsed on the floor. He woke up some time later in what he could only assume was a hospital. A doctor stood nearby.

"You're lucky to be alive right now, sir," he said to him as he walked over. "Had you not been lying on the floor when the plane crash landed, you'd be dead…like everyone else on that flight…"

Hwoarang's face paled. What the hell is going on today?! "Uh, yeah…" He climbed out of the bed and stumbled on his unsteady feet. Behind him, someone whistled and he looked down at himself. He was wearing the hospital gown and his butt was showing through the back. He grabbed his clothes off a chair and rushed into a bathroom to change.

When he came out, the doctor was waiting for him and looking down at a clipboard. He tore a piece of paper off of it and handed it to him. The bill.

"One thousand yen for a frickin' IV and for an hour's time in a room?! What kind of place is this?!" Hwoarang yelled at the doctor.

Then he realized something. Yen. So I reached Japan? "Uh, look, I'll have your money…just bill it to me later…" he started backing up toward the door.

The doctor took a step forward. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked him.

"To, uh, get your money. You know, gotta head to an ATM for the funds…"

The doctor stopped his advancement. "You know, even if you are trying to skip town on us, it's in your records. No more medical coverage until you pay us."

Hwoarang smiled. Hardly ever did he go to the hospital…home remedies were a wonder…as long as they were your own and not master Baek's! "Gotcha," he said, making a mental note of his words and left.

So, miraculously, he'd arrived in one piece. Now he could begin his mission of finding Jin Kazama. They would have their rematch, even if it killed him! Like today almost did…

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