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Christian Troy roamed about his lonely, dark apartment ignoring the expensive new television set or the new painting on the wall… he knew where he would wind up whether he had took notice of them or not. Christian stood at the foot of his bed, where he had screwed so many women, where he had slept after a long hard day at work, where he and Wilbur had cuddled after story time…where the Carver had unmercifully paralyzed him, cut him, and raped him.

Christian stared expressionless at the large maroon stain on the linen sheets, unknowingly touching the bandage on his neck as he felt tears slip unwillingly from his brilliant jade colored eyes. He felt his chin wobble as images flashed through his mind of the horrible night he had endured with the masked man, before Christian suddenly lashed out and ripped the sheets off the bed, balling them up and chucking across the room with a small meager moan.

Panting Christian eyed his surroundings, everything from that night flooding his mind so quickly that he howled with anguish as he tore everything off his nightstand, destroying everything in his path as he tried to battle the invisible pain that challenged him every time he stepped into the room. Twenty minutes later Christian stood in the center of his once beautiful living room, everything around him completely smashed, ripped or destroyed.

Christian finally allowed the sobs to rack his body as tears cascaded down his red cheeks. His body shook roughly as sob after silent sob wracked him as he splayed his hands in his thick black hair and held on tightly, ignoring the pain from both his aching head and the torn stitches in his neck, the blood dripping from the now loose bandage.

Christian inhaled deeply, looked once more around before he fell to his knees and choked on another sob, his hands now resting on his knees as he sobbed openly in the middle of his destroyed house.

Sean McNamara fingered the black stapler on his desk, sighing with impatience. He glanced at his watch once more before he reached for the phone, thinking Christian either be in a prison on in a hospital because if he doesn't get here soon I'm sending him to the latter.

Sean drummed his fingers on the glass table, noting he would have to clean the fingerprint marks later, as he waited for someone to answer the phone at the Troy residence. God, even if it's a woman, someone please answer! Sean screamed mentally as his drumming grew more insistent.

Suddenly Sean's office door flung open as a disheveled, exhausted, red eyed Christian shuffled in and took a seat next to Sean silently. Sean slammed the phone down and stood quickly, wanting to be angry but the lost look on Christian's face immediately told him he was not with a woman.


Christian sat unmoving, visibly flinching when Sean tried to rest his hand on his friend's shoulder. Sean pulled back and apologized, making a mental note to ask Liz a question regarding Christian's behavior.

Nurse Linda knocked on the door and muttered, "Nine o'clock is here," with a jerk of her blonde head towards the consult patient before taking off towards the restrooms.

Sean stood and extended his hand towards the young man who had shuffled in nervously, the young man hesitating before grasping Sean's hand for a quick shake. Christian had continued staring at the wall behind the man, legs crossed and his chin resting in his strong hand. Sean glanced over at his stoic partner before glancing at the chart and beginning the consult with a, "So Mr.…Summers, please tell me what you don't like about yourself."

"Call me Elliot, please." He said with a nervous smile.

"Alright, Elliot. So, Elliot, can you tell me what you don't like about yourself?" Sean repeated politely, smiling at the fidgeting man.

"It's really embarrassing, I haven't told anyone about it till now…"

"Trust me, we've probably heard worse." Sean tried reassuring.

Elliot let out a dry laugh, much unlike his physical demeanor, that Sean glanced at Christian nervously before placing his folded hands on the table and leaning forward.

"Care to tell us?" prodded Sean.

Coughing, Elliot started.

"When I was young, my father sexually abused me. I went through a lot of therapy and was finally able to have a normal conversation with other men when last year I was…" Elliot caught his breath, not noticing that Christian was staring at him wide eyed now, fully attentive, "Raped. I need some surgery to remove the scars on my body the man who attacked me had left."

Sean sat open mouthed; he stole one last look at Christian who was trembling slightly. Christian gently fingered the fresh bandage on his neck before standing up abruptly, walking quickly to the door before stopping. Without turning around, his shaking hand on the door's handle, he managed to whisper, "I'm sorry," before flinging the door open and exiting the office, his lab coat swinging behind him.