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Chapter 1: Prologue

It was dark, but the moon gave enough light. She formed a small canopy with her blanket and pillows and prayed no one would see her should they check on her.

Her father had forbidden her to get out of bed, but he never said she couldn't draw. Hinata had been sent to bed early as punishment for her unlady-like behavior earlier. She had been playing with the boys and had gotten her kimono dirty while she was at a picnic with her mother and friends.

But Hinata didn't know why her father was so angry when her mother did not mind. So what if she got her kimono dirty?

She didn't like sitting stiff on a mat in the garden just so she could keep her clothes clean. It made her feel like a doll, sitting on a shelf in a store collecting dust. The main house had no little girls for her to play with, so Hinata always sat alone when she really wanted to run free like the other boys did. Not the boys from her clan though. They were busy training with their fathers.

She could even take care of sick animals better than any boy. Hinata wanted to draw it now; the poor bird was there on her window sill in a box.

As she drew it, she thought of Kiba Inuzuka. His family was filled with veterinarians and cared for all animals but specialized in dogs. His home was like a pound. Filled with dogs and puppies running around his house and Hinata loved to read all of the interesting books there. When she grew up, she wanted to be with Kiba.

Maybe she would marry Kiba and she would get a puppy just like his so that she could run around with it and show it off to everyone.

The door to her bedroom opened and she froze, afraid her father had come up to check up on her. He rarely did so because he expected to be the perfect daughter and do as she was told. Usually, she was, except she was not that great at training. But she really wanted to draw the little bird before it got better. She didn't move from where she was though.

Everyone said she was a talented little girl and she drew really well for a five year old. It made her so happy when someone looked at her pictures, amazed by her works for her age.


It was her mother. Hinata breathed a sigh of relief because she was supposed to be sleeping and she would have been in big trouble if her father had found her awake. For a moment, she thought about lying still until her mother was sure she was sleeping but her mother always knew.

"Hinata," she said again, trying to sound stern.

Hinata pulled off her covers and hid her pencil and paper under her pillow as she swung her feet off the bed and sat up. "I'm not sleepy, Oka-san," said Hinata softly, lying down again.

"And the reason for that would be?" her mother asked, and pulled the blanket up, revealing Hinata's drawing. She thought her mother would take it away until the morning, but she gently put the blanket back.

"If your father found out, he wouldn't like the fact that upi are defying his orders, Hinata," her mother said as she tucked her in and sat at the edge of the bed.

"He doesn't like anything I do," said a pouting Hinata. She believed it too. Her father was always looking down his nose at her at every effort she attempted to do to please him.

"Hinata, darling," her mother told her. "You Otou-san loves you very much. He just wants what's best for you and wants you to be perfect; a perfect daughter and a perfect heir."

Hinata did not like the sound of that. It was hard being perfect, but if it meant seeing her father happy for once, she would try.

"I will be perfect," Hinata promised, as she thought about her future with a perfect husband and children living an enviable life. "But can I marry Kiba, Oka-san? Even though he's not from our clan?"

Her mother laughed, the sound like music to Hinata's ears. "When you grow up, Hinata, you can marry whomever you want. But why Kiba?"

Hinata answered without even thinking. "Because he's cute and he has the best house I've ever seen. He had lots of animals and stuff."

Her mother smiled. "That is very nice, my little hime."

"I would never grow tired of him or his home," said Hinata and she was sure of it. At the Hyuga compound, she was never allowed to play and was very sheltered; forbidden to run around with other.

Her mother caressed her cheek. "Go to sleep, Hinata," she said softly. "But let's see your picture first."

Hinata dragged out her drawing and showed her mother, who held it upside-down. "Its…pretty."

Hinata giggled as she told her mother to hold it the right way up when she remembered.

"Oh! I went exploring today brought home a baby bird that broke its wing. That's what I drew."

"You went exploring? I thought you said you wanted to go to the bathroom," her mother said smiling. "Then again, I knew you just wanted to get away from the picnic."

"Hai, Oka-san. With Shino and Kiba. I found it under a tree and Kiba said it probably dropped out of its nest so I brought it home, since I found it," said Hinata with much enthusiasm.

Her mother smiled at her. "Keep it safe and warm, ok? But I hope you know you can't keep it as a pet because birds are supposed to be free," she said. "Until it gets better, it will remain our secret from Otou-san." And she made to zip her lips as Hinata mimicked her.

