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Chapter 1 – Oh My God . .

"I . . . I can't do it." The young brunette stuttered nervously as she shook her head.

"Yes, you can!" Her best friend sighed as their taxi pulled up outside of their destination.

"No, I can't." The brunette replied yet again.

"Danni, yes you can!" The other girl sighed, grabbing hold of her best friend's arm and yanking her out of the taxi with her.

"But, but . . " The tall brown haired girl stuttered as she looked up at the huge building stood before her.

"No buts." The short red head replied, spinning around to see a look of terror spread across the face of her friend. "Danni, what is it that you've always wanted to do more than anything?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Be a wrestler . . " The young woman replied quietly.

"And what happened a few weeks ago?" Sarah asked, rolling her eyes slightly.

"I got the job of my dreams . . " Danni replied, a small grin growing on her face as she heard herself speak those few words.

"Exactly, so what the hell are you waiting for?" The auburn haired girl replied as she yet again took hold of her friend's arm and began to drag her towards the arena.

"But, but . . do you know who is in that arena?" Danni asked, digging her heels into the concrete and coming to an abrupt halt.

"Erm, Chris Jericho?" Sarah replied, a huge grin on her face.

"Very funny . . . that's the only reason you agreed to move over here with me, isn't it?" The brunette asked her friend with a raised eyebrow.

"No . . " The red head replied innocently, before breaking out into another grin. "Well, maybe . . but you know that I hated England. I'd have done anything to get away from that place." She shrugged.

"You're not the only one . . " Danni replied with a sigh as the knot in her stomach grew even tighter.

"Come on babe, once you've met him once you'll be fine." The shorter of the two reassuringly smiled.

"But it's Dave freakin' Batista we're talking about Sarah, it'll never be fine!"

"Just, stop being such a baby and get a move on." The young red head sighed yet again, before finally managing to drag her friend into the arena.

After getting a backstage pass for Sarah, the best friend's slowly made their way through the corridors, trying to find the woman's locker room. After what seemed like forever, the girls had no idea where they were or what they were doing.

"I think . . we're lost." Sarah sighed as they stopped dead in the middle of one of the thousands of corridors in the arena.

"Oh shit . . Sarah, I'm going to be late!" Danni replied as she began to panic.

"Sup, ladies?" Someone asked from behind, causing the friend's to spin around to see none other than the Doctor of Thugonomics.

"Erm . . hi. Would you be able to tell us where the woman's locker room is? We kinda got . . lost." Sarah asked him politely.

"Sure, if you go back the way you came, turn left twice and it's the . . third door or your right." John told them smiling.

"Okay, thank you so much!" The red head grinned yet again.

"No problem." He winked at the pair, before he yet again began on his way.

"How . . how the hell can you be so calm?" Danni asked her friend with wide eyes, after finally coming out of her trance.

"Because I hate him." Sarah grinned innocently, causing the brunette to laugh.

" . . . Wait till Tiff hears about this." Danni grinned smugly.

"Oh god I know, she'll kill us." Sarah rolled her eyes as the pair finally arrived at the room they were looking for.

"Alright, here goes . . " Danni nervously sighed as she opened up the door.

"Wait." Sarah began, stopping her best friend for a moment. "Will I be allowed in here?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know, but you're coming anyway. I can't do this without you!" The brunette replied, which caused the shorter of the two to laugh before they both finally made their way into the woman's locker room.

"Heya!" A short, dark haired Diva grinned excitedly as she ran up to the two best friends the moment they closed the door behind them. "You must be Danni?" She asked.

"Yeah, and this is Sarah." The tall brunette grinned politely.

"I'm Inah, it's great to meet you both!" She smiled yet again.

Both Sarah and Danni couldn't help but grin at the Diva's enthusiasm. They'd only been with her for a matter of seconds, but already Danni could feel herself begin to relax. Everyone they had met so far had seemed really nice, so maybe there wasn't anything to worry about . .

"Have you guys checked out the arena yet?" Inah asked happily as she walked back over to her bag and picked up a hairbrush.

"Well, parts of it when we got lost . . " Sarah replied, causing all three to laugh. "But that's about it." She shrugged.

"Well I'd be happy to show you around, if you want?" The dark haired Diva asked with a smile as she began to brush her hair.

"Sure, that would be great." Danni grinned back gratefully.

After setting down their things in the locker room, Inah led the best friends back into the corridors which had now begun to get rather busy. Showing them around most of the backstage areas, they finally reached the gorilla . . the place that would probably be the most important to Danni, with the exception of the ring itself.

"So, that's about it." Inah grinned happily as they stopped beside a monitor, which was now showing the first match of the night's Raw.

"Okay, thanks for showing us around Inah, it means a lot." Danni smiled yet again at the short, dark haired girl.

"You're welcome, anytime! Will you guys be okay making your way back? I kinda have my match in a few minutes. . " Inah grinned innocently.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll be alright." Sarah replied with a small nod.

"Alright well, catch you both later!" The dark haired Diva replied, sending one last grin their way before skipping off and leaving them to it.

"Oh my god . . Danni, don't turn around." Sarah told her best friend as she spotted something, or someone behind her.

"What, why?" She asked, ignoring her friend completely.

The young brunette's eyes grew wide as she spun around and saw exactly what Sarah was talking about . .