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To Become Your Light

Chapter 19: Lotus that Blooms on the Pool of Blood (4)

"No! Let go of me!" Tsuna yelled while struggling furiously from the arm that restrained his movement. "Why are you doing this, Mukuro? Why…? What happened to you?"

Mukuro chuckled slightly at that. "You said the same thing as Hibari-kun," he said, completely sounding delighted. "I am surprised that many people really did care for this vessel. It seems he's the only one who didn't realize that."

"What…?" Tsuna was completely anxious, but he was also puzzled of why Mukuro calling himself a vessel. It seemed his suspicion… no, his knowledge was really true, that this person, who grabbed him with force, wasn't Mukuro for real.

"What have you done to Mukuro?" Tsuna was really scared. The horrible thought that this guy might have hurt Mukuro, or worse, frightened him to the core. Sure he hadn't known Mukuro for that long, and he was kind of a pervert, but that guy wasn't a bad person. He was just lonely… and craved for human's contact.

"What are you talking about? I am Rokudo Mukuro," Mukuro smirked as he was back to his residence. Ken and Chikusa greeted him on the hall way, and Lanchia was ready to take order from him beside the door of a room he had prepared to trap his prey.

"Who are they?" Tsuna, who heard the simultaneous greetings and voices of other people, was suddenly struck by the worry for his own safety. What were they going to do to him?

"They're my loyal servants," Mukuro answered, evil smirk still on his face as he entered the dark room. Then he went straight to the bed and tossed Tsuna's body there.

Tsuna yelped in surprise, and his palms automatically patted the mattress. He widened his eyes in horror as he realized he was on the bed. "What are you going to do?" His body was shivering and his face paled slightly in fright.

"What else? We're inside a bedroom, Tsunayoshi-kun. I am sure you're not that innocent." Mukuro was enjoying the sight of the trembling little guy on his bed.

"No," Tsuna said, trying to overcome his fear as he realized what was going to happen. "I'm not going to make it easy for you to do this to me!" he shouted hard, trying not to cry. Damn it! He was a boy and not a girl. He could fight him.

Tsuna surged forward and tried to stand, out of the bed. He got solid grounding on the floor and steadied his body while Mukuro was watching him with interest of what he would do in this situation. Mukuro wasn't about to let go of Tsuna that easily either, but he was tempted to see his little struggle to defend himself.

Mukuro might be a bastard, but force wouldn't work to open him. There was a procedure to make Tsunayoshi, a.k.a. his power, his. After all, Mukuro was the key. To open Tsuna, he needed Tsuna's cooperation. That meant, he had to make Tsuna himself want to open the power, want to open himself to Mukuro.

"What are you going to do, fight me?" Mukuro taunted partially chuckling.

"I will!" Tsuna yelled again at him, hard, preparing his stance. Reborn had taught him how to fight. It was the time to put his practice into action.

"With those eyes?" Mukuro's light laugh was underestimating and Tsuna was pissed off.

"I can still fight without my eyes!" Tsuna yelled angrily. He wasn't going to be played around by Mukuro… or whoever it was in Mukuro's body. He was going to protect himself. Reborn had made sure that he could fight by himself. He wouldn't embarrass Reborn's name.

"You're very brave, Tsunayoshi. I am impressed," Mukuro then made a move to get closer to Tsuna while clapping his hands. Tsuna stepped back slightly until his back hit the wall.

Damn it! I am still not familiar with this place! I can't measure how far I can move here!—Tsuna cursed inwardly as his concentration was distracted, and before knowing what happened, he was already slammed to the wall, with Mukuro's gloved hand on his neck. Tsuna cried out in pain at the sudden rough pressure on his throat. He couldn't breathe.

"You're too immature for a fight. Someone like you who's always loved unconditionally," Mukuro's heavy whisper was very close to Tsuna's ear, and the hazel eyed boy tried to struggle to free himself from Mukuro's hand by scratching and clutching it, or the glove. He was biting back a whimper of pain and blinking his tears back furiously. He wasn't about to give up and cry like a baby, damn it!

"Such a cute and childish boy… oh how I love to destroy your soul," Mukuro licked his lips hungrily. "You can't fight me at all with that kind of naïve thought, someone like me who curses this world days and nights the moment I was born into this world," Mukuro loosened his pressure a bit and let Tsuna choke and cough all the way as he tried to regain his breathing. The boy fell down on the floor gasping and panting while touching his neck. Mukuro stared down at him in contempt.

"Seeing you makes my blood boil," Mukuro said disdainfully. "I don't know why, but I hate your kind the most," he continued while kneeling in front of Tsuna who couldn't say anything yet as he still tried to nurse his painful neck. Mukuro smirked and cupped Tsuna's cheeks, intending to violate the boy more when suddenly Tsuna slapped his hand away in challenge.

"E-even if…," Tsuna's voice was hoarse and it was painful to speak, but he had to retort back. He had to and he wanted to. "Even if… I'm weak… and naïve… I still can… resist you… with everything I have…!" Tsuna tried to glare at Mukuro's direction even though he couldn't see him. Well, he was in front of him, so it worked actually. He was determined not to lose to his captor and he meant it.

