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"Which way?" I asked Fang looking left and right down identical corridors

"What are you asking me for?" He replied, also looking left and right.

"You're the one with the laser pen thingy."

"It doesn't have GPS on it!" He hissed back.

As it turns out our decision was made for us. Footsteps sounded around the corner to our right so we went left. We sprinted down the corridor blindly, turning first one way and then the other.

"We need a window or something." I muttered.

"There." Fang nodded ahead. There was a set of stairs rising in front of us. Stairs were good. Stairs meant up and up meant we were getting out of there.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, blasting through the corridors. I slammed my hands over my ears, Fang copying me. Geez, were they trying to burst people's ear drums?

"Guess they noticed we were gone?" I smirked at Fang. He just gave me a 'no kidding' look and started jumping the stairs three at a time.

As we reached the top I heard shouts behind us. Uh oh. They'd found us. We turned around to see our pursuers. Time to decide if we were gonna fight or flight it.

Four big men were hurtling down the corridor towards us, carrying some sort of baton things.

"Fight?" I asked turning to Fang. He just nodded, his face set in a determined expression.

"You know, you really shouldn't fight bird kids when they have the higher ground," I addressed the men. They skidded to a halt clearly surprised that I could talk. This was going to be fun.

Nudge grabbed the papers she had printed off from Dr Denman's computer on the boat. "I think I saw some plans for a lab or something in here, of course it could have been plans for a house or something, maybe she was planning on moving here-"

"Nudge!" Angel said forcefully "Max and Fang remember?"

"Oh yeah. Ah ha! Here it is." She pulled out a sheet of paper covered with blue prints. She handed it over to the Australians.

"You guys recognize it?" Iggy asked hopefully.

Lewis, Zane and the girls bent over the blueprints, desperately trying to recognize the building.

"Got it!" Said Zane, "The big glass building next to the mall. It looks exactly like this. Dad took me in there once when he had to go to a meeting."

Lewis was still studying the map. "It looks like there's a basement, which is probably where Max and Fang are. There seem to be lots of small rooms down there. And the labs are on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors with the meeting rooms on the 5th floor. There's direct access to the roof as well via the stairs."

"We can't blow up the whole building, there might be innocent people inside." Iggy thought aloud "Gazzy you got those low explosion bombs we made last week?" he asked.

"Yep, already checked them twice." Gazzy grinned. "Perfect for oh, say taking out a couple of floors of labs."

The mermaids looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"How exactly are we going to get in?" Rikki asked

"The front door?" Suggested Zane. "Then we can split up and go up and down. Easy."

"He's got a point." Lewis conceded. "It is easy to get into by the looks of it. We can just take the stairs down to the basement. It's almost too easy."

I snapped out my wings and Fang did the same. We probably looked like the angels of death or something, standing there on top of the stairs, ready to fight. Then four men stopped at the bottom and seemed to hesitate. That was all we needed. Kicking off I launched myself down the stairs picking up speed. The men's eyes widened as we hurtled towards them. Halfway down the stairs I kicked my legs forwards so I was now driving feet first. In seconds I crashed into the guard in front knocking him straight to the ground. Fang swooped over my head and landed behind the men. They were trapped between us. A few kicks and punches later, the four men were on the floor and we were headed back up the stairs towards freedom.

Fang listened at the door at the top of the stairs before opening it. We didn't want to walk into a room full of people with guns say.

"Sounds clear." Fang said before kicking the door in. We both burst out of the stairwell into…a lobby?

"Since when do evil scientists lairs have a front desk and cushy chairs?" I asked Fang who looked slightly confused. That meant he was as confused as I was; very.

"Blend in." I instructed as a few people looked towards the noise we had made. I stood up straight and walked out like we were supposed to be there. Everyone turned back to their magazines.

Then several things happened at once.

The sliding doors leading out onto the street opened and in walked Angel, Cleo, Lewis, Zane, Emma and Rikki. Angel spotted us across the foyer and tugged on Cleo's hand making them all turn to look at us. They all had slightly stunned faces on.

The elevators behind us beeped and the doors opened to reveal 10 armed guards in each of the four elevators. And the stairwell door banged open and another twenty guys poured out, guns aimed at us.

