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The Sohma clan plus Hana and Uo were finally in the rental car. Yuki had suddenly become the designated driver for the time being, seeing as he was the most level headed and such. In the passenger seat next to him was Shigure, who no one trusted in the backseat with the girls. That left Kyo, Hana, Tohru, and Uo double-belting in the back.

Uo was sticking her head out the window, watching excitedly as the coastal towns flew by. "It's nice out here! If it weren't for the fact that I have no money, I'd come out here every year!"

Hana smiled slightly and Tohru giggled. Kyo, who was squished up against the opposite window, groaned. "Weirdo Yankee…"

Uo glared at him. "Can it, orangey. Nobody wants to hear it."

Shigure laughed from the front seat. "Ah, Kyonkichi-kun…"

"Don't call me that, damn dog!"

Tohru giggled harder and looked at the somewhat moody red head beside her. He really didn't like being called Kyonkichi.

"All right, Kyon-Kyon," Shigure sang, almost flinging his pen at Yuki as he flourished with his hand.

"Careful! Don't poke his eye out, he's driving!"

Yuki sighed, blowing his hair out of his face as he turned the corner onto a tree-lined street. He was starting to regret coming here. It was a nice place and all, and he was sure that after a while he'd enjoy being with his friends, but he was going to be away from Machi all summer. They'd be chatting via e-mail the entire time, probably. And even though she was supposed to look after his garden, he wasn't sure if she'd follow through. He shook the doubts out of his head and pulled into the driveway of the house.

Everyone climbed out of the car and stared.

It was a large white house with black shutters, a small front porch, two car garage, and a deck. It looked like one of those million-dollar beach houses. Of course, yeah, it was a beach house, but they highly doubted that it was a million-dollar beach house.

Hana reached behind the shutter and pulled out a small gold key. She unlocked the glass door, then the front door, and let everyone in.

The house was as grand on the inside as it looked on the outside. There was a large staircase on the left and the living room was straight ahead. On the right of the living room was the kitchen, the door to the dining room, and the door to the screened-in porch. On the left was the master bedroom where Shigure would be sleeping.

Hana grabbed Uo and Tohru and pulled them up the stairs.

"I want my room," Hana said, drifting off down the hall. "You two can pick which one you want."

There were to available rooms, one with blue walls and a ship theme, and one with yellow walls and a flower theme.

Uo chose the flower room, which was fine by Tohru. There were two twin beds and a window seat, which Tohru put her backpack on next to a porcelain doll.

"This place is da bomb," Uo said, kicking off her shoes and collapsing back onto the bed.

"Yes, it is really nice, isn't it?" Tohru agreed, perching herself on the edge of the bed and looking dreamily out the window.

"I wish Kureno could be here," Uo sighed. "He'd love the ocean, I know it."

"You're still seeing him?" Tohru asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yeah," she replied, hugging a pillow. "That Akito person has been letting him out of the house more often."

Tohru smiled. "That's wonderful, Uo! Especially for Kureno, he's been inside the Main house for so long…"


"I CALL THE SUITE!" Kyo shouted, running down the hall and tripping on the carpet like an over-exuberant four-year-old.

Yuki followed him up the stairs, sighing. "Dumb cat…"

"Hey, I'm not a cat anymore! So shut the hell up!"

Yuki stepped over his cousin and stepped into the other bedroom.

Kyo picked himself up and ran into the in-law suite.

"He's excited, isn't he?" Hana said, waltzing in and sitting next to Tohru.

"I know. He's probably thrilled that he's spending the whole summer in the same beach house as Tohru… With Tohru… Oh, we're going to get him so good!" Uo managed before laughing hysterically.

Hana cracked a smile and Tohru was obviously confused.


Natalie Lewis, meanwhile, was not smiling. "I hate weeding the lawn," she complained, looking up with complaint at her brother Dylan.

"Sorry, can't help you," he replied, waving his hedge clippers in her direction.

"I can't believe Jake is making us do this…" Natalie moaned. "I mean, it's not even his house!"

"It's his granddad's," Dylan reminded her.

"I don't give a crap! I don't wanna work on vacation!" she whined, stabbing the roots of the last offending dandelion with her weed puller. "This sucks butt."

Another boy poked his head out of the back door. "Guys, we're going to spend the rest of the evening at the beach," he said, holding out his boogie board.

"We'll be right in, Brandon," Natalie replied, dumping the last weed into the Wal-Mart bag next to her.

He danced into the house again, singing at the top of his lungs, "We're go-in to the bee-each! We're go-in to the bee-each!"

"Good Lord," Dylan muttered. "Just cuz he has a great voice, doesn't mean that we have to listen to it twenty four – seven!"

"I really like his voice," Natalie said in a small voice, blushing. It wasn't that hard to tell that the two had just recently started a relationship.

