In The Arms of an Angel

In The Arms of an Angel

Disclaimer- Nope, I'm still not Stephenie Meyer and these characters still aren't mine. Just the plot, so enjoy!

Chapter One

I fought back tears as I waved at my parents through the glass of the bus window. It would be a long time before I would get to see them again. Renee's face was streaked with tears and Charlie's was becoming extremely red from holding back his emotions. I never thought it would be so hard to depart from them. I foolishly believed that my hate of the small town I was raised in, Forks, Washington, would mask the feelings I was now experiencing. I would most definitely be missing my parents; it was going to harder than I thought to leave.

The bus started to lurch forward and the dam of tears I had been suppressing burst. I would have never imagined leaving them would be this hard. But, then again what did I expect? Throughout my entire life they had been my best friends, my only friends. Well, besides a few cousins. I was always clumsy and accident prone and the other children generally stayed away. It was hard going through school without any real friends, but my parents had made it bearable.

As the "Now Exiting Forks" sign came into view, I wiped away my tears and decided to make some plans for myself. This was my chance to escape Forks, this was my chance to shine, to become something brilliant. I couldn't let separation anxiety get me down. I was going to go to college and I was going to succeed. My parents were only a phone call away and if I needed them, I knew they would come.

With my new found determination, I decided the first step to becoming a new more improved version of me would be to ditch the shyness. I would no longer to be shy little Bella, she was a thing of the past. I was going to be bold, extravagant, random Bella. Next, I needed to make some real friends. My mom and dad hardly constituted as friends. I needed some people my own age. Thirdly, and most importantly, I had to let some things go and move on in my life. Harboring the past took to much energy, and I needed all my energy to be focused on other areas.

As easy as these plans may sound, I knew they were going to be a great challenge for me. It would mean breaking out of shells that I have hidden under since birth and stepping out of my comfort zone. It was then I finally noticed that we had entered Arizona. Had I really spaced out that long?

My legs were extremely stiff and my neck was sore. Renee always said I have a way of blocking out the world. Sometimes it had its advantages, but other times I think people thought I was crazy. Looking out the window, I could see that Arizona would be nothing like Washington. I could see the sun floating overhead already, no clouds in sight. The landscape itself was extremely drastic as compared to Forks.

Lush green Forks as compared to dry brown Arizona was like a Garden of Eden. The sparse amount of green came from low lying shrub looking plants and the occasional palm tree. Large red woods, emerald green grasses, and moss covered the majority of Forks, nearly no brown to be seen. Arizona, however, had sunshine, a rare commodity in Forks. A sunny day back there was like a drop of water to the desert, few and far in between. Rainy days were more prevalent there. This was definitely a three hundred-sixty degree change. I was not in "Kansas" anymore, so to speak.

A large sign announced that we were entering Tempe, Arizona, home to Arizona State University. I was officially 1196 miles away from my home town, at least according to Map Quest. Large buildings loomed overhead as the bus drove through the crowded town. The next stop was mine. Mere minutes separated the time in which I would be getting off this bus. In the next few moments, I will be at my new home. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck.

Suddenly, a low screeching noise brought the bus to a halt. Numerous people around me, including myself, stood and grabbed bags from the carrier overhead and exited the bus. The hot, dry air hit me as I stepped onto the scorching pavement in front of the bus stop. It had to be easily ninety five degrees. According to my research, I was about two miles from the actual campus. A taxi would be needed for the rest of the journey.

Lugging my only bag, the rest I had sent ahead, I walked to a curb where a taxi was waiting. A rather rotund man was leaning against it. I could only assume that he was the taxi driver.

"Need a ride Miss?" the chubby cabbie asked as I approached.

"Yes," I replied quietly.

"Hop in," he smiled as he opened the door for me.

"Thanks," I sighed as I took my seat. He closed the door behind me and climbed in the driver's seat.

"Where to?" he asked as he started up the car.

"Arizona State, Palo Verde East please," I stated giving him directions to my residence hall.

"College kid, huh?"

"Yep," I smiled.

"Packed awful light," he chuckled as he turned into an intersection.

"I sent everything ahead,"

"Smart kid," he replied turning to the right. The silence grew between us and I resorted to looking out the window. The scenery grew even more beautiful as the college grew near. The pictures were nothing compared to the actual real life beauty of the area.