Mukuro narrowed his eyes at Tsuna, a bit taken aback slightly at the resolution in the boy's eyes. He smirked then, pretty amused. Tsuna was like a trapped little mouse and it was hilarious to torture the boy. He was intending to touch the boy more when a voice halted his action.

"Mukuro-sama," Chickusa was suddenly behind Mukuro. Apparently, he had taken the liberty to enter the room after knocking for five minutes, but not getting an answer from the inside.

Mukuro pulled his hands away from Tsuna as he stood and turned to face his subordinate. "What?" he asked with an almost impatient evil smile.

"Nagi-sama and your mother are not in their cell," he reported with low flat voice.

Mukuro's face turned slightly angry. "How come?"

"Ken was asleep and they got away."

Mukuro stared at the expressionless man with disgust. "Useless," he huffed with an annoyed look. "Very well, I don't need them anyway. More importantly," Mukuro turned again and faced Tsuna with a smirk. "I want him ready for the next full moon. That will be the time I get my power back by opening the key," he said with a satisfied look on his face.

"We need to talk," Lal Mirch repeated her words as she didn't get immediate answer, with indifferent look, as Yamamoto and Gokudera stared, or more like gaped, at her, at Colonello and at Reborn slowly in a confused look.

"Arcobaleno…?" Gokudera's face paled slightly.

Three of them at the same time?—If they were not in hospital, or if the situation weren't this serious, Gokudera would choose to stay away from the people of this organization; the nasty rumors, even though most of them were fake, didn't make them less danger. After all, they were still assassins from number one black organization working under the most powerful mafia leader.

Yamamoto looked at Reborn in silence, but he looked deadly serious. "Arcobaleno… the secret organization?" he asked for confirmation.

"That we are, kora," Colonello answered lightly.

Yamamoto didn't release his gaze from Reborn even though both Colonello and Lal spoke to him. "I am Lal Mirch, this is Colonello, and I believe you have known Reborn."

"Wait," Gokudera cut her. "Yamamoto is a civilian. He has nothing to do with Mafia," he protested before Lal could involve Yamamoto further in the mess. He didn't agree to pull Yamamoto into their world. He was just still a teen.

"Doesn't matter, kora. He already met the keys, two of seven, and us. That's more than enough to stain him, kora," Colonello said slowly while looking at Yamamoto's eyes even though the boy didn't look back at him. "Moreover… if you see his eyes right now, kid, he's just like a hitman for me, kora," he smirked at that.

Gokudera jerked in surprise and turned to look at Yamamoto. He paled even more as he saw the rage and the resentment in his friend's eyes. "Yama…!"

"Don't hide any more information from me. Tell me everything about Tsuna… about whatever problem he's in," Yamamoto glared angrily at Reborn. "No more secret. We need to rescue Tsuna as soon as possible," he clenched his fist, the healthy one, on the sheet, trying his hardest not to punch Reborn in the face for all of this mess.

In Yamamoto's simple mind, all of these wouldn't happen if Reborn didn't hide his identity from Tsuna. Since Reborn was a member of that dark whatever organization, Tsuna's life was turned upside down and revolving around mafia as well. That guy from Kokuyo, the one who kidnapped Tsuna, Yamamoto doubted that he had nothing to do with mafia at all. If from the start they had known what kind of danger would follow Tsuna around, if Reborn didn't suddenly disappear on them like that…, Tsuna wouldn't…

But the thing was… Yamamoto was angry at himself the most. Because again, he couldn't protect Tsuna… he hated that it had to be Reborn who could do that. He resented him because of that thought.

Gokudera looked at Yamamoto's serious heated look, but he could read the regret and pain there as well. He couldn't say anything to that, because he felt the same way. The difference was, he already knew everything from Dino. He closed his eyes and turned his face at another way. Good thing Irie was still asleep. He didn't need to get involved in this.

"Tsuna is… no, Tsuna's latent ability is a part of ultimate weapon that is very desirable for every mafia family in this world, the Trinisette," Reborn said slowly, not even looking away from Yamamoto's glare. "I was assigned to watch over him… or his dormant power, so it won't go suddenly berserk and destroy this world."

Reborn's calmness and indifference when he spoke angered Yamamoto even more. "You're entering Tsuna's life because of that?"

"At first, yes… but lately I am not sure," Reborn closed his eyes then, surprising Yamamoto. "I grew to like him for real. He reminded me of human's feeling that I thought already vanished from me. As a hitman and an Arcobaleno, I am a failure," he continued with a small smile.

"Reborn!" Lal glared at the man with annoyed look. "That was completely unrelated and unnecessary."

"That's why I decide to disappear on him," Reborn ignored Lal's words.


"Shh, Lal," Colonello grabbed Lal's shoulder slowly. "Just let him speak, please?"

Lal looked at Colonello with annoyed look, but then she huffed and shut her mouth.

"He was hurt because of me. I disappeared from him, so he wouldn't get hurt even more. But it seemed, I was mistaken," Reborn said, with understanding look.

"You hurt him even more by disappearing," Yamamoto said that surely, still clenching his fist, hurt evident in his expression and tone.

"I did," Reborn also knew that fact. "What I thought as the best for him actually hurt him more. I regretted that deeply."

"Now, what are you going to do?" Yamamoto asked then, narrowing his eyes.

"Saving him of course, but it's not enough if it's only me. Because, if something happens and Tsuna's power is involuntarily awaken, I won't be able to stop him," Reborn said.

