For some time pirate, you and I were running together. I was running to the future, and I gave little thought why you ran with me. All that mattered was that I was running to Dalmasca's future.

Then later I learned that you were running from your past. I led you, provided you with somewhere to run… And I led you straight to what you were running from… and for the first time I stopped running for a moment to listen. When I listened, I learned your past and learned what you were running from. Taking that time to stop running was perhaps one of the most important things I have ever done.

I learned of the life of Ffamran Bunasa, son of Dr. Cidolfus Bunasa. I learned how he was a Judge who saw his father go mad. I understand why he ran, why you took to the skies. But I still had no idea why you ran with me into the Lion's Den over and over.

And as we climbed the Pharos, I had plenty of time to mull over my options. And I realized that I had been running from my past too. When Archadia took over Dalmasca, Vossler fetched me, and we ran. It seemed like the only option at the time, and perhaps it was. I took another name and hid, justifying my running and hiding over the course of two years… though I did not know then how long our plan would take to come to fruitation.

And when it finally hit me, I could do nothing but lower my guard and stare at you in amazement. You turned around upon my falling behind, but then focused your attention on firing your gun at a monster behind me. Everything moved in slow motion as Reddas and Vaan passed me. I could only watch in fascination as you reloaded your gun to fire again, and I could only see you in a new light.

Maybe you had no choice but to run. Perhaps there were no options. You did what you felt was your only option. And, like myself, you upheld your own beliefs and self no matter where or what… And you held true.

And then I finally realized pirate, that you and I are much the same. Even though we ran from our past, we still had to face it and run to the future.

When it came down to it, you even ran in to save our lives and the lives of my people. And still, you held true.

Though I never truly understood all your motives for following me and running with me, I am more than grateful that you did. How far would I have gotten without you? You were not in my initial plan, but now I cannot imagine doing this all without you.

It is unfortunate that now we are no longer running together. I had to stop, but you continue to run. I prayed for your safety, and this is ring is proof. For that, I am grateful, though it may interfere with the tale of your nobility.

The tale of the sky pirate and Dalmasca's last princess is already being told to the youth of Rabanastre as a faerie tale. Of course, now there is a tale mixed in that she fancied him and missed him dearly after he left. I dare say that it is not far from silent truths…

But that aside, I am so grateful for your safety and hope one day you will run into me once more…

"Is someone there?" Ashe asked, looking up from the journal. She placed the quill pen back into the ink well and rose from the chair. She looked around the balcony quickly. A soft sigh emitted from her lips and her hopes fell upon the realization that Balthier was in fact, nowhere near the capital. The princess cast one more long look at the Bahamut before returning to the table. Her manicured hands softly closed the journal. Another smiled cross her face as she picked up the ring and returned inside her castle.

After several minutes, he removed himself from the shadows and brought himself to her journal. His trademarked smirk crossed his face as he read through the last entry. Within only a second, the quill was in his hand.