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Summary: KxY She slowly made a long thin cut down the center of her chest, the blood slowly running between her breasts. "I know you crave blood… my blood." She slowly stepped toward him and caressed his cheek. "And I want you to have it."

Blood Craving

By ShimmerSweet

Chapter 1 – Wants, Needs, and Cravings

"Do you think I've changed?"

Aido finished slipping on her shoe and looked up at her from the ground. Her blood had changed… Her hair had grown longer…

"Sure, Kuro- I mean, Yuki-sama" Aido verbally corrected himself, "You're a pureblood, your hair is longer… you're taller… with the help of the new shoes."

A small smile slid across Yuki's lips. "I don't mean like that… I mean… am I different? Is my personality different? Has it changed? Have I changed?"

"All I can feel right across the door right now is an arrogant pureblood who trifles with humans."

A small sniffle escaped Yuki as she quickly wiped away a tear as she recalled the memory Zero's words.

"No, I don't think so." He said rising to his feet. "I still think you're the same." Aido said cautiously as he took in the girl's appearance.

She turned and gave him a sad smile. "That's good to know." Then continued to walk over to a nearby tree and slumped against it, flumping to the ground.

Aido looked at her nervously. "I think you should return to your room Yuki-sama. You wouldn't want Kaname-sama to be worried."

Yuki looked toward the graying sky. The sun would rise in an hour or so. "I want to enjoy the fresh air before I retire to my room for the nigh- I mean day."

Aido took a couple of steps backward, giving her the space she obviously needed. It wasn't everyday your world was flipped upside down.

Aido silently watched Yuki as she pulled her legs towards her and rested her chin on her knees. She was staring out into the open sky with a vacant expression across her face. If she were thinking of something, it sure didn't look like it.

Seemingly out of nowhere, she broke into heavy silent sobs that shook her tiny body. She buried her face into her kneecaps and cried harder if it were possible. What was he to do? She wanted her space, but was he to go console her? Kaname-sama wouldn't be too happy to see her in her current condition. He visibly shuddered at the punch to the jaw he could receive.

Aido looked back toward the Day dorms where that boy Zero resided. It was no doubt that Yuki's agony stemmed from that fool.

The sky was getting lighter. It was almost time for sunrise.

Aido carefully approached Yuki, who had almost completely stopped sobbing. He crouched beside her.

"It's almost sunrise. I need to take you back Yuki-sama." He said softly as he offered his hand to the girl.

Yuki slowly lifted her head, wiping her face of her tears. "Okay," she said softly and took his offered hand.

Silently, they made their way back to the Moon dorm, with Aido leading. Yuki stopped in her tracks as she looked up at the dorm. One window stood out in particular. Kaname was staring right at her. His eyes were soft, as they usually were when they gazed upon her. But Yuki couldn't smile or blush for that matter. She was just caught in his eyes. His eyes were trying to say something…


She broke her gaze with Kaname and looked toward Aido who held the door open for her. "Thank you," she smiled as she entered.

"Let me take you to your room." Aido offered.

She shook her head and looked at him. "Take me to Kaname-senpai."

Aido nodded and led her up the stairs and to his door. Then left, deciding they needed privacy.

Yuki lightly knocked on the door. She didn't hesitate… like she did at Zero's door.

"Come in, Yuki." Kaname answered from the other side of the door.

Yuki slowly opened the door and softly closed it behind her. Kaname was leaning against the wall by the heavily curtained window. Their eyes connected. His soft ones and her sad ones.

A long and rather uncomfortable silence filled the room.

"What's wrong, Yuki?"

Her eyes seemed to fill with more sadness. "Zero… and I… I don't think we're friends anymore."

Kaname closed his eyes. That stupid boy was causing his beautiful Yuki to be sad again. He would have killed that boy long ago if he knew that Yuki wouldn't grieve over his corpse.

He looked at her, giving her a soft smile. "You don't have to worry about that. You've got me."

Yuki smiled genuinely as she wiped another tear from her eye. "I'm so glad I do… but I still feel so horrible."

Kaname crossed the room and took Yuki into his arms, running his hand through her hair. "You can cry if that will help you feel better."

She tightly grabbed the fabric of his shirt that rested below her hand, the sadness slowly seeping from her usually joyful eyes. "I've already cried over him. I don't have any more tears for him."

"Then I'll hold you for however long you like." Kaname whispered in her ear as he stroked her hair.

Yuki inhaled slowly, as Kaname ran his hand through her hair and the other up and down her back soothingly. Her stomach had instantly filled with butterflies. Kaname-senpai… He had always been so patient and gentle with her. He had always loved her for no apparent reason. He had an unconditional and undying love for her over the years. And to be honest, she loved him too. Their innocent fondness for one another had escalated and bloomed into a new relationship. They were now lovers… He deserved to be loved. Yuki had only told him of her love… but now… she needed to show it to him. She needed to give him her love. The love of a passionate lover. Yuki slowly exhaled, still ravishing in the tenderness of Kaname's arms.

"I'd like that," Yuki responded as she looked about the room while he held her. Her eyes landed on a small table close by. It had a couple of envelopes and a long sharp letter opener. "Do you know what I would like more?"

"No, what is it?"

Yuki took a step back from him and stared into his eyes, slowly reaching up to remove the hair that covered his eyes. His eyes… they were filled with something… they were filled with want… with a craving…

Her delicate fingers moved down to his neck, brushing the hair away. Her eyes were fixed on his neck, where she had recently bit him and drank greedily. Her hand slowly caressed his neck.

"Do you want blood?" He asked her softly.

"No," She lightly shook her head and looked into his eyes. "I want to make you happy. I want to fulfill your wants… your needs…"

He took her hand and placed a soft kiss on it. "You already make me happy. You're all that I want and need in this world."

"I know," she said as she placed a soft kiss on his lips and withdrew before he could respond to her lips with his own.

She walked away from him and walked to the tiny table she had laid eyes on earlier. Her back was to him as she spoke.

"You're a vampire. You have wants. You have needs. Because of my needs, you let me have your blood."

Kaname stared at her through the darkness. "You shouldn't be ashamed. It's a basic need for a vampire."

"I know," Yuki answered as she turned to him, with the letter opener in her hands. She slowly ripped her nightgown down the center, just enough to expose her cleavage. "That's why I'm going to fulfill your want, your need… your craving. It's my duty to you as your faithful lover."

She slowly made a long thin cut down the center of her chest, the blood slowly running between her breasts. "I know you crave blood… my blood." She slowly stepped toward him and caressed his cheek. "And I want you to have it."

Yuki ran a single finger through the blood between her breasts, and brought the bloody finger to her lips. "Don't deny yourself of your wants, needs and cravings… Kaname-senpai."

She slowly took her bloody finger into her mouth, her eyes connected with his.

She could see it in his eyes.

He had a blood craving. A 10 year old blood craving that was due to be filled.


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