"And you think I or Gokudera can?" Yamamoto asked again surely.

"I am not really sure, but if one of you are the shield that's chosen personally by Tsuna to guard his power… then yes, you or Gokudera can," Reborn said again.

"Shield?" Gokudera looked confused.

"If that really can help save Tsuna, I'll do anything," Yamamoto said surely, even though he still didn't understand what this shield or this Trinisette or this ultimate weapon shits were; or the ordeal of destroying the world thing. He needed to ask about that later, though. It was indeed quite bothering; the thought, that was. However, the most important thing he needed to know right now was the certainty that they still had time to save Tsuna. "This life was once saved by Tsuna. Now, if I can give it back, I will."

"It's going to be hell, you know," Reborn said, partly challenging, partly warning.

When Yamamoto saw that, he was given the certainty that indeed, they still had time. Whatever the reason, if Reborn was going to train him to be that shield then, Tsuna hadn't been touched by that perverted asshole from Kokuyo. "I don't care how hard it is. I will save Tsuna no matter what, as soon as possible." Yamamoto gave his best resolution into his words and into his eyes.

At the same time, on the other side of the hospital building in VIP room.

"Please, don't do that, Sir! You're still hurt!" Some male nurses were desperately trying to hold down one of the most stubborn and paint in the ass patient they had ever met in their entire life of duty in the Namimori Central Hospital.

"Let go, or I'll bite you all to death." The patient, a.k.a. Hibari Kyouya, wasn't about to give up despite all the bandages (and the aching-but he wouldn't admit that to anyone) on his body. He glared so menacingly at the nurses that they wanted to run away at once.

"You can't, Sir! Your body won't hold on! You have several fractured ribs and dislocated shoulder. You also have minor concussion and a lot of bruises that will hurt like hell without any anesthetic!" they tried to explain despite the fright of what Hibari would do. After all, they knew exactly what he was capable of. But, it was their duty to make sure that the patient rested despite everything else to get better. They wouldn't give up as well even though Hibari would hurt them. After all, they won in numbers.

"I don't care about minor things like that. Now, let go!" If Hibari could intensify his glare, he would.

"No, Sir. We cannot let you go! Think about your health! You can die from this!" One of the nurses still tried to convince him.

"I won't die from minor injury like this," Hibari said coolly.

I have to hurry and get out. I have to get back to that bastard and kill him myself!—Hibari thought in complete furry.

It was the first time he felt so humiliated. He not only lost to that psycho jerk, but was also forced to provide him with information. Even though he didn't say anything, the bastard somehow could read his mind and took the information out of him. Now Hibari didn't know what Mukuro was going to do with that information, but he knew one thing for certain.

He targets Tsunayoshi…!—Hibari gritted his teeth in anger. He wouldn't let him get to Sakura no matter what!

"What are you doing, Hibari?" Someone suddenly came up from the stairs direction.

Hibari turned and looked at a boy in his age with spiky silver-gray hair setting a confused look. He frowned as he saw the uniform the boy was wearing. "You're our school's student," he said slightly with derision. "It's breaking our school regulation to bleach your hair like that."

"What are you talking about? It's my natural hair color, remember?" The boy raised his eyebrows. "More importantly, you don't remember me, do you? I'm Sasagawa Ryohei, your classmate to the extreme!" he said while presenting a parcel of fruits. "Go back to your room, and sleep! Right now you extremely need rest!" he huffed.

Hibari looked at him in dead silence. "Why do I have to follow your order? Nobody orders me around," he said stubbornly, partially angry and partially feeling stupid for having this conversation with the idiotic looking boy.

"The doctor said you can't leave yet, so you can't! Right now you are a patient and doctor order is absolute! Now sleep!" Ryohei didn't care and ignored the threat Hibari was throwing at him with his glare, and went as far as grabbed his waist and lifted the smaller and lighter boy to his room.

"W-what are you doing?" Hibari didn't want to admit that he was surprised. This was the first time he met someone who wasn't afraid at all of him (well, minus the guys who would't want to show up to greet him before entering his school though). This guy must have been really stupid. "Put me down or I'll bite your head off!"

"Try then. It's freaking me out enough to find you bruised and bloodied all over on the school ground last night. I can't believe that someone could actually beat the shit out of you, Hibari. Good thing I didn't call the police right away, you know. I had to lie to my sister when I brought you here." Ryohei wasn't that gentle when he tossed Hibari's body to the mattress.

Hibari winced slightly at the rough treatment, but he wouldn't admit that either. "You… are you trying to pick a fight?" He glared at Ryohei even more angrily.

"No matter how angry you're or how much you glare at me, right now you're not scary at all to me, so shut up and sleep!" Ryohei said a little annoyed, while sitting on the chair beside the bed. "It's not good to the other students if their leader is hurt. Think about school for a minute," he added and Hibari widened his eyes in surprise at the thoughtfulness of this idiotic looking lawn-head. "Give it a time, and after you're better, you can fight whoever you fought last night to pay the debt, along with the interest." He grinned then, and Hibari couldn't… scratch that, he didn't say anything at that.

"Are we really classmates?" Hibari asked then, still in disbelief.