Fang and I froze in the middle of the room. My eyes darted around looking for a possible escape, but I found none. My pulse quickened. If we moved, they'd shoot and hit Angel and the others. We were stuck.

"Kids, why don't you come with us, and no one will get hurt." One of the guards said.

"Uh, no." I replied then instantly regretted it as sixty automatics clicked. I glanced around again, for the first time noticing there were missing members of the flock.

Where are Iggy, Gazzy and Nudge? I thought to Angel

Upstairs. Max there's too many of them for me to control.

Don't worry about it. What are they doing upstairs?

Angel didn't get a chance to answer me though as at that minute, a loud explosion came from above us. Of course, what else would the pyromaniacs be doing in the labs?

The guards looked up at the noise and Fang and I used the distraction to make our escape.

"GO!" I yelled at the others as we charged towards them heading for the door. They turned and ran with us. We crashed through the glass doors (they had been locked) and glass exploded everywhere. Once outside I thought I heard a whoop from up above but I didn't have time to look. There were sixty guys with guns behind us remember.

"Split." I yelled and everyone seemed to get the hint. Rikki, Emma and Zane went right, disappearing into the mall, Cleo and Lewis went left, vanishing amongst the crowds. Angel, Fang and I kicked off from the ground and went straight up, disappearing behind the glass building and landing on the roof of another building close by.

By the time the guards and Dr Denman got outside, we were all long gone.

"That was awesome!" I heard Gazzy's voice before I saw him. He, Iggy and Nudge gently landed on the roof next to us.

"What did you blow up?" I asked

"Oh, just Dr Denman's labs. She won't be conducting much more research for Itex anytime soon." Iggy laughed.

"Why did you take Nudge with you? No offense Nudge but you're not exactly on the bomb squad."

Nudge grinned "I put a virus on the computers wiping all traces of us or the mermaids on any of the computers connected to the ones in the labs." She giggled "All their gonna get now 'Itex drools, the flock rules' Oh and I left a little warning for Dr Denman. Something along the lines of 'Leave us alone or else we'll get you.' "

"Great Nudge," I couldn't help but laugh, especially when I pictured Denman's face when she tried to get into her files. I did pity her having to tell her boss that we had escaped yet again. Only slightly though.

"Come on guys." I said, jumping into the air, we had to meet the mermaids back on that island of theirs.

They were waiting for us when we landed on the beach and our two groups walked towards each other across the sand.

"So, is that it?" Cleo asked "Are you guys safe now?"

"Nudge erased all the info Denman had collected on you guys. Itex probably won't listen to anything she has to say now. So hopefully no one will come after you." The mermaids smiled at each other "But blowing up one little lab isn't going to get Itex off our backs." I grimaced. "Trust me, we tried that, but that's our fight not yours."

"So, what are you going to do now?" Emma asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

The flock looked at me. "What we always do." I said "Fly, get something to eat, probably find something else to blow up." That earned a "Yes!" from Iggy and Gazzy, in turn earning a look from me.

"I wish we didn't have to leave." Angel whined. "This island is nice."

"Angel we can't stay here forever." Fang said

"I know," She said quietly. "Still," She said more brightly "I can't believe we got to meet real live mermaids."

"I know!" Squealed Nudge, "That was just so cool and" I quickly put my hand over her mouth before she gave us all earache.

The girls smiled. "And we're glad we got to meet you guys." Cleo said

"And thanks, for the Denman stuff." Rikki said as Zane threw an arm around her shoulder.

"Anytime." I winked. "U and A guys." I said taking a running start before leaping into the air extending my wings and letting them catch an updraft.

Fang soared up on my right, his mouth twitching in a small smile.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing." He shook his head. I scowled. He was laughing at me, but I didn't know why. I veered right and shoved him. He shoved me back before dropping underneath me so I couldn't shove him again. I couldn't help but laugh. It felt nice to be free even if I knew it wouldn't last.

"Max! Look!" Nudge called

Oh no, now what had she found? "Nudge, no more mermaids or any other mythical creature for that matter." I said, before angling my wings to drop back to where she was.