Blood Craving

By ShimmerSweet

Chapter 6 – Naivety of Youth

Author Note: I made this chapter a little longer to help make up for my long absence. Details at the end of the chapter. ^_^

When Kaname, along with Aido, Kain, and Seiren arrived at the scene, they observed a standoff.

Zero was pointing his gun at a black cloaked stranger. The stranger stood very still, its gaze on the soft smoke rising from the barrel of Zero's gun.

The cloaked figure was gripping its left arm. Blood was slowly trickling down. It had been shot.

In a slow awkward motion, the figure turned its head to Kaname's group. Its eyes flashed red. It went to take a step toward Kaname.

"I told you not to move!" Zero yelled. "The next bullet you take will be fatal if you don't listen!"

Kaname looked from the cloaked figure to Zero. "What is going on here?"

Zero's eyes and gun were still locked on the intruder. "It's nothing I can't handle." Zero tightly clenched his teeth. "Leave."

Kaname had the urge to simply roll his eyes, but he was above such a simple gesture. The stranger, who was obviously a vampire, with the glowing red eyes, caught his attention.

"Kuran… Kaname…." The masculine voice spoke, in a slow and raspy voice. "It's quite simple really."

His words caught the undivided attention of all present.

Kaname narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Speak."

The cloaked vampire let out a sinister laugh, his eyes turning into a darker scarlet, and his fangs glistening beneath his smirking lip. "I was thirsty."


Ruka slowly opened her eyes and Yuki desperately tried to read them. If there was something going on, then she should know. "What is it?"

Ruka opened her mouth to speak but quickly snapped it shut. Her nostrils flared as she frowned.

Yuki was uneasy at Ruka's reaction. "What is it?" She repeated the question, with a new meaning.

The soft wind drifted the scent under Yuki's nose. She recognized what it was, but not who it belonged to. Yuki's lips slowly parted to form two small words. "It's blood…"

The scent had both assaulted and cajoled Yuki. Her nostrils flared, her fingers twitched, her body stiffened, her feet begged to move toward the scent. Yuki's salivating tongue flicked out to wet her lips in anticipation, her fangs were ready to bite, but Yuki wasn't.

Yuki instantly grabbed her head in fear, slightly hunching over. "What… what's happening… to me?"

Ruka slowly observed the girl. Her body language read her need to devour and feed. The look in her eyes… the girl was scared, she didn't know what her body was telling her.

"Your body wants the blood. You want to feed," Ruka said. "You crave the blood that you smell."

"So," Yuki said, peeking out of the corner of her eyes to catch a glimpse of Ruka. "This… is a… blood craving?" Yuki quickly shut her eyes in an effort to concentrate.

"Yes, you could call it that," Ruka replied, still observing the girl.

"What do I do to stop it?" Yuki asked, her eyebrows knitting together in concentration.

Ruka shrugged. "Nothing, really. We all deal with it, but not as outwardly as you, since you're a new vampire and not used to it." Ruka dug in her pocket and pulled out three pills. She walked over to Yuki and gently took her chin. "Swallow these; it helps us through our difficult times." Yuki slowly opened her teary eyes, the craving was proving to be quite a challenge for her.

Ruka pushed the pills past Yuki's slightly parted lips, and then brushed her hands on her skirt. She could tell that taking care of this girl was going to prove to be a chore, but Kaname-sama would get whatever he wanted from Ruka, no matter what he asked.

Yuki slowly chewed the pills, her saliva quickly beginning the digestion of the pills. With a single gulp, the pills were gone from her mouth and she could almost instantly feel a change in her demeanor. She still felt all of the sensations she had before, but they were subdued. They were bearable, not overwhelming as they once had been.

Yuki removed her hands from her head and looked toward Ruka. "Thanks, that did help."

Ruka gave a single nod.

A brief silence passed through them as they continued to wait. Another disruption filtered through the air. A vocal disruption. A scream. A gut curdling scream.

It had come from the opposite direction of the gun shots and blood. The scream was near the day dorms.

Yuki's eyes widened in fear. "What's going on?"

Then the smell of blood came from the same direction, followed by an identical scream.

Yuki's senses tingled at the smell of more fresh blood. "Ruka…"

Ruka was stiff, as she stared off into the distance. Yuki's eyes followed the trail.

It was a group of four level E vampires, feasting on a couple of female students.

"Go inside, we'll take care of this," Ruka said.

Out of thin air appeared a couple of the night class students, which Yuki didn't recognize. Instantly, they raced off to take care of the level E vampires.

Yuki would have listened to Ruka's orders and gone inside. She would have. In fact she had every intention to. But Yuki had caught sight of an additional level E vampire out of the corner of her eye. He was sitting far off from the rest of the pack, and was clutching an unconscious girl in his arms.

Yuki's heart had sped up and was going triple time. She held a hand to her chest, her fingers lightly grazing the necklace she wore. Her breaths became slightly shallow as surprise ran through her. The girl… The unconscious girl… it was her best friend and former roommate, Sayori.

And the vampire that clutched her viciously licked his lips. He devilishly licked Sayori's exposed neck, right across a visible vein. Throughout his teasing gestures, his demented scarlet eyes were locked on Yuki, his gaze penetrating her very being.

He threw Sayori over his shoulder and in a taunting manner gestured for Yuki to follow him.

He turned and disappeared into the woods.


"You're thirsty? That's why you're here?" Aido asked blatantly.