"You rarely attend the class, it's your own fault that we never meet or know each other," Ryohei huffed at him again slightly. "But I know you enough to know how reckless you are sometimes. Our school is a system, you know. You're not alone despite what you want to think," he smiled confidently then.

Hibari narrowed his eyes at Ryohei in displease, but he didn't retort back. Despite his annoyance, Ryohei was telling the truth. His school still could function for sometime without him around, but it didn't lessen his resentment towards Mukuro, or whoever it was that resembled him. He knew it wasn't the pineapple head anyway. If it was really him, then something big and bad must have happened. That something must have been really ultra bad that Mukuro could change so much in a very brief time.

He will not attack my school, won't he? But the fact that he has interest in Tsunayoshi bugs me...!—Hibari clenched the sheet of his bed in a rather concerned look.

"What are you worried about, Hibari?" Ryohei asked slowly, noticing Hibari's look.

"Not your business," Hibari said looking at outside the window. He still had to get out of this hospital fast before Mukuro did anything to Tsunayoshi. But first he had to make this lawn head leave. "I can't sleep if you're here," he said with serious eyes.

"Okay, I'm out," Ryohei stood and left, but not before adding the last warning. "I'll be outside, so you can't escape even if you want to." He closed the door, leaving a very pissed off Hibari on his bed to fume alone.

"Where's Runa-chan?" Yamamoto asked slowly, noticing that the red-eyed girl wasn't there with them.

Yamamoto vaguely remembered about the event before, when the girl had been speaking with Lal. The slapping sound and the door being slammed close after that told Yamamoto that the girl had gone out (and not in a good way too). However, even after Irie woke up, she didn't come inside the room. Lambo was somehow long gone even before Yamamoto and Gokudera woke up. Dino said he had something to take care of, something about Gokudera's sister.

"She's not here anymore, kora," Colonello said, not really paying attention to Yamamoto.

"Not here, where?" Irie asked with a confused look.

"She had an urgent business, so she went back to Italy," Dino answered with a reassuring smile. Everyone there agreed that they should leave Irie out of this fiasco. Irie was too young for this, and even if he knew, it would only endanger him further. Irie didn't have any build to be a fighter; he wouldn't be able to handle all of the information.

"She went just like that?" Irie asked in disbelief. He didn't buy that. No way would Runa just take off like that, leaving everything behind. Everyone seemed hiding something from him. After the explosion, what the hell happened to him, to everyone? Even Yamamoto looked really serious and his expression was contorted with pain and anger.

What happened to Tsuna-san?—Irie wanted to ask out loud so badly because Tsuna wasn't with them. He was afraid that something really bad had happened to Tsuna, but he didn't dare to ask because the moment he woke up, the room's atmosphere was so heavy and whatever Yamamoto, Gokudera, Reborn and those two strangers had been talking about was cut short as Irie opened his eyes and Dino entered the room.

"Unfortunately, she did. Now, why don't we just go and let you guys rest?" Dino said with his friendly reassuring smile. "Your conversation is over, right, Reborn?" The blond turned his face at Reborn and there were silent messages exchanged between them.

Reborn nodded slightly, understood, before he looked at Lal and Colonello. Both Arcobalenos also understood and they walked out the door.

"Yamamoto, Gokudera, we will be in touch," Dino said as he also went out of room and closed the door.

There was a heavy silence inside the room after that.

Irie didn't like this at all. "What aren't you guys telling me?" the sandy haired boy asked with worried look.

"It's nothing. Go back to sleep," Gokudera said, almost too harsh, but he just didn't want to look at Irie's face and laid down on his right side, turning his back to Irie.

"Yamamoto-senpai?" Irie wasn't about to give up. If Gokudera didn't want to tell him, then Yamamoto would. He couldn't lie after all.

Yamamoto was still silent for a moment, his face still serious and scary and Irie had to gulp with racing heartbeats as he was waiting for his answer. A few seconds later then, Yamamoto closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and released it slowly. He repeated the breathing technique to calm himself, like his coach always told him to when he was tense before a match in the baseball field.

A minute or two later, Yamamoto opened his eyes and was already calm enough to put his smile back on his face to Irie's much relief. "Sorry, Irie, I honestly can't tell you the detail, but everything will be okay. You don't have to worry," Yamamoto said surely.

Iries' face fell slightly. "I can't believe this. You guys really don't want to share it with me?" He was shocked and hurt, and felt like being left alone.

"I am sorry," Yamamoto threw an apologetic look at the younger boy. "But we…, Gokudera and I, and Tsuna-" he added the last one in an afterthought, "-will tell you everything after we clean up the mess."

"Mafia stuff, huh?" Irie looked at his blanket, frowning. "I can't know because I am too young, and probably will not be able to deal with the gruesome stories," and it wasn't a question. Irie truly understood that he had no ability whatsoever to help, and it would only endanger his life if he knew too much, but still! He was annoyed that he was such inferior significance that he couldn't help his friends, and his beloved Tsuna-san.

"I personally want to think that you're too valuable for this," Yamamoto said. "You're great, Irie. Japanese future needs you. That's why, you're too precious to get involved in something like this," Yamamoto tried to comfort the boy as best as he could. If it was Tsuna, he would have done the same thing to Irie.

"Senpai…," Irie raised his face and turned to Yamamoto with a pained look. But his senpai was grinning; that eased the ache a little.

