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One look...
One smile...
One touch...
One kiss...
Two loves...
Two people...
Two souls...
Two destinies...
One road...
One journey...
One ending...

Normal POV:

Seven Years Ago-

In Destiny Islands the weather is almost always perfect. Never changing, always a paradise. But, on those once-in-a-blue-moon days when there is a storm...it turns nasty. Almost penalizing the town for being so wonderful. These horrific days usually leave a couple unlucky families with some damages.

There is a story to the storms. They say, that everytime there is a storm, it means something is about to happen. So even though they are being penalized, the gods pity them. On two occasions the same man has felt the effects of this ledgend. One bad, and one good. The first time, he had been in his late thirties, a proud working father that loved his family very much. He had stayed home with a head cold as his young son and wife went to go pick up some medication for him. His wife (twenty seven) had died that night.

The second occasion is what this story is about...a story of love and the different kinds of pain it brings. Good or bad.

She and her son (eight), had been driving back through the rain washed streets. She hummed a soft tune while her son watched fascinated as the lights flashed by the window. He swiveled around to look at her with a loving twinkle in his eyes, when all of a sudden, a car next to them lost control and smashed into them. Their car went careening over the median into oncomming traffic. It all went so fast. The blarring of the semi's horn still haunts the now fifteen year old boy to this day. His mother had been killed instantly, the impact of the truck slamming into the front of their significantly smaller vehicle, snapped her neck. Her son, suffered greatly. He was flung from the car, his seat belt being ripped from the wall, giving him ample opportunity to fly head long into the pavement right through the windsheild, glass piercing his skin. The last thing he saw was his mother's sky blue eyes. The same color as his.

When the little boy landed, his back was broken, clean in two. And, being a little boy, he couldn't understand why he couldn't move his legs when he regained consiousness after a short fainting spell. He tried desperately to get to his mother, who lay burning inside the car that had been engulfed in flames. But, his arms were too weak to drag him, and the pain was too great. The asphalt merely scraped his fingernails and slipped against his palms.

The ambulance came shortly after, placing the screaming, crying boy on a stretcher.

His father didn't find out until two hours later, when the news came on, that his son was in critical condition and his wife had been killed. He rushed to the hospital and sat horrified as the police told him what happened. Collapsing to the ground, he wept, cradling his head in his hands. And, didn't stop until two hours later when a doctor came out of surgery just to tell him that his son would be paralized from the waist down.

Twelve hours later, and his son was out of surgery. But, they had to keep him in a medical coma for two weeks in order to let the bone start to heal back together somewhat. The grief stricken man stayed by his side the whole time. Only leaving his side to eat, go to the washroom, and to take a few phone calls. Wishing more than anything for this whole ordeal to just be a dream.

When his son awoke, the first thing he whispered was, "Where's Mommy?"

His father choked back tears as he replied, his voice cracking slightly, "Mommy's...not comming back, sweetheart..."

"Wh-what do you mean Daddy?" the little boy asked innocently, truly confused as to why his father was acting like this. Flashes of the car being engulfed in flames flashed through his mind.


They were both silent for a momment before the boy choked out, "Dead...?"

His father nodded gravely, his eyes darkening.

"Daddy..." his son mumbled, eyes filling with tears.

His father stood up and went to his son's side, carefully placing his arms around him. Making sure he did not disturb him from his position. His son tried to hug back, but, cried out in pain as his back throbbed with the force of a thousand knives jabbing into him at once. The man's son looked into his father's eyes once again, and asked worredly, "Daddy! What's wrong with me?"

And so, his father explained, brushing his son's cinnamon hair from his eyes. One month later, the man was able to push his son in a wheelchair, out the doors of the hospital. The memory of his wife still fresh in his mind. The little boy looked at his father and said happily, grinning from ear to ear, "Look Daddy!! Look how nice it's out today!"

"Yes..." his father said, smiling warmly down at his son, smiling slightly as the sky blue eyes glimered up at him. "It is a beautiful day."

