CONGRATS!! You're Pregnant!

So, last night, I was lying in my bed, trying to get to sleep. I suffer from insomnia sometimes, so I'm kind of used to lying in my bed awake. So, normally night is my time to just think about everything without having people bug me. So, as I lay there in the dark, I thought, "What would happen if Konan got pregnant? What would the Akatsuki say? What would they do? What would they do when Konan went into labor?" So…I had this awesome idea to write a story about what might happen if Konan got pregnant. READ AND ENJOY!!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Akatsuki or Naruto. Akatsuki and Naruto are a copy right of Masashi Kishimoto. They belong to him and the Anime corporation. This story is completely fan-made, and is in no way associated with Masashi Kishimoto or the Anime corporation.

Chapter 1: SURPRISE!

All the Akatsuki were eating breakfast when Konan and Pein walked in. "Hey." Konan says, giving a quick wave. The guys mumble incoherently. She goes to the fridge and takes out a bottle of water. She opens it and takes a sip. "HI, KONAN-CHAN!" Tobi shouts happily. "Tobi, it's 7am. Now is not the time for shouting." Pein says, rubbing his temples. Konan smiles then goes wide eyed. She claps her hands over her mouth and runs to her room. The guys watch her zoom past. "What's wrong with her, un?" Deidara asks. Pein shrugs and follows her. "I've never seen her run that fast." Kisame says, staring at his food. Pein comes back in a few moments and says, "Meeting, now."

Everyone gathers in the living room. "So, what's going on?" Itachi asks in a dull tone. "Ok, umm… I don't know how to say this." Pein stumbles, trying to find his words. "I'm pregnant." Konan says, coming out of her bedroom. Everyone (except Pein) looks at Konan with a "What the hell are you talking about?" expression. Pein rubs the back of his head awkwardly and nods. No one dare say anything for a few moments. A certain loud-mouthed Jashin worshiper breaks the awkward silence.

"What… the fuck?" Hidan says, saying what everyone is thinking.

"You're joshing us." Kakuzu says, not believing her.

"No. I'm not." Konan replies.

"When did you find out?" Kisame asks.

"A few minutes ago when I puked my guts out. I suspected it for a while, but I wasn't sure. And now I'm sure I am cause I just took a test." She says. "Wow, un." Deidara says. There's a pause, then Tobi asks, "So, Konan-Chan is gonna have a baby?" Konan nods and Tobi jumps up and down, saying, "YAY!! A BABY!!" He runs over to Konan and puts his ear against her stomach. "What the hell?!" Konan says, looking at Tobi. "I don't hear anything." Tobi says. Konan slaps him upside his head and says, "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" Tobi jumps back at Konan's sudden out burst and hides behind Deidara. "May Jashin help us all." Hidan whispers, gripping his Jashin necklace.