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Fights and Flights

The smell of the mini T-Rex steak in front of Hwoarang steamed tantalizingly up to his nose. He licked his lips, then snatched up a bottle of A1 sauce and began pouring it on. He took his knife and fork into his hands, and was just about to tuck in, when a voice interrupted him.

"You want some baked macaroni and cheese?"

What?! "No, I want this steak," he muttered back, readying his knife above the meat.

"Sure? It has plenty of calcium!"

Would this voice leave him the hell alone? "No I don't want no damn macaroni. Let me eat Gon!"

A gasp, then: "You sick, sadistic bastard!" Something crashed against Hwoarang's head, but for some reason it didn't hurt.

It did happen to wake him up though. His arms went flailing in front of him and he swung wildly at whoever struck him. His eyes snapped open and he found himself staring at a skylight in the roof. He was in Jin's bedroom…oh god no.

He pulled himself up quickly and looked down at himself. His clothing arrangement looked fine, even the tucked in tight shirt. So what was he doing here?

He rubbed his head to made sure that there wasn't a bruise forming there. "Gon steaks and Jin's baked macaroni and cheese…ugh. Rubber side dish of a TV dinner meal more like it." He started to get up, then noticed a piece of paper on the bedside table.

"Dear Hwoarang,

I regret to inform you that due to my fighting morals, I cannot give you your rematch outside of a tournament or a duel challenge in the presence of a dojo. Only reason I fought you that first time is because you called my mother a chain smoking whore and a terrorist...though really, what was that all about? I mean, I've never called master Baek a Chuck Norris wannabe! Though I'm sure Baek is older than Chuck…and is probably the one who showed him those martial arts moves…but you get what I'm saying! It was unnecessary. So, this being my principles, I have left the country again. I have gone this time to the end of the world where you are likely to not follow me. And if you do, dress warm.

--J.K. Rowling (just joshing--!)


Hwaorang growled in frustration. "That conniving bastard! How dare he get me full on imitation meat, then run away! He is so dead the next time I see him!" His foot kicked out at the bedside table, but instead struck something else. A yellow ball made a squeak-squeal noise and it was projected through the window. "Gon? He didn't take it with him?" One of his evil smiles spread across his face. "Who said dreams are too good to come true?"

He went to the kitchen and grabbed a fork meant for barbecuing and a butcher knife. "Here Gonny, Gonny, Gonny!" He called as he left the house. Then he paused and returned back. Pulling open the fridge, there was the ever menacing stack of microwaveable meals. He snatched a few and shoved them in a stolen pillowcase of Jin's. "He's right about food not being cheap," he reasoned.

Gone was lying face down on the ground outside of the window he had been booted through. He stirred slightly when Hwoarang approached, then sprang to his feet as he realized who it was. Immediately, he started spinning, rolling head over heels through the woods surrounding the village. And Hwoarang…

Hwoarang let him go. Like his fight with Jin, it could wait. He'd get his day…Jin's defeat and Gon's roasting over an open fire…patience was a virtue…

Oh, who the hell was he kidding? He whipped out his internet-accessed cell phone and began researching the quickest way to get to Antarctica.

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