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Blood Love

Chpt 1: The First Meeting

The sun has just set and it was one of those nights when I had the strangest urge to go on a walk to just get most of my feelings out. Days at home have not been the greatest of all. My brother has died by falling down the stairs and it was my job to help support my family with the crops that I own in New Orleans, Florida.

With a deep sigh as my warm air shown in the cold night, I dug my hands in my pocket and walked on, down the dark and empty streets of the small town. It was after a quite short time of walking, lost in my mind of thoughts, I then stopped when I realized I have led myself into a lone alley. Green eyes widen at this newfound discovery, I looked around as the wind started to blow through my dark brown hair, causing a few strands to blind my view. Reaching a nicely tanned hand as I brushed it out of the way when soundly, movement could be heard among the empty alley.

I spun around, heart racing at the sudden intrusion as my frightened eyes scanned the darkness and the shadows of the alley. "Hello? Anyone there?" I called out, trying not to show my weakness or my sudden fright. Followed by my voice chuckles could be heard, echoing off the walls making it hard to detect where it was coming from. "Is the rich boy scared?" The voice teased with a cackle. "Aww…looks like he wants his mamma. Is that it? Rich boy wants its big mamma?" Another teased, following the first voice. My breath quicken as my eyes darted back and forth faster as I tried to find where they were coming from. A third voice soon joined in but with a grunt. "Will you two shut up and just do what we came to do?" He bellowed at his companions.

Without an answer from the other two, the three strangers leapt out of the darkness finally coming into my view as they headed their way towards me in an attack. Well my first reaction was surprise since there were three of them and the fact was, they were after me. But soon that reaction subsided and was replaced by fear. The only thing I could think of was trying to get out, hoping to get away. I took a couple steps back but found myself hitting the wall of the alley.

' Great…just great. What a great idea imbecile. Walk a couple steps back and get trapped. Yea…perfect plan.' I thought to myself, scowling at my idiocy as the three came in closer, blocking all ways for me to escape. Two of the men were a little scrawny and didn't have much meat on their bones, as the other one was very tall and very build. It looked like he could snap a kitten's neck with just his thumb. The very tall one signaled to the other two and they quickly came over to him, one grabbing my left side and the other grabbing my right, pinning me against the wall so their was no way for me to get away or to struggle. I gave a grunt of distaste as I tried to get them off of me, testing if they were really that weak looking. But after my fight to try to gain freedom soon proved that they were stronger then what they appeared. With a sigh of defeat, I soon gave up, lifting my eyes to look at the taller one, giving my best glare that my green eyes could give.

"What do you want from me? Who are you?" I questioned, anger in my voice.

The Stranger chuckled. "You know well what we want. And as of who we are…that is none of your business." He challenged.

"Hey, Boss. Before we kill him, can I have a little fun with him? He's one of the kinds of people I like…so can I? Please?" One of the scrawny men, who was on my left, asked the bolder one. Which I have soon guessed was the boss and other two were his little sidekicks or minions. The man looked at the one who asked the question and then placed his dark brown eyes on mine, studying me for a minute and then slowly pulling a smile that could only mean trouble. "Sure…we could all use a little fun here." He replied with a slight chuckle hidden in his voice as he stepped forward.

The one on my left gave a pout, my guess was that he didn't want to share, but he didn't dare say anything. He was just glad that his Boss agreed. "So," The Boss began as he trailed a finger across my cheek, heading down my bare neck, which caused me to give a slight shiver. "Does rich boy like to have fun?" He whispered into my ear as his hand continued to travel down south, passing my collarbone, my chest, and my belly button. But before he could head any further down he was stopped by a new voice, and by the look on his face, it sure wasn't one of his men.

"How about you just get out of here and Young Louis alone?" The new comer called out, a little hint of a tease in his voice. I couldn't help but almost blush a deep shade of red at the sound of his voice; it was almost the sound of a pure angel of savior. The Boss gave a growl of distaste as he spun around, not taking his hands off me as he glared into the shadows where the voice came from. "How about no and you leave before I kill you as well. Ugh...I'm not in the mood to kill you right now, so you better take this offer kindly and leave." He retorted right back, no fear in his voice. The stranger just chuckled as the four of us began to hear the clicking of shoes on the gravel ground, walking towards us.