Seven Years Later-

"Daaaaaaaad!! You're going to be late if you don't hurry up!!" a boy called from the kitchen of his three story home.

A man padded down the stairs hurredly, his tie and briefcase being held by his teeth as he struggled to pull shoes on. He called out, muffled slightly, "Coming!"

"Don't forget this, sir!" a woman in her early twenties said, smiling and handing him a packet of charts and other official documents.

He mumbled, "Thanks, Kai. Make sure you go over that one part of the algebra with him today, okay?"

She nodded, waving him along. He grinned, turning around and making his way to the door, fastening his tie as he went. His son called to him, upset, "Dad! You can't leave without your breakfast!!"

The man turned back and snatched the grilled cheese sandwich from the plate his son set on the counter. He waved as he dashed out the door, and his son called back, "Quit waking up so late! Moron!"

Today, seemed like a good day.

Sora's POV:

"Man, Dad needs to get a hold of himself if he's going to keep his buisness running properly." I sighed through a piece of bread, spraying crumbs all over my nanny.

Kairi got a sour look on her face as she brushed the crumbs away, saying disgustedly, "Yeah...don't talk with your mouth full."

"Sorry." I grinned, spewing more food bits at her.

We both just laughed and continued eating our breakfast in comfortable silence. Until I asked her, flipping through the pages of the newspaper, "Kai...how late is Dad working today?"

"Um, I think he said he was comming home early. He's bringing over the new Vice President to have dinner with us." she replied, chewing her cereal slowly.

"Oh yeah..." I said, looking over at her, and then the house. "You know that means we have to clean, you know?"

She looked up as though she had no idea, and glanced around, taking everything in. It wasn't...bad...just a bit untidy. A few things shoved in a closet or two and it would be right as rain. Then she said, dread dripping from every word, "And we have to cook."

"And by 'we', you mean 'me' right?" I asked, rolling my eyes at the puppy-dog look she was giving me.

She nodded and pouted slightly as I turned my nose into the air. I refused as we finnished with our breakfast and started cleaning. And continued to refuse, that is until it started getting closer to preparation time. I called out, annoyed, "Fine! I'll cook!! Go get the ingredients!!"

"Yippe!!" she called out, punching the air and running off.

I turned the wheels of my wheelchair and followed after her, the anger emminating from me. She pulled dozens of things out from various places, occasionally giving me a pat as she flaunted by. I just rolled my eyes and smiled, stirring and mixing certain things. Soon, the whole house was filled with the aroma of a full course dinner, with dessert on the way. It was four in the afternoon now. Perfect.

"Alright, Sora! Time for school!!" Kairi called over to me from the door to the backyard.

I groaned, remembering what my father had said before he left. I followed after her, as slowly as I possibly could at first. But, when I made it out the door, I changed my mind. The sun was still shining, slowly sinking deeper towards it's nightime resting spot. The light shone through the leaves that surrounded my house, bouncing through them to hit and sparkle against flowers and white garden furniature. The whole backyard was overflowing with plants and life, it made my heart swell everytime I looked at it.

"Alrighty then!! I thought that we'd start out with English first, and then do that algebra your dad wanted me going over with you." Kairi said, listing off all of the various subjects we had to go over before the guests were to arrive.

I made it down to the earthen floor, and just nodded, taking in the wonderful aromas that wafted in from all around me. Kai just shook her head, walked up behind me, and pushed me along the cobblestone path to our study table. Our table rested beneath a pure white gazebo, one that blended in with the other white furniature and the all white garden.

My mother's favorite color was white, and before she died, she and my father had started planting all of these different white flowers. Of course she never kept it as overgrown and wild as it is today, but I manage to keep the vines and things off the pathways. Dad says he likes it like this, so I havn't changed it.

Kairi steered me over to the iron table, scooted me in close to the edge, and started with her lesson.