"Natalie, Natalie, Natalie…" Dylan sighed, brushing leaves out of his hair. "It's not like I don't like Brandon Flowers, but dude! He's more obsessed with music than you!"

"No, I'm still more obsessed," Nat assured him and went inside to get ready.


"Let's walk to the beach!" Uo said, jumping up and down in the living room.

"That sounds like a lovely idea," Shigure said, jumping up. "I'll go get my swim trunks."

"No. It's too late to go in the water, so just wear a pair of shorts. Please, I'm begging you, don't wear… those." Uo pointed in horror at Shigure's robes.

"I suppose it wouldn't be too much trouble to go change." The Dog left the company of the others to change in his room.

"Yay! I've always loved the beach, it's been ages since I was there last," Tohru said excitedly, blushing at the memory. She had made sandcastles with Kyo… and realized how much she sucked at it.

"I think I remember that… Wasn't it during Golden Week?"

"Yes, and I met Akito."

Kyo looked up at the ceiling. "Senpai, I wonder if you got any better at sandcastle making."

"I think I have! This time we have Hana and Uo and Yuki! We five will make the best sandcastle ever built!"

"I don't think that's going to happen," Kyo wanted to say, but he kept his mouth firmly shut. Hey, for once in his life, he didn't say something stupid! He mentally applauded himself, but externally smiled a small smile and picked up the keys. "I'm driving," he said, glaring at anyone who dared disagree.

"We're not driving, Orangey, we're walking," Uo said as if she was talking to a three year old.

Kyo shot her a death glare but she didn't seem to notice.

Out of nowhere, Shigure emerged from his room dressed casually in a white tee-shirt with a picture of Elmo on it and a pair of khaki cargo shorts.

"Ah! Shigure, how did you get my shirt?!" Uo demanded, looking him straight in the eye with her "Yankee glare".

"I don't know, I simply found it in my bag and put it on."

"Well, go find something else!" she snapped and he left to change once again.


"Oh, my Carlisle, it's beautiful!" Alice Hawthorne cried, kicking off her flip-flops and running along the beach. She looked beautiful, her petite frame skipping up and down near the water, her short bob-cut blonde hair whipping in the wind.

"I feel like Rio," Natalie said dreamily, waltzing with herself along the sand.

"Ooh, I cannot stand that song," Jacob said, shaking his head vigorously. He was tall and strong with tanned skin and deep brown hair that was more like a shaggy mop on top of his head, covering his eyes. He had an earring in his left ear and had a shark tooth necklace around his neck.

"Why?" Brandon asked, looking at Jacob with intent interest.

"It's just… weird. I mean, it's a song about a girl who dances on the sand." Jacob said the last few words while pirouetting around on his foot before tripping and falling.

"Smooth move, Einstein," a girl's voice called from behind the group.

All four college students turned around and saw a blonde girl, a black haired girl, a brunette, and three men heading their way.

"Thanks! I've been working on it!" Jacob hollered back.

The group got closer and after some quick introductions, they were split up, though now mixed together. (Does that make sense?)

"What did I miss?" Dylan asked as he ran up to his sister.

"Introductions, and – Wait a sec, where were you anyway?" Natalie asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"I was trying to finish doing work on my computer and then lost getting here."

"Again? Dylan, this is the third summer we've been here! How do you manage to get lost?"

"I get lost simply walking around my hometown," Shigure offered, hoping to get Natalie to ease up.

"How do you manage that?!" Natalie exclaimed. "That can not be possible."

"He doesn't get out of the house much," Hana said as she passed by with Jacob.

"So you're a nerd with no social life?" Dylan asked, thinking he was right.

"No, I'm a novelist whose editor is overbearing."

Natalie snapped her fingers and pointed at him. "That explains it!"

Dylan muttered something and waltzed away.

"I wonder when Eric is going to show up," Natalie said more to herself than to anyone else.

"Who's Eric?" Shigure wondered.

"Ah, he's my cousin. He goes to the same college and we're all pretty good friends with him. I wonder why he's so late getting here."

"Oh, yeah, he sent me a text message. He's driving down with his girlfriend and he said he'll be here tomorrow afternoon. He told me to tell you that he did bring his drum set so we can practice," Dylan said, looking over at the dark haired girl.

"Practice? Drums? What on Earth are you talking about?" the Dog asked, so obviously confused.

"We're our own band," Natalie said grinning.

"Yeah, we're called Four Guys and a Chick."

Shigure cocked an eyebrow. "Your name is Four Guys and a Chick."

Dylan nodded. "Yeah, you know, cuz there's me, Eric, Jake, and Brandon and we're all the four guys, and the chick is Natalie."

"What about the blonde girl? Alice?"

"She's just here for the guys. Jacob's her half-brother."

Shigure's mouth formed an "o". "She's pretty."

