A.N. This poem is kind of a stinker...but I'm not a poet, alright? I'm obsessed with perfect rhythm and rhyme...and some of the words need to be said aloud in a different way to hear a nearly impeccable rhythm. That's why each line and stanza is so short because I'm too OCD about the beat to manage anything larger. So...don't expect great things from me.

And I promise I'm still writing my Sweenett oneshots! The next one will be up by the end of this week or the middle of next week.

Anyhow...this is a poem using a pretty clich├ęd, boring plot...I wrote it a LONG (ish) time ago...about two days after I first saw the movie. But it's about Sweeney and his relationship with his favorite razor. Yes I think he has a favorite one. Anyhow...on with it.


My darling dear,

No need to fear,

For I am here,

My darling dear

I hold you near,

I shed a tear,

For now it's clear,

You need me, dear

I keep you still,

You feel so chill

You need the thrill

A bloody kill

Slice through the night,

Flash in the light

I'll grip you tight,

My heart's delight

My whole life seems

A shattered dream

Of razor's gleams

And silent screams

We'll work as one,

And we'll spare none,

Let their blood run,

Far from the sun

When vengeance's paid

His life will fade,

We'll have life made,

My precious blade

My darling dear,

No need to fear,

For I am here,

My darling dear