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Chapter 10

They'd practically fallen out of the bar together but now they practically fell into Elliot's apartment, crashing into the wall. Elliot quickly kicked the door shut behind him. He then returned his focus to Olivia. Their hands were working overtime trying to rid each other of their pesky clothing.

"Who the hell invented clothing…?" Elliot cursed as he pulled Olivia's shirt up over her head. She quickly returned to unbuttoning his shirt quickly becoming annoyed by the uncooperative buttons. She grabbed two handfuls of his shirt and pulled, ripping it open as buttons flew off.

"Liv…" Elliot laughed, so turned on by her right now.

"You were touching my breasts like a god in the squad room, I thought I was going to have an orgasm at my desk," she told him. "Wind me up like that you have to go through winding me back down," she said playfully.

"I have no problem helping you out with that, maybe I should get you more wound up…" he said as he teased her by stroking his hand lightly up the inside of her thigh. "Nervous?" He asked her.

"I never did like that game," she joked.

"Okay we're both dying for this?" Elliot said.

"How's about we take things slower next time," Olivia suggested. They'd have all the time in the world for taking it slow and really exploring each other's bodies in detail.

"Agreed," Elliot said.

He took hold of the back of her thighs and lifted her up, pressing her body between his and the wall. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist, able to feel his body's readiness for her. They continued to kiss, loving to just be able to do so.

"Bedroom, please El," she begged him, already out of breath.

Doing as he was told, he held onto her as he carried her into his bedroom. He placed her down by the bed and she pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and then began to rid him of his trousers, whilst he quickly rid her of her jeans. He tangled one of his hands up in her hair, and used his other to unclip her bra.

She pulled away from their current kiss. "Hello," she said, making him laugh.

"How the hell did you do that, I usually have to take off my own bra," she said.

"Practice," Elliot said smugly.

"Did someone take you aside in school and teach you how to undo that?" She asked him.

"Maybe…What did someone take you aside to teach?" he asked.

"Be a good boy and you might find out." she said suggestively.

"Tease," he accused before kissing her again, cutting off any attempt she could have used to hit him with a comeback.

When they were both finally free from all their clothing they fell back down onto the bed.

Elliot took one of Olivia's breasts and quickly began kissing it, sucking and nipping on her tit, she moaned in pleasure as he gently massaged her other breast. His hands were like those of gods and they were driving her body wild, she would quite happily have lain there and let him just worship her body, she pretty much was.

As his kisses returned to her mouth she felt him slide his hand across her breast, down over her stomach, and then down between her legs. He slid one of his fingers into her wet core before brushing his thumb over her clit. At this rate she knew she would be coming long before him. "El…" came her breathy sigh.

"Yeah..?" he asked, knowing he was winding her right up.

"Either stop teasing me or I'm gonna get my handcuffs out," she threatened teasingly.

"Is that a promise Liv?" she joked.

"Elliot, please, I need you…" she begged. She was getting so close.

"Almost…" he told her.

He slid another finger inside her and continued to work his magic whilst he began planting kisses on her breasts again. She had never been so willing to let someone have the control during sex. She liked to be the one in control, but she trusted Elliot, as much as he knew how to push every single one of her buttons.

"El…" she moaned a little more firmly.

He was ahead of her though and he was already posting himself in between her legs. "No you don't!" she said, quickly flipping them so she was now on top. "My turn."

He tried to push himself up put she slapped her hands down on his shoulders and pushed him back down.

She reached down and kissed him, he kissed her back completely, his kiss was amazing, so amazing that it totally distracted her and he quickly flipped them back so he was once again on top. She just laughed, relieved as she felt him guide his hard shaft to her entrance, before pushing into her.

She arched her legs up on either side of his body, fixing them further apart, allowing him to move easier and deeper into her. She gasped at the slight discomfort his well equipped body caused her, as he filled her completely.

"Sorry, are you okay?" Elliot asked.

She loved how he was concerned for her. "God yes! Please don't stop El…" she pleaded.

He kissed her neck before moving into her again, he was beginning to make his movements quicker and the feel of her tightening around him was quickly bringing him to his climax too. Her inner walls clamped around him, milking him for all he had.

He held her close to his body as they both reached their climax, both completely out of breath. They stayed together for a moment, both just enjoying the feel of each other's body. Eventually, Elliot moved off her and threw the blanket over them before reaching under the blanket and wrapping his arm around her, pulling her close to him.

"That was amazing," he said. He'd never made love and enjoyed it that much.

Elliot just felt Olivia nod against his chest. He looked down and noticed she was almost asleep, her arms wrapped securely around him. He smiled and held her closer. "I love you, Olivia," he said, placing a delicate kiss on her head.

"I love you, too," she said back to him.

The End

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