"It's okay, Irie. Trust us. We will make it better for sure," Yamamoto added full of confidence.

When Tsuna came to his sense, he was in a very dark place.

No, it wasn't like his usual blind-darkness. It was more like… the air around him that was very, like really dark, heavy misty dark.

Where am I?—Tsuna wasn't sure if he was speaking aloud or only thinking that question. But he was certain of one thing. He wasn't in his reality. The feeling was very close to the time when he was dreaming about Gokudera, about Hayato. Only… this place was covered in very dark mist. Something was hindering him to see this dream.

Then, he vaguely could hear it. A crying sound. The hiccups. He didn't see or know who was crying. It just sounded so… sad and lonely. It was heard from everywhere around him, Tsuna couldn't pinpoint where the exact location was. Yet it was there, and it made his heart ache.

Who…?—Tsuna tried to go to the crying voice, trying to look for the owner of that cry. Even though he didn't know if it was from behind or from front, he just walked in that darkness; trying to feel anything but the cold emptiness around him.

Then… when he thought he finally could see something in that place, something suddenly caught his arm and a very horrible melting red face came into his sight.

"I won't let anyone hinder me!"

"Aah!" Tsuna woke up violently with a sudden suck of deep breath. He was panting shallow, hard, and some beads of sweat were rolling down from his forehead to his cheek and then to his chin before they dropped to his clothes. His sweat-damp clothes… or yukata for that matter. The cold creepy feeling was still enveloping his body and he couldn't make any coherent thought of what he had just seen in his nightmare. He didn't understand what that meant.

What… what was that just now?—Tsuna finally thought after a minute or two trying to calm himself and warming his sweat-cold body by hugging himself. He sat in a crouched position and felt the shackle around his ankle clanging lowly.

Tsuna furrowed slightly in displease as he remembered where he was. Yep, he was still officially kidnapped by that maniac. He was chained to the bedpost, his right foot, and he was locked down in the bedroom.

Mukuro… or whoever it was wearing his body was toying with him, not that Tsuna would give in so easily. He was determined to fight until his last spilled drop of blood. Besides, it seemed Mukuro wouldn't force himself on him… despite all the groping and the occasional trying to kiss him. Tsuna noticed one thing.

Mukuro couldn't touch Tsuna with bare-hand (so the kiss was out of option).

When he touched Tsuna, Mukuro always used that glove. There was no direct skin to skin contact. Tsuna just assumed that probably Mukuro was trying to hide his inner self from Tsuna. He was cautious and seemed really understanding what Tsuna was capable of. Then he was also spouting those crazy metaphoric lines that he was the key, and Tsuna was the lock of some great crazy power.

His power… Tsuna's latent ability… was that the same as the ability Reborn was talking about? Was it really that dangerous and great that he was desired by other mafia families? And now… this Mukuro… was he also one of them?

Tsuna was scared. He was alone in this. He had to do something to free himself from here, but how?

"Runa-chan…, Gokudera-kun…, Shou-chan…, Mom…, Dino-san..., Lambo…." Tsuna whimpered slowly with low sad voice. He wanted to see them. He was worried about them. What happened to them after the explosion?

After the explosion…

A boy's face was coming inside Tsuna's head. His shouting voice to warn Mukuro to let Tsuna's go was ringing in his ear.


Suddenly Tsuna heard the sound of the unlocked and opened door. He jerked slightly in surprise and turned his face to the source of the sound direction. "Who is it?" His voice was quivering in fright, so he had to whisper, but he knew the person entering his room wasn't Mukuro. His air was different.

"Shh," that person whispered back more lowly. Tsuna instantly knew that the person was a male from his low baritone voice; and strangely, he also felt the reassuring tone in his whisper. "It's okay, I'm here not to hurt you," he continued while slowly approaching the bed.

Tsuna nodded timidly oddly believing it while still hugging his trembling body. The residue of his nightmare was still there and he still felt a bit scared. But then, Tsuna took a deep breath and gathered his courage before asking, "Are you one of his servant?"

There was a brief silence before Tsuna could feel the end of the bed depressing. That guy was sitting slowly on the bed and quietly checking the shackle on Tsuna's ankle. "I am," he whispered back lowly. "But not right now. He's asleep. His mind control can only active when he's conscious. Even though he claims himself to be a devil, that boy is still human, and human needs sleep," he chuckled slightly.

Tsuna nodded slightly before reaching for the man's hand on his ankle. He touched the calloused fingers and a strange warm sensation filled him. "Thank you," Tsuna whispered lightly while smiling.

Tsuna could feel the man tense slightly before holding Tsuna's hand. "I don't know why you're thanking me. It's not like I can free you from here." He said, slightly gritting his teeth.

"For being here," Tsuna quickly replied, tightening his hold on that man's hand. "I don't know how long I've been inside this place. I can't even sense time and the world outside. I don't know what Mukuro have done to this place. I feel really, like really trapped. It's like… there is barrier surrounding that this place is completely cut off from the world. It was so dark, empty, and cold. I can't feel anything here except fear, pain, and loneliness." Tsuna closed his eyes, face contorted with pain for a moment before he continued. "But you're here. The least I want is to be empty along with this place. Your presence and feeling here is helping me not to lose myself."

