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Chapter 29:

It's been almost eighteen years since Stephen Carlisle Hale came to live with us. In fact, he turns eighteen tomorrow. And that is the day he first can decide if he wants to stay human. Rosalie told him he had to wait until he was legal to consider it. I don't know what she is hoping he chooses, I just know she has been an amazing mother.

We all live near Seattle. We have always lived close enough to Forks that I could drive to visit Charlie within an hour. Of course with the speeds I drive that means we can live pretty far away.

Edward and I are back in high school. It's my third time going, although I started in my junior year last time, and sophomore year this time.

Stephen hates that his aunts and uncles go to school with him. Of course he doesn't call us that in school, the story is that we are his cousins and he came to live with us because his old school wasn't very good.

He's quite the stud, and has way too many girls after him. When he goes on dates he always drives far enough away that Uncle Edward can't listen to him.

Emmet is his Dad and basketball coach, he wanted to coach football but the weather was too sunny for him to make all the practices. Oh yeah, the video of me beating Emmet in arm wrestling is played every year on my birthday.

Alice and Jasper are in school with Edward and I. We have our own table at lunch, sometimes Stephen sits with us, but only when he wants something, he is such a teenager. He tried to convince Jasper to help him get lucky with a girl he liked last week. Rosalie grounded him for that. Later that day Jasper secretly told him later that those are questions to ask when no one else is around and they high-fived.

Alice hasn't changed much, she still my best friend and biggest annoyance. A few weeks ago she and I went to Vegas, we won millions of dollars and lost it all over and over. It was quite fun. I should say she won it, I lost it. We make a good team that way.

Jasper hasn't slipped at all. I think his problems have been helped by Stephen's presence in the house. He built up his intolerance and even put a band-aid on Stephen when he cut his knee at the age of five and Jasper was babysitting.

Charlie is getting ready to retire. Edward and I bought him a big fishing boat and he says he wants to travel up and down the coast with it. I see him once a week or so, I clean the house and cook dinner. It takes me all of ten minutes to clean the house so I don't mind. Sometimes Alice joins me, sometimes Edward. Now that Charlie knows the truth he loves Edward, he calls him Eddy. Edward hates that name but lets Charlie call him that, if anyone else does Edward gets really angry.

I told Renée about that I was vampire when she started harassing me to find out what beauty regimen Edward and I used since we 'hadn't aged in years' as she put it. Edward was right when he said she was more perceptive than I thought. Carlisle, Jasper and Eleazar all discussed it and agreed I could tell her, as long as she didn't tell Phil.

I flew to Arizona when I knew Phil was away scouting players, and explained it all. It didn't go well. First she thought I had gone insane and wanted to call a shrink. She called Charlie and told him I needed mental help and he just laughed. She then decided she was on some sort of hidden camera show, and searched the house for over an hour until she relaxed and decided no one was watching her.

Renée was always such a free spirit that it didn't surprise me that once she accepted the truth she was totally in to it. She calls me every time there's a vampire movie on TV, and she has read every book you can imagine. When she's done she will call me and explain all the things they got wrong. She even has a web site with all her reviews. She has taken to yelling 'Bite Me' more than I comfortable with.

Renée didn't want to be a vampire. She said she loved the sun way too much and was happy with her life. She understood that she couldn't tell anyone, including Phil, our secret. But that didn't stop her from calling in to a TV talk show and telling the so-called expert that they were a moron and for saying vampires weren't real. Thankfully the host hung up on Renée and called her a whack job.

A few years ago Renée got breast cancer. She had to have a double mastectomy and of course Carlisle did the surgery and he believes she will have a full recovery. He has decided that he wants to find a cure for cancer, and if anyone could do it it's Carlisle. Unfortunately that means Edward and I start medical school in the fall.

Phil works for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He makes a good living and travels a lot scouting players. He hopes to be General Manager when the current one retires, and Edward says he has a good shot.