The campus itself was huge. Even much more than I thought now seeing it in person. The residence halls were arranged into four areas, north, south, and center neighborhoods, as well as the apartment area. My residence hall, Palo Verde East, was located in the North neighborhood near Palo Verde West and Center. The class room buildings were scattered throughout and I could tell that I would be doing an extreme amount of walking.

Finally, the cab stopped in front of a large sand colored building. From the pictures, I knew this was where I was to be living. Large palm trees and small bushes made up the landscape.

"That'll be ten seventy five," the driver said.

"Here, keep the change," I replied handing him a ten and a couple of ones. Taking my large duffle, I got out of the cab and closed the door behind me. This was it. I was here, ready or not.

Taking a large gulp of hot air, I walked forward. There were countless numbers of people shuffling around toting boxes and lugging bags. A few were leisurely standing around, talking to what I assumed to be their friends. A few parents were thrown in the mix. To put it lightly, I would say that it was on the verge of chaos.

Bag in hand I shuffled through the crowd and into the main lobby. According to the directions that I was mailed earlier in the summer, I was to sign in at the front desk to receive my key card and dorm keys as well as confirmation of my rooming assignment. Upon entering, I knew I would like the place. The lobby was nicely decorated with plush looking sofas and a large screen television in the corner. A wall of dark paned windows, allowed natural light to seep through and give the atmosphere a bright happy feel.

Seeing a large line to the front desk, I got in the back of the line and continued to survey my surroundings. I noticed a sign hanging beside a hallway located on the right stating that it led to a computer lab and tutoring center. To the left, another hall way was noted to be the location of vending machines and the laundry room. Not to difficult to navigate, thank God. My sense of direction is horrible.

"Excuse me," a chiming voice called me from my thoughts. I looked around to see a small pixie like girl standing behind me.

"Oh, sorry," I laughed noticing the line had went up substantially while I was in my thoughts.

"It's no problem," she giggled as I reduced the gap.

"I just spaced out," I sighed as I watched the guy in front of me going through the check in process.

"You think?" she laughed.

"Yes, I unfortunately do that from time to time," I blushed. I didn't know this girl and here I was telling her about myself. What if she was some weird ax murderer? No, she looked too innocent to be, I told myself.

"Next," the blonde girl from behind the desk called.

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan," I said trying to be nice. I was surprised that I had been so forward, usually my mom did all the talking for me.

"Yes, well Ms. Swan what room were you assigned to?" she asked studying me.

"Room 401,"

"Alright, let me see. Ah, here you are. Here is your key card to get into the residence hall and to buy meals. And here is your dorm key and mail key," she replied handing me the cluster of keys and my card.

"Thanks," I sighed as I took the keys and card from her and turned to walk away.

"Did you say room 401?" the pixie girl asked as I started to walk away.

"Yes," I replied.

"ROOMIE!" she squealed as she threw her arms around me.

"What?" I asked in shock, still not believing what just happened.

"I'm in room 401 too!" she beamed.

"Oh, Alice Cullen?" I asked remembering the name.

"The one and only,"

"Excuse me, next," the lady from behind the counter said in a rather annoyed tone.

"I'll see you in the room," I laughed as I stepped away, allowing her to go through the check in process.

"See ya," she smiled as she skipped forward towards the desk.

Seeing a long line to the elevator, I opted for the stairs. Four flights was nothing, I walked up stairs all the time back home. Problem is, I never had to tote a thirty pound duffle up them. By the time I reached my floor, I was almost out of breath.

The hall was arranged so that the stairs I took brought you to the middle of the hall. Looking at the rooms in front of me, I chose to go right, seeing as the numbers went down from there. I had just about reached the end of the hall when I noticed two very handsome boys leaning against the wall outside what had to be my door with a large amount of boxes and bags. One had slightly long blonde hair and the most beautiful deep blue eyes I had ever seen. He was approximately six foot tall and was in shape by the looks of him. I, however, was immediately pulled to the gorgeous Greek God that was standing beside him. His hair was a deep auburn and his eyes a piercing green that I could easily get lost in. He was a bit taller than the blonde boy and just as fit, if not more so. His lips were full and were currently twisted in an irresistible crooked grin. I felt myself begin to blush as I drew even closer.

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