Harry and the Founding of Happiness - by teddylonglong

43 – A Happy Future

Edina O'Connor let out a long sigh, before she said in a small voice. "I'm very happy for Godiva and Harry. Don't misunderstand me, sir..."

"Severus," the professor interrupted her softly. "Please call me Severus."

"Thank you. I am Edina, by the way. Anyway, it's just so sad, knowing that they live one thousand years into the future and I can never just go visit them when I want to. There is no way to come here, except for when Harry comes and brings me here like he did today. I don't have anyone except for Godiva in the past, and now she's gone..." She slowly trailed off.

"Edina, I apologize in case I ask something too far-fetched," Severus said thoughtfully, "but wouldn't it be possible for you to remain here in this time, along with your daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren?"

'Yay, go Severus, go,' Harry thought, absently playing with his baby's tiny fingers.

"Just stay here?" the woman asked incredulously, throwing Severus a confused look. "But what will I do here? So far, I've been working at St. Mungo's as a Healer, but I won't be able to work here in this time, because I only have the knowledge of the practice in my own time. Godiva has been studying this time's Healing with Poppy for several summers."

Severus sighed. "First of all, you could just stay here at Hogwarts with your children. Godiva and Harry are both busy during the day, and although Godiva would be able to take the babies with her to her and Poppy's office and look after them, it would be a huge relief for her and Harry, if someone was there for them all the time. Moreover, if you were living here in the castle, I'm sure Poppy and Godiva wouldn't mind teaching you as well as learning from you in return. Many of the old practices have become lost over time, and I know for a fact that Poppy always enjoys having Helga here, because she is very interested in the old Healing methods, and not just the modern ones."

Edina sighed again. "This sounds very convincing; however, don't you think Harry would mind having his mother-in-law here all the time? Yes, it was him who fetched me, but he only wanted me to be here for the babies' birth."

"I have known Harry since he was eleven, and I've travelled to the past with him several times," Severus replied thoughtfully. "I know for a fact that for him family is more important than anything else. He'd love having you here."

'Of course,' Harry thought and quickly ended the spell when the conversation turned to other topics.



Godiva and Harry were indeed very happy to have Edina stay in the future, especially since they had three more children over the next six years, two boys, Godric and Salazar, and a little girl that they named after Godiva's mother.

When the twins were one year old, not only Neville and Luna as well as Hermione and Blaise became married, but to everyone's huge surprise a few days before the event Edina and Severus decided to make it a triple wedding and became a married couple as well.

Together with the Headmaster, Harry set up a playschool and later on a primary school for the many small children growing up at Hogwarts during the following years, and Edina became their teacher.

The Potters and the Snapes spent all of their summer and winter holidays in the past, and over the next few years, Severus, Harry and Salazar worked together inventing a potion based Portkey that was magically supporting Harry's flashing magic by his passengers' magic. With that Harry didn't have to flash back and forth several times to take his five children, his mother-in-law with her husband and their three children and his wife to the past and back. Everyone just gathered together and held hands, and Harry could easily flash them all without even transforming into his phoenix form.

By the time Godiva's and Harry's second son Godric finished his NEWTs, Headmaster Dumbledore decided it was time to retire at the ripe old age of two hundred, and Harry became the new Headmaster, knowing that his son Godric, who had spent two years in the past studying under his grandparents' eyes, would well be able to take over his position as professor for Ancient Studies. As Headmaster, Harry also invented four new positions at Hogwarts, which he filled with his other four children.

"Seeing that the four Heads of House have their own classes to teach and don't have much time for the students, from now on we're going to have House teachers for each House. They will be solely responsible for their wards' academic and personal issues," he explained to his colleagues and students, before he introduced his daughter Rowena as Ravenclaw House teacher, Helga for Slytherin, Salazar for Gryffindor and Edina for Hufflepuff, according to the Houses in which his children had been sorted by the Sorting Hat.

As Headmaster, Harry had enough spare time to write books with long lost potions recipes and translate some of his father's books from Parselscript into modern English.


The party for Harry's one hundredth birthday was the largest event the magical community of Britain had ever seen. His children and grandchildren spent many weeks planning the huge event and sent Harry into the past with a long list of people he had to bring to the future with him. At the same time, his old mentor and Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, sent out invitations to the contemporary magical world, and everyone, who was invited, happily accepted the invitation, glad to be able to meet the famous Harry Potter, who was well-known for being the first person receiving the Order of Merlin award three times. Once for vanquishing Voldemort, once for curing the werewolves along with Severus Snape, and a third time for his achievements in the area of Healing, because he presented the wizarding world with many old potions and potions recipes able to cure people that otherwise couldn't have been saved.

In the morning of the thirty-first of July, the four Founders cast a spell to magically enlarge the Great Hall to twice its normal size in order to accommodate all the visitors. Thousands of people gathered and waited for the Headmaster, but Harry was nowhere to be seen.

"We have no idea where our father has gone..."

"Perhaps he flashed to the past to fetch someone else and got lost in time," the twins, Helga and Rowena, who were always ready to entertain people with their jokes, announced to the guests, just when Harry flashed into the hall with a passenger in tow.

"I'm sorry for the delay," he apologized, "I just remembered another person, whom I didn't want to miss on this opportunity." Stepping over to his Deputy Headmistress, he introduced the two women, who looked like twins, to each other, "Minerva McGonagall."

Many hours and thousands of handshakes and presents later, when everyone but family returned home, Harry motioned Godiva into the Chamber to visit Amaterasu. "Let's have a few minutes of quiet time," he said and gently cuddled her under the basilisk's watchful eyes.

At the same time, Minerva McGonagall ushered her many times great grandmother as well as Harry's large family into the Ancient Magic classroom, setting the magical screen on the day before Christmas Eve in the year 982.

Everyone watched in amazement as the Founders rescued a small baby out of the snow into the castle and decided to keep the boy and raise him at Hogwarts. Harry and Godiva, who had just returned from their visit to Amaterasu, stood in the doorframe, smiling.

"That was the founding of our happiness," Harry whispered into his wife's ear, before he pulled her into a long kiss.

The End

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