"Otou-san won't like it if he finds out," said Hinata sadly.

"Your father doesn't need to know everything, Hinata. He has some secrets of his own."

The words seemed strained as her mother said them and Hinata looked up at her mother expectantly, hoping to get an explanation.

"As you grow older, you will have choices and you will have to choose on you own if to keep them to yourself or share with others," her mother said. "You will make mistakes and have your secrets, but you must use your little noggin to find out what's best." And she tapped Hinata's forehead. "I know you may not understand me now, but know this. Your father loves you very much."

She ran her fingers through Hinata's short bob. "I will tell you a story, so listen carefully, my little hime." Hinata saw her stroke her stomach absently.

"Long ago, your father was a sweet little boy," her mother started.

Hinata found it hard to believe he was ever anything other than harsh.

"He was always blushing and was quite talented, as well as your uncle Hizashi. But as time went by, he realized he would be heir and his brother would be put into the branch house while he would be kept in the main house. Your uncle Hizashi was a nice and caring man even though he was forced to live as a protector of his brother, rather than his own life as he wished. Your father however, was hardened by the main house and soon, he became just as cold and heartless as those who like him, are trained to be perfect."

"Who is Uncle Hizashi, Oka-san?" asked Hinata confused. "Do I know him?"

Her mother smiled sadly. "You've seen him already. Remember Neji?"

Hinata nodded. "Uncle Hizashi's Neji-niisan's Otou-san?"

"Yes, Hinata. But let me finish." She waited for Hinata to settle again before she continued. "Hinata do you remember when the bad ninja tried to take you away from us just weeks ago?" Hinata nodded quickly. "You know your father stopped that man, right? The thing is, the bad ninja was an important man from another village and they demanded you father pay for killing the ninja." She paused when Hinata gasped.

"The elders said the heir was not to die and so Hinata, Uncle Hizashi died instead of your father. Even though your father did not want him to, Uncle Hizashi chose to have his own way for once."

Your father couldn't take it, Hinata, and he swore to make your life better, but I guess the main house's ways are so seasoned into him, he just wants you to be as perfect as he thinks he is."

Hinata barely understood the story, what with being a five year old and it did not catch her interests, but she listened all the same, because anything her mother did was well done.

"But before all of that," he mother continued. "Your Otou-san was a sweet person, a sweet boy I fell in love with, and even though he isn't as nice as he was and I wish I could make him smile like he used to." Her mother finished sadly as Hinata felt her eyelids become heavy.

"Doesn't this story have a happy ending, Oka-san?" asked Hinata sleepily.

Her mother smiled. "We were supposed to live happily ever after but…things got in the way; mistakes, Hinata. Sometimes it's a long hard way to a happy ending. I just hope I can fix it and make him happy again," she said as she caressed her stomach. "Because I promised your father exactly that."

Hinata closed her eyes as she listened.

"The point is Hinata," her mother said. "Your father was molded into perfection and he wants the absolute best for you, even though he's a terrible Otou-san who is always tending to clan business and is too busy to help tuck you in at night."

Hinata was barely awake now and only caught her mother's words by straining her ears.

"Hinata," her mother sighed. "Just forget what I told you and try to dream of princesses as pretty as you and you Oka-san are."

Hinata giggled with her mother. She could hardy pretend to have not heard what her mother had said even though she didn't understand most of it, but she figured it would not be too difficult to forget. "I love you, Oka-san," she whispered to her mother as she drifted off to sleep.

She felt the weight on the bed shift as her mother stood up. "I love you too, my little hime," her mother whispered against Hinata's forehead and kissed her cheek as Hinata giggled at her mother's hair tickling her face.

It was one of the kisses Hinata remembered most, because nine months later, Lyvi Hyuga died giving birth to her little sister Hanabi.

Thirteen years later…..

There was no denying it.

Her fiancé had written this letter, but Hinata had be sure so she took a recent letter and compared them, struggling to find difference in the writing.

This had to be some kind of joke, she convinced herself as she tried to keep her posture as she sat behind the large desk.

Eighteen year old Shino sat in the chair in front of her. "I would have never brought this letter to you if I didn't believe you needed to know about it," he said.

Hinata could tell he was somewhat happy with the situation, even though his stoic features didn't betray his thoughts. He leaned over the desk staring at her intently, causing Hinata to blush from humiliation of the circumstance and his close proximity.