Dad hired Kairi just a few months after the 'accident'. He had pulled me out of school, and insisted that I don't go outside until I got more accustomed to my 'change'. A little paranoid, but I could see where he was comming from now. Back when I was little, I still thought it was unfair. I wanted to play with the kids at school, and go out on the streets again. But, he refused.

So, I sulked. All of the other nannies were old hags that couldn't communicate with me whatsoever. Then, in a last desparate attempt, Dad hired a young, graduate from collage. He was hoping that she could relate to me because of the smaller age difference. I wasn't moved. I was set on driving every last one of these wanna-be-mommies out of my house. But, this rambunctious red head was eager to break me. Most of the other nanny's got tired of trying to get through to me, and left after a while...but Kai...she stayed. She was determined.

She got to me in the end, and now, here we are, best friends. It's like she became part of the family. All of the pictures in our house have her in it. Either the main donor of space, or just hanging out in the background. And I still keep in touch with all of my old friends. Sometimes they even come over and hang out.

She always made school fun, and before either of us knew it, the sun had sunk below the horizon and the lights in the garden had flickered on. Only when the lights in the house switched on, did we remember the guests. We both jumped into action. I wheeled myself back into the house to get our clothes ready, and Kairi went to apologize to Dad and the others.

I heard her say breathlessly as I got into the elevator, "I'm so sorry, Sora and I were studying, and we lost track of time. We'll be ready with dinner as soon as possible!"

My Dad's calm, soothing voice mumbled back to her happily, "There's no rush, Kai. Take your time."

She nodded slightly and turned quickly to jump into the elevator next to me. We went up to the third floor and went into our rooms. She got dressed first, and then came in to my room to help me. I wasn't embarassed around her because we both knew that I was gay. And, as she pulled up my black dress pants, she sneered up at me, "You know...your father's guest brought his son...he's pretty cute."

I blushed slightly as I swatted her hands away and struggled to pull them up myself. She just grinned and walked to my closet, throwing a white dress shirt with tiny vertical red stripes at my head. I tugged it on, buttoned it quickly, gave her another look, and went out to the hall. When we got to the dinning room, we saw that Dad and his guests hadn't gone in yet. We could hear them conversing in the sitting room...something about the economic status of the new shipment, and blah.

I started to make my way to the sitting room, but Kairi stopped me and said happily, "Don't worry about it, I'll get them."

"Okay." I shrugged, turning back to the table. She followed me to one of the chairs and helped me in one of them before she flung open the large wooden doors to where our guests were. She had stowed my chair in a corner by the door for safe keeping before hand (or maybe she was trying to keep the place looking proffesional), and as the Vice President, his wife, and his son entered, they passed by without even seeing it.

"Ah...here's my son. Ather, this is Sora, Sora, this is my new partner, Ather." my father drawled smoothly, holding out his hand in my direction.

Ather made his way towards me, a little confused as to why I wasn't getting up and greeting him. I must seem terribly rude. My face must have been bright red. And, I was about to say something about my 'condition', when my father cut in and started introducing me to the two beautiful people I hadn't met yet. One was a woman that was so regal, I felt out of place in my measly garments. I thought she was a queen or something to that effect. She too looked confused and a little questioning as to why I wasn't being proper at a dinner party. The next person was so gorgeous, he litterally took my breath away.

"This is Roxas...Sora, Roxas; Roxas, Sora." my father mumbled, smiling warmly at the both of us.

The boy was starring at me with almost as much awe as me. Finally, however, his mother coughed and we snapped out of it. He walked off to take a seat on the opposite side of the table, directly in front of me. I smiled over at him kindly as he settled in, and he looked away hurredly. I glanced at Kairi and saw that she was watching from the corner of her eye. As soon as we locked eyes, she winked and dissapeared into the kitchen to start bringing out the meal. My father chatted amiably with the three guests, and I managed to stay quiet the whole time, eating slowly, and occasionally stealing glances at the blond angel in front of me.