Zero rolled his eyes. Isn't that what he just said? Vampires were such idiots… Zero knew all about thirst, in fact he was extremely parched at the moment, but you didn't see him complaining about it.

"Indeed I am," the cloaked vampire stated. "And who could pick a better place to come have a drink? A school filled with young warm-blooded human adolescents." The figure shrugged. "In fact, I don't see why any of you do not feed to your fill."

"This school ground is protected by me. You know my name, so you should know the circumstances that we live by while we are here." Kaname said, his eyes slightly narrowing. "I can tell you are not a Level E vampire. You have common knowledge and seem dignified. What is the true reason you are here."

"Oh, the naivety of youth…" The figure spoke as he shook his head.

Instantly Seiren was beside Kaname. Aido and Kain were ready to attack. Zero kept his gun pointed at the cloaked vampire.

Five pairs of glowing red eyes were watching.

"Why didn't we detect you until now?" Aido yelled.

"With age comes experience." The cloaked figured stated. He slowly lifted his hands up and lowered his hood. The man had a pale, almost milky complexion. He was handsome, but his age showed in his salt and pepper colored short hair and the wrinkles around his eyes.

Kaname didn't recognize him. But what he did recognize was the scent of blood that wafted into the clearing. It was coming from all directions, but primarily from the day dorms.

"What is going on," Kaname asked, venom leaking into his tone.

The graying vampire lifted the bloody hand that had clenched his gunshot wound to his mouth, slowly savoring his own blood. "If I told you, it would spoil everything…." He licked another trail of blood from his finger. "But I can tell you, Kuran Rido sends his regards."

At the sound of Rido's name, Kaname's jaw clenched in anger, but worry settled in the center of his being. Only one word escaped his clenched jaw.



Yuki reacted before she could actually think about the dangers of her actions. Her safety didn't concern her. She just knew she had to get to Yori. She was the first priority. That's why she ignored the twigs that scraped her legs and the branches that pulled at her clothes and hair. Yori was in severe danger and needed help now. Yuki just didn't quite know how she would help…

But she wasn't prepared for what she saw when she entered a small clearing.

Yori was slumped against a thick tree – covered in her own blood.

And Yuki wasn't prepared for her own reaction.

The sorrow and desperation she once felt for her friend had dissipated and was replaced with a thirst, a craving to drink blood – Yori's blood.

And the fact terrified her. She felt disgusted by herself. Truly sick to her stomach that she would want to drink her best friend's blood.

Her knees wobbled and hit the ground as she clenched her head, desperately shaking it in an effort to rid herself of the horrible thoughts.

She was supposed to help her friend, not suck her dry!

What she wouldn't do for a few more blood tablets…


Yori was calling her. Yuki looked at her battered friend through her fingers. Yori's eyes were barely open and she was bleeding everywhere… Her voice was so weak as she tried to stretch her arm towards Yuki.

"Run… or he'll get you too…." Yori barely managed to whisper thru her raspy voice.

Yuki's eyes pooled with tears. Her friend was so concerned with Yuki's safety, when she should be worried about her own safety. And here was Yuki, looking at Yori as if she were dinner. Yuki's tears spilled over as she took a deep breath and crawled toward her friend.

"Yori…" she cried. "You'll be okay. I just have to get you out of here."

Yori slowly shook her head. "No. He wants you… Run." Her head rolled against the tree and her eyes closed.

Yuki panicked.

"Yori? Yori! Wake up Yori!"

When she inhaled deeply the blood craving hit her all over again, like a ton of bricks. But she had to put that aside. Her best friend was dying!

Yuki clenched her friend's shoulders as she shook the unconscious girl. She even smacked her paling cheeks in an effort to wake her up. All the while, Yuki's throat was clenching and burning in a burning thirst. She could feel her mouth salivating. The scent burned her nostrils with the temping spicy sweetness that was guaranteed with just a single lick. Yuki was confused and frustrated. Her mind thought one thing while her body did another.

"She's not dead…"

Yuki's head snapped to look behind her. It was the vampire that took Yori into the woods. It was the vampire that was responsible for Yori's injuries.

"… Yet…" He finished with a smirk on his lips. "Come with me now and we'll leave her here for someone to find her. Refuse and I kill her now by decapitation and force you to roll around in her blood."

Yuki rose to her feet, still aware of the effects the blood was having on her body, but quite furious at this intruder. She had no idea what was going on or what she would do. Yuki couldn't fight with her bare fists. At least not against an experienced Vampire (that had looked exactly like a Level E, but Level E vampires didn't comprehend, they just reacted). She hadn't even been a vampire for a week yet. All she knew about her new form was a heightened libido, long hair, and an awful burning blood craving. None of those things would help her fight him. Maybe she could distract him until someone else arrived?


What? Why was he counting?


Yuki narrowed her eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Three – make a decision or I'll kill your friend then take you by force."

Yuki's eyes widened in horror. It looked like she didn't have enough time to even attempt to distract him and stall for time.


She clenched her fists and continued to push the burning sensation in her mouth away. She knew what she had to do.


She had to fight. She just wasn't quite sure as to how. She grabbed a sturdy stick that was by her feet and stood in her battle stance, just as if she had been holding Artemis. She had to fight. Or at least try.

He licked his lips and smirked, showing his sparkling fangs.

"This is going to be fun." He yelled as he lunged toward her, claws extended ready to slash her across her neck. The fountain of blood that would spout from the neck was always an appetizing sight to witness. But he would just rip her up a bit. He couldn't bring her back to Kuran Rido dead.


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