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a/n: Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you to probably the best review that I've ever gotten.

a/n2: Totally. We both read this and thought, wow, this person really gets us. It is much apreciated.

a/n: Yes, the review that we recieved from Marcus1233 was awesome. And I don't know if that person will come back to read this little thing, but I hope they do.

a/n2: Okay, so to answer some of their questions. Then we'll give light as to why we think his/her review is awesome. So, first question was about Roxas fainting. Well, I guess it wasn't really a question, but I think that most people after sex are pretty wiped out. Second, How can a 'garden' exist in another garden. This I'm guessing pertains to the little plant they found under the cement. You'd be surprised where things can end up growing. I was rock climbing once and when I got over a ridge I found a beautiful pinkish-red flower growing right out of the cracks in the rocks. Water might spill into the cracks and water it. I don't know. Just shows how crazy life is. Okay, my favorite question, How does no one hear them screaming during the sex act. Well, I don't know. Just my whistfull thinking willed it to be that way.

a/n: Hee Hee! Sex is good!

a/n2: So childish. Okay, so now on to explaining why this person's review meant so much to us.

a/n: nods seriously

a/n2: Alright. It's because it asked questions. And really understood how both of our minds work. It's almost hard to explain. To some people it may seem like a perfectly fine story. But I knew that as soon as I was done with it, it was a piece of shit. It is one of the worst stories that I have written. And I had no idea how I was going to fix it. I'd already given my assosiate the first two chapters to put up, and I tried so hard to fix the last two. But ultimately I couldn't. And for that I apologize.

a/n: It wasn't as bad as you make it out to be. I'm not asking you to give me bestseller stuff, just enough to satisfy my fantasies. ;)

a/n2: I know. But, that's what a writer is supposed to do. Critisize themselves. And that's what I commend Marcus1233 for doing. He/she critisized me in exactally the correct fashion. Insulting enough to be considered a compliment. And, they caught on to how unfinished it felt (not saying that no one else did, but they said something). This person is a true author and I commend them. So, in all due respect thank you Marcus1233.

a/n: Yeah, totally, thanks.

a/n2: We hope to see everyone soon, and I hope I have explained ourselves thouroughly.

a/n & a/n2: Happy Readings!!