I almost gasped at the sight once the man walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight where we all could see. He was the most beautiful being I have ever laid my eyes on. His golden blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail behind his head, a few curls of his hair sneaked out of the trap of the band and framed around his pale face. His blue-purple eyes shone like jewels on his pale skin. And his structure, it was magnificent! Not to build, but not to skinny. A perfect figure where you could see nice strong, thin muscles show throw his tight clothing. A smile curled on his face as he stared at the four of us, causing heat to rise to my cheeks…and maybe a little lower. "Offers like that are such nuisances to me. How about this, you leave and forget all this and I will let you live. How about that?" He asked, a smile still on his face. The Boss growled at this and shook his head. "No can do. You agree to my deal or no deal at all." He growled. The man sighed as he then started to unbutton his cuffs and roll his sleeves up his arms, smile disappearing from his lips as a annoyed expression came to his face. "Fine…it's your funeral." He grumbled.

With a snap of his fingers, the leader sent out his two men to go attack the intruder. They both gave menacing smiles as they reached behind their pockets and pulled out daggers, running towards the man in attack. I tried to use this as my chance to escape but the leader was to quick and held me down, pressing his body hard against mine, almost grinding me. I let out a moan at this, but not a moan of pleasure, more like distaste. "Where are you going? I'm not done with you yet…" He whispered as he leaned forward to kiss my neck before someone yanked him off of me, causing him to shriek as he fell backwards. My eyes widen at this sudden surprise and peered over, I couldn't help but almost gasp at the sight. The two scrawny men were now laying across the ground, dead with huge cuts across their throats, their lifeblood spilling onto the concrete floor. I looked over to see that the intruder was now locking his arms around the Boss's neck from behind, a look of menace and inhuman pleasure on his face. I felt my face grow pale in horror as I saw the stranger open his mouth, showing inhuman fangs as he then plunged into the Boss's bare neck. The bite was soon followed by a loud yell of pain, but that only lasted for a few seconds, because after that was all silence.

After the stranger got his fill, he took his long nails and gashed the Boss's neck, hiding the bite marks as he then threw him to the ground like a useless doll. His eyes then fluttered to mine as he licked at his lips, wiping the blood evidence as he made his way towards me. Without even thinking I quickly backed away, but being smarter this time I was heading out of the alley. But only in a flash, the blonde demon appeared in front of me with such speed and stopped me in my tracks, wrapping his arms around me in a lock. I began to fight, not wanting to die accepting my fate. "No! No! Let me go!" I cried out, kicking and trying to get out of his arms. But surprisingly, this only caused the man to laugh at me, a full amused laugh. This caused me to stop and relax a bit as I peered up at the being, but I kept my guard and made my eyes stay narrowed towards him.

He stopped laughing as he looked down at me; smile wide as his blue-purple eyes shone with playfulness. "Don't worry young Louis, I wish to not harm you." He reassured me with a soft smile. This caught me off guard. "How do you know my nam-" I began to ask before the man silenced me, pressing his warm finger over my lips. "Shush…I know a lot about you then what you think." He whispered to me, almost seductively as it caused me to shiver. He just chuckle, proud in what effect he had on me. "I have no time to explain…but we will see each other again. Sooner then you think. Then you can owe me." He told me as he then swiftly let go of me, turned and started to head away from me.

I stared; a little dazed till finally it struck me that he was leaving. I lifted my hand, running after him till I stopped, a few feet away from him. "Wait! Will you please tell me your name?" I asked, wanting to know this mysterious Demon's name. He just laughed as he turned his head a bit so I could hear his words.

"Lestat. Least Du Lioncourt." He replied, almost a whisper. And then in a blink of a eye, he was gone.

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