There was another pregnant silence again before that man put his other hand on top of Tsuna's. "I can't promise anything, but I will try to get you out of here," he said sincerely and Tsuna couldn't help opening his eyes, smiling again.

"Thank you… but it will help a lot more if you tell me your name," Tsuna looked at the guy's face direction with a soft small smile on his face.

"My name is Lanchia, second in command of Calvalone Family," Lanchia informed formally.

"Calvalone…? Do you by any chance know Dino-san?" Tsuna asked while widening his eyes in surprise.

"Wait, you know Dino? That's my boss," Lanchia said, sounding very surprised himself.

"That-that's great!"

"Shh! Not so loud!" Lanchia quickly cut Tsuna's raising voice and the younger blind boy hurriedly clamped his hand on his mouth. "Okay… if you're here regarding that matter and Dino actually knows you… we can totally wok together. Your name?"

That matter?—Tsuna wanted to ask, but he decided against it and answered the more urgent and important question.

"Tsuna, Sawada Tsunayoshi," Tsuna nodded eagerly at the prospect that he had a help from the inside. He couldn't believe that he would meet Dino's friend here.

"Okay, Tsunayoshi. This is the plan…." Lanchia surged forward slowly, nearing Tsuna's ear, and then he whispered what he had thought for the plan to escape from Mukuro's den.

A girl in traditional kimono with shoulder-length black hair was walking wobblingly to the Namimori Central Hospital entrance. She looked so hurt and in pain that the paramedics who noticed her, quickly ran to her rescue when she suddenly passed out just in front of the door. The pale girl was hurriedly sent to emergency room and was immediately treated for any external injuries (which was actually none). She was then prepared for the lab test for possible internal disorder like endocrine level, blood or possible poisoning.

It turned out the girl was just extremely exhausted. She was weak, had mild dehydration and mild malnutrition, but other than that, she was declared normal after receiving fluid and nutrition from the iv.

She was awake a day later, looking slightly tense and worried. "I need to check out quickly. I have to see Hibari Kyouya-sama," she said to the nurse that checked her condition.

The nurse was rather surprised when the black haired girl suddenly spoke with her soft shy voice, but the nurse knew who she wanted to meet because who didn't know Hibari Kyouya?

"He is actually being treated here," the nurse shared the classified information out of pity. The girl looked so frail and weak and if seeing Hibari could make her better then… probably the hospital wouldn't fire her for sharing that information.

"Really?" the girl's eyes… eye (because her hair covered her right eye) lit with hope and the nurse couldn't help fawning her cute beautiful expression.

"No problem, dear. If you're already strong enough to walk, I can ask for permission from the doctor to get you meet him," the nurse promised with kind smile and the girl smiled gratefully at her.

A half and a day later, the girl got the permission and was on her way to Hibari's room. When she was in front of the room, she knocked lightly. "E-excuse me," she greeted lightly.

There was a long silence before she heard the crash, the smack, and the thud. And she got really worried as she heard the long painful groan, and she decided to just open the door.

The sight that greeted the shy girl was befuddling. "Uuh… Kyouya…-san?"

Hibari was on the floor, on top of a silver haired boy in his age who was laying flat on his back, straddling and pinning his hands on each side of the boy's head, and they… panted hard as if they had just done some tiring workout. Their position was very-very disturbing as well even though they were still fully clothed. Luckily, the girl was really innocent and thought they had probably just been wrestling before she entered.

Upon hearing the soft unsure voice, Hibari turned his face at the door direction. "Nagi?" He quickly released Ryohei's hand and straightened his body.

"Oh, a friend of yours, Hibari?" Ryohei asked with interest as he also turned his face and saw her.

That straight haired girl, who was identified as 'Nagi' by Hibari, was just silent, staring unblinking at the two boys in front of her, before Hibari realized his and Ryohei's position and quickly withdraw from the lawn haired boy and stood. He disregarded Ryohei's presence and walked to her.

"I have some questions regarding your brother," Hibari said seriously.

"Oh my God… did he attack you?" Nagi asked with very worried look.

Hibari narrowed his eyes curiously at her. "And why are you here?"

"Mukuro-sama was possessed by something very evil," Nagi said with painful look. "He… he kidnapped someone and planned to do something horrible. I need help to stop him," she continued with scared desperate voice.

"Wait a minute. What is this about?" Ryohei suddenly entered the conversation. Hibari glared at him and was about to shut the boy up when Ryohei raised his forefinger and cut. "And don't say it's not my business because it is now to the extreme! I heard the words 'attack', 'kidnap' and 'planning to do something horrible' there, Hibari. Is this about the guy that attacked you?"

Hibari narrowed his eyes at Ryohei and Nagi looked confused if she was allowed to talk or not. A minute or two later, Hibari sighed and allowed Nagi to tell what she saw to Ryohei, as well as to fill him with information of what actually happened to Mukuro.

"I see… so that's what happened," Hibari nodded slightly in understanding and Ryohei was rather confused… or more like, he didn't understand a single thing Nagi had spoken.

"Wait, wait, wait. Devil's Eye? Ashura statue? Possession? What is it, a horror flick?" Despite his confusion, Ryohei looked ecstatic. "I love horror movie to the extreme!" Nobody asked, but he felt obligated to explain his enthusiasm.