No matter how she looked at the paper, trying to find and flaw to lead to possible forgery, she found none.

"Kiba is my best friend, Hinata," said Shino. "But I had to show you the kind of person he is."

Hinata could hardly believe Shino was doing this out of the kindness of his heart for her. It was no secret he had feelings for her, but she did not care under what motive he shared the letter with her for. She was glad she now knew the truth.

Kiba was using her and she felt all of her dreams she held so high, come pelting towards rock bottom. Hinata had been gullible enough to believe he really loved her.

Hinata looked up to see Shino still staring at her as though he expected her to break down and wail patheti8cally, but Hinata would not cry to give Shino the pleasure of comforting her. She was done with crying and she was going to be strong.

Hinata studied the person in front of her. He had changed; became just as cold as her father and Hinata knew why.

It was no secret her father was the head of the strong Hyuga clan. Therefore Hinata could only think Shino was the heir to his clan as well; maybe he was hardened the same way, but she did know he was silently trying to get her to like him since their childhood and was probably even more determined now that Kiba left for Suna on business for her father.

Her eyes clouded as she read over the letter, this time digesting every word written on the paper. Hinata refused to cry, she would not allow herself to pity her situation and Shino watched her from behind his dark glasses.

She looked over the seal, checking to see how old the letter was and reckoned it was sent over two weeks ago- on their anniversary of their engagement which they had been for a year now. She doubted Kiba even realized and looked up at Shino, wondering how he could betray his best friend- even though she was glad he did.

She read the letter.

You have to come here with me. Over here is great, I'm telling you. Suna is every man's dream and I am glad I have such an understanding fiancé and a father-in-law willing to grant me more money than I can stuff in my pockets. I am very lucky to have been able to get Hinata to agree to marry me am I not? And I don't plan on returning soon either.

His words were like a blunt knife hacking away at her pride as she read more of the letter.

I can say that Hinata trusts me enough to not question my staying here and I'm sure she's still as beautiful and ripe as she was when I left and she will still be that way when I return.

She seems interested in my little visit to Suna, even though most women would be bored to death. She is a doll and I could not have chosen better.

Hinata's grip on the paper tightened as she read further. A doll? That was what he thought of her as? Of course she would be interested in what her fiancé was doing. How dare Kiba think she would wait until whenever he decided to come back to her!

You must come to Suna, Shino. The women here are so beautiful. Their skin is golden and their eyes shimmer with all the colors of the dessert with hair that is as soft as a horse's mane. And have no doubt that they like to be ridden, Shino. I know this for a fact.

Hinata was not so naïve to not know what he meant by that and she blushed furiously.

"Gomen, Hinata," said Shino. "I have to show you, even in its raw state because you have a right to know."

Hinata nodded absently, too speechless to mutter even a word as she continued.

The women here in Suna are so natural, they make you forget about how you were raised and would never want to return to Konoha. I'm not coming back any time, not even for all of the Hyuga money.

Hinata was wrenched to read that it was not her that would bring him back and that it was not her that Kiba wanted, but her money. Even so, he clearly stated her money was not nearly enough to bring him back.

Even in Suna, I've heard about Sasuke Uchiha's coming here. He must be soon leaving with other ANBU so you can come with him if you want. He's not the type who has manners, but I'm sure he'd let you join him if you pay him right. From what I hear, he's running low of his parents' money they left him.

I even have a surprise for you, Shino. She's a pretty girl I'm sure you'd like if you come.

I'll have to ask Hiashi-sama to allow me to stay here longer and if you come as well, we can convince him we are actually doing something here. He really wants a grandchild but I want to stay here as long as I can.

Come to Suna, Shino. You are the one person I miss most, my best friend.


Shino was the only person Kiba missed? Not his own fiancé?

How could she not have seen it before now? It had taken this letter to open her eyes and oh, how clearly she saw now.

She wanted to be what everyone wanted her to be; the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect sister and she was hoping to be the perfect mother.

Hinata had gotten a lot stronger as time had passed and she was strong and determined and she was going to stay that way.

She put the letter Kiba had sent to her with all its empty promises back into the drawer and held the other tightly, afraid it might slip from her hands that shook from pure rage.

She would deal with Kiba real good and he would regret the day he sent the letter in her hand.

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