When dinner and dessert had been eaten, my father called over the table, "Well now, why don't we move to the sitting room where it's more comfortable, and we can continue talking over drinks?"

We all nodded, and he looked to me, and noticed my chair wasn't in sight. He smiled, walked over to me, and whispered, "I'll help you in, then, shall I?"

He slipped one of his arms under the crook in my legs, and the other around my back. He then lifted me up with ease, starting to make his way to the sitting room. I noticed that our guests had stopped dead in their tracks. I knew he hadn't told them. He always manages to leave that out about me. I blushed slightly, trying to hide my embarassment I sunk deeper into my father's arms. He strode into the sitting room, set me down gently, and turned back to the guests. Not even phazed by my embarassment or their shock.

He smiled again and motioned for them to join us. They quit their gawking and hurredly trailed in after us. Kairi brough in whiskey and soda a few minutes later. I had a Coke while Roxas had a Sprite, and all of the grown-up's had whiskey. They chatted about the buisness mostly, occasionally bringing up other stories, and so on. The night was growing darker outside the windows, and I was starting to doze off occasionally.

"Sora? Are you tired?" my father asked, leaning over and placing his hand on my shoulder gently.

"My, my, my! I know I'm getting a little drowsy!" Mr. Fujioka said orotundly, giving my father a mildly drunken slap on the back.

My father only smiled and said quietly, "Well then, we should all be getting to bed."

"Yes, It's very late indeed." Mrs. Fujioka drawled, getting to her feet drowsily.

Roxas too was yawning, and stretching as he stood up. We all made our way over to the front door and bade each other goodbye, but Kairi did something a little odd. She hurredly walked in front of Roxas and I as we were trying to make our way out the door. Mr. Fujioka was having a little trouble with getting in their cab, so we were stuck waiting in the exit.

I was so nervous, I couldn't even move. I did manage to, after a few tense seconds, look over at him. He looked as stiff as a board. Was I that uncomfortable being around? Just then he noticed me starring at him and glanced over at me quickly. I looked away hurredly, a blush creeping up into my cheeks.

"So...you're homeschooled?" I heard Roxas ask after clearing his throat.

I squeaked back, stuttering slightly, "Y-yeah!"

"That's cool..." he mumbled, trailing off.

I felt like I was choking, I was so nervous. I managed to ask, "Are you?"

"No, I'm going to the public school, Destiny High-"

I didn't give him a chance to finish. I nearly yelled, calling out in awe, "Wow! Do you know anyone named Tidus, or Wakka, or Hayner, or Pence, or Olette?"

He stood, stunned for a momment and then said, "Yeah...actually I know a couple of them, they were in my classes today..."

"That must be wonderful! Being around other kids...hanging out all day..." I sighed, starting to go off into my own daydream.

Only the sound of my father brought me back. Roxas had been starring and I hadn't even noticed. We both blushed crimpson and went out the door. I made my way down a separate path next to some bushes (that couldn't easily be seen), and sat next to my father, who was bidding everyone goodbye.

"It was a pleasure, Ather. I hope we can do this again sometime."

"Right-o there! We'll definitly have to come back to visit you and your lovely family!" he cried out, sticking his bald head out the window and shaking my father's hand. He winked slightly as he caught my eye, and said in a (loud) secretive voice, "I don't think I would be able to keep Roxas away, you know, I think he's taken a liking to you, Sora."

And with that, he dissapeared, just as the taxi began zooming away. The soud of Roxas' strangled yells comming back to my ears from somewhere in the dark cab.

I sat stunned. He liked me? Like that?

Kairi leaned down and whispered teasingly, "Sora's got a boyfriend!"

"Whaaat??" I called out, almost flipping myself back out of my chair.

She just grinned and started pushing me back into the comfort of our cozy home. I sat with my head down, my hands limp in my lap, and thought, How could someone like him, think anything like that of me?

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