In Imagination I Die

"So listen to me, the Doctor is real!" She said, her hands fluttering about the place in excitement. "He's really real!"

"Yeah of course he is..." She nodded her head. This one was a lost hope, always muttering 'Doctor this' and 'Doctor that'. Losing her mother had really made her lose her head.

"He is! I've met him! I've travelled with him!" she continued.

Lucy Burns sighed once again. "Yeah you've mentioned the blue box that's bigger on the inside."

"The Tardis."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Take your pills, Rose."

"But I don't need them." she complained. It was the same routine everyday for the last month. She would come in with the pills and Rose would always talk about the Tardis and the Doctor and how she travelled with him and fought monsters from other planets. Poor soul, she just couldn't tell reality from her warped imagination.

She stood up, hand on her hip. Her eyebrows were raised in annoyance as she spoke. "Do I need to bring Mitch in again?"

Rose sighed and wondered how implausible she must have sounded but with Lucy as the only one who had ever came near her who else could she try to convince? The last time she refused to take the pills, they drugged her and forced her to take them. It was an experience she didn't want to repeat but someone had to believe her. Someone had to help her find the Doctor.

"Rose please take your pills," She said, resting a gentle hand on her shoulder as she placed the white tub of pills in her hand. "For me."

Rose looked warily at the pills and swallowed them reluctantly.

Lucy smiled. Another day without having to use the restraints or the drugs. Maybe there was some hope for Rose Tyler. "Thank you."

Rose rested her head against the pillow as the door slammed shut with a bang. The first few days she had jumped in surprise but eventually she got used to it. She wondered how long it would take for her to lose hope?

They said she had been here for three months after her mother had died. The last time she saw her mother was three weeks ago on their last visit to Earth. Two weeks and four days ago she had been ripped apart from the Doctor and been forced on a surgical table. She remembered seeing the look on his face. It was of pure and utter horror and neither of them could do anything. the last thing she saw before waking up here was the Doctor being put on a table of his very own. She had then woken up here and was given the label of 'maniac'. One of the crazy people in ward 3 of London's finest psychiatric hospital.

Rose closed her eyes, letting sleep wash over her as the effects of the tablet's did their job.


The Doctor winced. The pain in his head throbbed as the light poured in from a nearby window. He held his hand up in an attempt to shield his eyes from the blinding light. He turned away trying to remember what had happened, only to find he wasn't alone. Beside him on the bed was a sleeping figure of someone he had no recollection of ever knowing.She was sleeping peacefully as her brown hair covered her face.

The Doctor stared in horror and confusion at her. Who was she? How had he ended up in her bed? And more importantly, where was Rose?

He needed to get out of there. He carefully rose from the bed trying to minimize any amount of noise he made. He found he was almost naked, save for the black boxers he was wearing. Looking in the mirror he noted it was the same old face. Brown hair, brown eyes and cheeky grin. Although grinning was not as evident today as he searched for clothes thrown on the ground.

"John come back to bed..." he heard a voice mumble from behind him. He was frozen on the spot. What was he meant to do?

He heard the springs of the bed creak as she got up and he turned slowly. Words stayed on the tip of his tongue but he wasn't sure how to start. He never got to speak as she kissed him briefly on the lips. "Look John, I know things have been difficult lately but I want to give this marriage a chance. I know I made a mistake but we can get through this."

What had she just said? Marraige? He wasn't married, at least not anymore. He raised his hand and as clear as day a wedding band was on his finger. His eyes widened in shock. What the hell had happened to him?

He tried to form some words, "I - uh, well,"

She placed a finger on his lips. "I know you still love me, otherwise last night would have never have happened,"

What the hell happened last night? When he hell did he get married? The pain in his head increased with every attempted thought.

"I need to go." He managed to mumble, getting out of her grip.

She grabbed his arm. "I'm not letting you leave. I know you still love me John. We can make this work."

He wrenched out of her grip. He knew he needed to get out of there. This wasn't right. He had to find Rose. He had to find out what had happened. He looked at the woman straight in the eyes and said, "I don't know who you are. I don't what the hell happened or who you think I am but I am not your husband."

"John - "

"My name is not John and I don't know who you are. I'm going to leave now."

He gathered his clothes and ran out putting as many items on himself as he went. He heard her follow him, shouting, but he ran.

Ran as fast as he could to get to anywhere but here with only one goal in mind. He needed to find Rose.

To be continued...