"I don't want to explain it to you," Hibari said with finality, and Nagi was contemplating to look for better and easier terms to make Ryohei understand, but she was too shy to speak freely to him and decided to just remain silent while smiling awkwardly at him.

"I will check out today," Hibari announced.

"What? But the doctor hasn't cleared you yet!" Ryohei protested.

"I don't care. I have to go to return my debt to that pineapple head," Hibari said while changing his hospital gown with his own clothes (which was obviously his beloved school uniform), forgetting that Nagi was there and made her squeal shyly and leave the room hurriedly.

"You're extremely so rude in front of a girl, Hibari," Ryohei commented straightly, feeling pity to the Nagi girl.

Hibari attempted glaring at the lawn head even though he didn't reply his comment. The head of disciplinary committee continued changing his attires despite being watched by Ryohei, and in spite of his funny shiver of displease, Hibari didn't really mind when Ryohei commented how fair his skin was.

"You're sure they are ready, kora?" Colonello was nibbling at his chocolate bar while he was watching the progress of Yamamoto and Gokudera's training under Reborn watchful eyes.

"They have reached a lot of progress in two weeks," Reborn said, monitoring Yamamoto's sword-technique. Unfortunately, the spiky black haired boy could only use one hand because the other one was still in healing process. It wasn't allowed to be moved too much and it had to be in a sling. But he managed just fine with only his right hand. He was actually doing a very good job after his initial practice from his father in kendo, and his determination was terrifying.

Colonello was right. Yamamoto was an inborn hitman. He was a natural type. That was quite scary because if Yamamoto was trained professionally to be a hitman, the boy could kill without any intent to kill. Fortunately, no one would try to convert the innocent boy to be a hitman. That was a total relief.

"I see…," Colonello was silent for a few seconds before speaking again. "Lal is still angry, you know," he informed slowly not looking at his friend's face.

"I see…," Reborn didn't look mindful at that and shifted his gaze to Gokudera's bomb aiming technique. The boy wasn't bad at all with his weapon of choice despite his graceful appearance. It seemed he really lived for his nickname till the end, but it still needed polishing in variety of the attack he could possibly do.

For a middle range combat, Gokudera's weapon was quite useful, but for a close combat, it could be useless. He had to cover it with strategies and unpredicted attack. It could be risky, but he had to take the chance.

"Look, Reborn, you know what will happen if this mission goes wrong, right? You had experienced it by yourself, kora," Colonello pointed involuntarily and curtly reminding the black haired man to his previous job as the previous shield of the previous Trinisette fragment, "-and you still decide to involve yourself personally. She is worried about you and you won't speak anything about it. Try to fit in her shoes, kora." He continued, huffing slightly by Reborn's disinterest.

Reborn sighed lowly. "I was responsible for my own action. I thought I had made it clear when I was chosen by the organization and her," Reborn looked at Colonello, frowning. "If the organization wants to revoke me regarding that matter, I am fine with it. Not that I won't lend a hand anyway. This job is too close to home. Why does she care?"

For claiming to be a professional hitman, Lal was so emotional herself in Reborn's confused mind.

"She is that kind of person, Reborn. You can't blame her for caring about her friends, kora." Colonello actually chuckled at Reborn's silly question. Just how long had all of them known each other anyway? He was amazed that Reborn hadn't figured out everybody's personality in the same organization. "We're the same kind, and they took care of each other."

Reborn deepened his frown. "When you say that, we sound like rare animals threatened to extinction," he said dryly, rolling his eyes. "Verde, Mammon and Skull aren't like that for one, and Fong is just too good and calm for this."

"Yeah, you yourself are famous for your 'cold blooded' personality, yet you can be very passionate for someone you care, kora," Colonello teased and Reborn wanted to shoot his head for that, but he couldn't deny it either because it was right. "You're hard to approach, and difficult to actually care about someone. But when you actually fall, you fall so hard that you can't think clearly, kora." The blue eyed man continued his profiling of Reborn and the black haired man was determined to just ignore him and came back to focus on his two new disciples.

"Jeez, ignoring me already, kora?" Colonello pouted at Reborn and remembered his main reason why he came there. "Oh, right, Basil is arriving today. Do you want to come to get him at the airport?" he asked then.

Now Reborn raised his face and looked back at Colonello again. "Runa's request?"

"Yep, you heard her in the hospital, kora. She thought Basil will help and keep updating information for her," Colonello nodded.

Reborn sighed lightly. "Iemitsu will have a heart attack if he finds out that his son is kidnapped. We have to inform Basil not to give any information regarding that, and tell Runa to shut up if she meets her dad."

"Don't worry. Lal gave her a new mission. She is probably isn't at Roma right now," the blond man yawned slightly after finishing his chocolate bar. "I will nap here, kora," he suddenly announced.

"Knock yourself out," Reborn shrugged and went back to watching Yamamoto and Gokudera's training.

Mukuro was once again in front of Tsuna while he was crouching in sitting position at the bedpost. "Are you ready yet to give yourself to me, Tsunayoshi-kun?" He smirked and Tsuna visinly flinched at hearing his tone.

Tsuna determinedly shook his head, but not bothering to answer him. This guy had a tendency to taunt him even more if he retorted his verbal abuse, so he just shut up and harden his heart to ignore him. Well, of course he was still cautious, but he wouldn't show any fear as well because he was sure Mukuro could somehow use it against him.

