Maybe he'll come back. Maybe he won't.

It doesn't matter what he'll do because I'll wait. I can be patient if I have to.

I lean back against the railing of the bridge. A soft wind blows the hair out my face. A soft sigh escapes my mouth.

Maybe it's useless. Maybe he lied.

I force myself to stop thinking like that.

He will come back. Probably… Hopefully… Maybe.

I start reminisce. First time I saw him it was at the beach. he thought I didn't saw him staring at me. I proved him wrong I guess. When I close my eyes I can still see his face with those piercing ice blue eyes and that manly but damn cute goatee. I flirted with him from afar, encouraging him to make the next step towards me and to talk with me. He didn't dare that and left before I noticed it. For me it felt like I failed.

The next time I saw him was simply at the street 10 minutes before he left. I called out to him. The moment he recognised me his whole face lit up. We introduced ourselves. He said his name was Luxord the Wise. We laughed, smiled and talked some more. 10 minutes was all we had. We didn't waste them.

The last time I saw was on this bridge. He was just about to step in the cab. It was pure coincidence that we saw each other. Luxord almost immediately dropped everything he was holding and walked towards me. Somewhere in the cab his father (whose face made me think of Hulk Hogan and his voice of Christopher Lee) jelled something about missing the plane. We both ignored him. Before I could say something Luxord pushed a letter and a disposal camera. He said it was a memory from him for me. Because I had nothing else with me I gave him my lucky charm. Then I hugged him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He hesitated but kissed back. He promised me he would come back sooner or later. He swore it. Then he left.

That was one month ago. I'm still waiting at the bridge, watching the water stream by. Xaldin, my big little brother, claims he's worried about me. I assure him that that isn't necessary. But still… he and my parents literally have to drag me away from here if they want me at home. Every ounce of spare time I have is spent here. I can't afford it to leave. Because he'll be here when I'm gone. That's typical life.

I wait. It doesn't matter if it rains, hails, snows or thunders. I wait

Because he'll come back.

Maybe… Probably… Hopefully.

Maybe he won't. But I pray every night that that isn't the case.