"Don't go getting all pervy on us, dumb novelist," Uo warned, slapping him upside the head as she passed.

Natalie cocked an eyebrow. "So we have another pervert in our midst?"

"He's really not that bad, he just has a thing for high school girls," Tohru said in his defense.

"Whaddya mean another pervert?" Uo asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"I mean, that Alice's ex-boyfriend was a perv," Natalie said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Thank God he ran off to Alaska."

"Who in their right mind would go to Alaska?" Jacob wondered to himself as Alice dragged him past.

"I've no idea. It doesn't sound like a particularly good place to live," Yuki commented as he strolled along.

"It's not. It's gotta be, like, negative two degrees out there," Kyo commented. "Not normal, that's for sure…"

"I'll say."

"You wouldn't exactly know what normal is, Kyonkichi," Shigure said smiling his evil smile.

"What did I say about calling me that?!" the redhead snapped, growling fiercely.

"Oh, p-p-please don't fight!" Tohru cried, trying to break up the argument.

"Sorry, Tohru-kun!" Shigure replied brightly.

Kyo mumbled an apology and turned a harsh shade of pink before walking away.

"It's okay, I just… I don't want anybody getting hurt on vacation," she said, blushing.

The group stayed there for another solid hour or two before heading to their respective houses (which – conveniently – were right next to each other).



Tohru stood over the stove, cooking some ground beef in a frying pan as she diced some tomatoes.

"What are you cooking?" Kyo asked, temporarily forgetting to be his tough self. "It smells good."

"I'm making taco salad," she replied cheerily. "Hana asked me to make it for her, so I decided it would be a nice dinner."

"That's just like Wave Girl, thinking with her stomach," Kyo grumbled, taking a knife and dicing a tomato while he was waiting.

"Thank you for helping, Kyo-kun!"

He muttered a "no problem" and concentrated on the task at hand.

Shigure was upstairs, taking a shower, and Hana and Uo were in the backyard. Yuki was upstairs in his room, IM-ing Machi (who was stuck back in Japan).

It was quiet for a few moments until Tohru trotted over to the docking station where Shigure's iPod was and switched it to a No Doubt song. It was "Spiderwebs".

She danced back over to the stove as Kyo looked on, slightly amused. She sang along with Gwen Stefani as she added the diced tomatoes to the lettuce and put the meat in a bowl. She pulled some shredded cheese out of the fridge and put it on the table as she wailed, "I'm walking in the spider webs, so leave a message and I'll call you back…"

Kyo had become so annoyed with the song (not a big Stefani fan) he went over and changed it to Sting's "Fields of Gold".

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves; upon the fields of barley… you'll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold…" He unconsciously began singing along. "So she took her love for to gaze awhile…"

Tohru looked at him, intrigued. He really wasn't that bad


He looked up and shut up, switching the song again to "Hero/Heroine" and leaving the docking station and iPod alone.

Tohru went to the bottom of the stairs and called, "Yuki-kun, Shigure-san, dinner time!"

After a minute the two came down.

Tohru left and went outside to get Hana and Uo.

While she was gone, Shigure took a seat at the kitchen table and grinned evilly. "Kyon-Kyon, I guess you like my iPod," he said casually, but still with a sly tone.

"No," he defied. "I just happened to know the song."

"How did you hear it?" Yuki asked innocently.

"Shishou used to play a lot of music while he did whatever he had to do. I couldn't get away from it."

"So this was Shihan's doing…" Yuki mused and the three sat in silence until the girls came back.

The six sat around the table and the kitchen was quiet except for the sounds of eating.

"I'm hittin' the sack," Uo declared, standing, stretching, putting her dishes in the dishwasher, and pulling herself upstairs.

"O-okay! I'll be up in a few minutes!" Tohru called after her.

"If you want to go up now, I'll do the dishes, Honda-san," Yuki offered.

Tohru smiled. "That would be nice, if it isn't too much trouble."

"No trouble at all. Good night, Honda-san."



Well, that was, until the doorbell rang.

Tohru hopped up to get it and found that on the other side was Alice and Jacob. With them were three other people.

The first was maybe six feet tall with brown hair. He had brown-green eyes, sort of pale skin, and freckles. Beside him was a girl who was about six inches shorter with red hair in a bob cut. Her azure eyes were full of curiosity and in her arms was a girl who could be no older than four. The little girl had red hair two, pulled back into two little braids; her yellow dress looked very cute against her hair and brown eyes, and she looked like she was ready to burst with excitement.

"Hello!" Tohru said. "It's nice to see you."

"Nice to see you too. These are the friends we were telling you about," Alice said excitedly. "This is Eric and his girlfriend Jennifer. And the little girl is…"

Who is the mysterious little girl? What was the mysterious plan concocted in the last chapter (I really need to get on the ball with that…) Find out in…



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