"That's okay… slowly you're going to accept me anyway," Mukuro dared his self to reach at Tsuna's lovely face and stroke his cheek with gloved fingers. He raised his eyebrows in a surprise when Tsuna didn't slap his hand away. It seemed he was tired fighting his touch, not exactly his touch, but it was a progress that the boy didn't fight as fiercely as the first time he attempted to touch him.

Tsuna only glared at Mukuro's direction coldly, still promptly closing and strengthening his entire defense and not letting any slip of Mukuro's ability to take advantage of his own power. He couldn't let Mukuro's consciousness to flow inside of him. Because then, Tsuna would give compassion to whatever Mukuro had plunged inside him, the guy could be very persuasive with his words and if he actually was able to deliver his feeling inside Tsuna as well, then it was over. Tsuna would definitely give in, and he couldn't have that.

Thank GOD Tsuna was blind that he could evade the visual temptation. He couldn't have been gladder that he couldn't see.

"You know, even without the desired power, you're still breathtakingly beautiful," Mukuro drawled his seduction, and Tsuna had to fight a blush for staining his cheeks at the sexy voice the man was producing. He was fighting hard not to wince at Mukuro's wandering touch as well. "Such lithe slender small body… I wonder how this delicacy can contain such tremendous power and not exploding. Aah… I'd like to see it explode and ooze out of you… it must be very-very beautifully terrifying."

Mukuro purred near Tsuna's ear even though he didn't touch the shorter boy directly, his hot breath painfully touching Tsuna's sensitive skin and he tried his best not to shiver unpleasantly. The darkness and the emptiness he felt from Mukuro's aura made him chilly and sick. Tsuna brazened his self and shut his eyes, concentrating not to let any of Mukuro's words crumble his defense.

"You're actually the first one to resist me for this long. I am impressed. But it won't last forever," Mukuro then whispered again softly despite the threat in his tone. "Soon, you'll give yourself to me and I will have your power for myself… soon, on the next full moon," he slowly backed off while smirking in satisfied look at the pale and frightened look Tsuna made at his last words.

"Mukuro-sama," Lanchia came inside the room uninvited and Mukuro looked at him rather annoyed.

"What?" he actually barked at his brainwashed servant.

"It's time for Sawada-sama's bath," Lanchia notified with even flat tone.

Mukuro narrowed his eyes slightly at the older taller black haired man, and then huffed. "All yours," he said as he left the room and closed the door behind him. He was silent for a moment before looking back at the door.

Mukuro felt something odd from his servant just now, but he couldn't really pinpoint where was strange. He was just a bit… different from Chikusa and Ken. He had to keep an eye to him.

"I'll go with you," Ryohei said stubbornly as Hibari was going to Kokuyo land with Nagi beside him.

"No, you're just going to drag my leg down," Hibari said without even regarding his presence.

"Don't be such a jerk, Hibari! It is the guy who managed to beat you up! And what if he has many subordinates? You can use any help to the extreme!" Ryohei insisted, following his friend's step.

"A-actually… Mukuro-sama has three people under him…," Nagi informed Hibari and thought it would be a good idea to bring a help.

"I am more than enough to bring him down," Hibari said stubbornly as well. "It is a dire situation; you also know that Mukuro is a pain in the ass when he can be, and you don't really want me to actually hurt him, right? That is physically impossible because I want to beat the crap out of him." He was determined to look forward and not to his two companions. "Bringing this guy will only add casualties."

"How rude to the extreme! I am a boxing champion, Hibari! I can fight!" Ryohei protested.

"I recalled you promise your sister not to fight anymore."

Ryohei was taken aback at that statement. "As long as she doesn't know…," he looked at another way, slightly embarrassed.

"She can be in danger if you're involved," Hibari warned.

"No way will the Kokuyo guys know about her! You're too extremely cautious!" Ryohei slapped Hibari's back hard while laughing ridiculously.

Hibari almost winced at the sting on his back, and he made a mental note to kick Ryohei's ass after everything was settled. "Fine, you can come. But if you hinder me, I'll bite you to death."

"Head's all yours," Ryohei nodded while shadow boxing on the road, not really caring about the threat.

Nagi sighed in relief that they could actually proceed with peace in the meantime.

"You're ready, boys?" Lal turned his face at the two high school boy behind Reborn and Colonello.

Yamamoto's face was calm, a bit serious, but looking excited as well. "As ready as we can," he replied surely.

"Let's bring Tsuna back," Gokudera said with serious look as well, fighting aura oozing out of him.

Reborn locked his gaze at Colonello and Lal, and they all nodded.

"Basil is already on site to scout the area and secure the surrounding, making sure no one will get hurt if the fight escalates," Lal informed.

"Basil?" Yamamoto tilted his head aside and Gokudera looked puzzled at the unfamiliar name.

"Don't worry. He's our reinforcement, a gift from Runa's absence, kora." Colonello smirked.

"We will see him there to give us any information we need of the precise location where Tsuna was kept, so we will not waste any time looking," Reborn said with his 'all business' tone and the youngsters nodded.

"Let's go then," Lal said and they walked to the direction of Kokuyo Town…

End of Chapter 19


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