Esme has a new hobby. When she's not pretending to be Stepehen's mother for parent teacher conferences, she buys run down houses in bad neighborhoods and renovates them, then sells them for no profit. People think she's insane, little do they know that her labor costs are nil, and with all of us helping she is done in a weekend.

We have only had a few problems that have required the needs of The Veggies, as we call our gang. Of course the trouble was in the South, and Jasper was in full military mode. Two families were battling and they were creating armies to fight. When we got there it was a mess and it took a week to get it all sorted. Three of vampires were sent to Denali to rehabilitate, the rest were destroyed.

No one has heard from Jane in years. From what I have been told she doesn't leave Volterra.

I have only seen Aro once, he came for a meeting with Jasper and Eleazar. He looked better now that he left the Volteera once in awhile. His skin wasn't as pale.

I once asked Eleazar, in a nice way, what made him sure he would not go power mad like Aro. He laughed hysterically and said, "Bella, I live with four women, I have no power." After a moments pause he added, "Think of it this way, when was the last time Rosalie let Emmet make a decision?" and everyone joined in his laughter.

I haven't seen most of my friends from High School in many years for obvious reasons. Angela and I still send each other Christmas cards, she and Ben split up after they got to college. She married a guy from NY and leaves in Connecticut. Ben moved to LA and is making low budget martial art films.

Edward and I went to the Forks High School fifth anniversary of our graduating class. We figured it would be the only one we could go to. Mike Newton still lived in town. and still works at his parent store.

Jessica was engaged to someone she met through a dating service. She was a rep for a makeup company and was happy.

Lauren was divorced with a child. She wouldn't talk to Edward or I other than a brief hello. Edward told me later that her ex-husband was in jail for embezzlement and he had never met their baby. Edward also told me that Lauren was praying the whole time that she no one looked her up online and knew what happened.

And of course there's Jacob. We have never been as close as we once were, but I think that's for the best. Yes, Jacob finally imprinted. He graduated from high school and went to college for a year. After that he decided he wanted to travel and so he sold his car and spent his savings to backpack around the world. He met the girl of his dreams in a poor province in China. The tour bus he was on stopped so everyone could use a bathroom and she was walking by. Before she had taken a second step he realized he was in love. Since this was Jacob, it couldn't go easily. They had a major problem and that was he spoke no Chinese and she spoke only a few words in English. No one in the town could help him, so he called Jasper who flew over to help since he is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. By the time Jasper got there, Jacob was a mess. Luckily for him, the girl had already fallen in love with him, she thought he was so funny the way he tried to communicate. Jasper, Jacob and Ming Na flew back to the States a week later and Jasper tutored them both. Ming Na's English came along faster than Jacob's Chinese. She picked it up in two months and they were married in six. Emily was a huge help, she made Ming Na feel welcome and has been like a sister to her. Emily's and Sam's daughter Leah (name in honor of Leah who dies after the battle in La Push) is the babysitter for Jacob and Ming Na's two boys. Billy Jr. and Quil. They are quite handful. Jacob runs a Volkswagen dealership near Forks. He makes a good living and restores cars on the side. My old truck still runs, it's on his lot but he won't sell it. At least once a year Edward and I see him and Ming Na. Usually Jasper initiates it since he and Jacob still speak especially when Jacob can't figure out how to say something in Chinese.

Edward and I have recently talked about adopting a child of our own. I told Edward we should wait till we finish high school first which he found very amusing. I like the high school, but it's not Forks HS. Forks will forever be the place I think of as home. It's where I found my love, my life, my Edward. It will be at least sixty years until we can go back to school there. As much as I dreaded my first day there is as much as I look forward to my first day back.

Sometimes I daydream about it, like last night when Edward was holding me in his arms on the couch as we listened to music. I tried to picture what the school will look like, the students, the fashions. I pictured myself in some crazy futuristic fashion. I giggled and told Edward about it. A moment later Alice burst into my room.

"Bella Cullen you will wear that outfit over my dead body."

Edward held me closer and smiled that crooked smile I love so much.

Some things will never change and I couldn't be happier.