Sean and Christian stared blankly at each other from their separate leather couches. After Christian had finally stopped fighting Sean in both the physical and emotional sense of the word, they had cleaned up the small mess they made, splashed some cold water on their faces and sat down on the couches.

"Potato couch show down…" Sean muttered, watching Christian stare at a spot above his head.

Christian's eyes wandered from the spot above Sean's head down, until they met Sean's eyes. They stared at each other mute, until Christian cleared his throat and looked away uncomfortably. He rubbed the palm of his left hand with his opposite thumb, shifting on the couch.

"Let's get this over with, shall we?" Sean said with an airy cheerfulness.

Christian nodded curtly and muttered, "Let's."

Sean leant forward and looked at Christian intently, better get on with it before he completely loses his nerve to share.

"Christian…I know this is going to sound very stupid," Sean let out a humorless laugh, "and totally pointless but…what was going through your mind during the attack?"

Christian crossed his strong arms over his broad shouldered chest, pursed his lips and looked away as he leaned back further into the couch.

"It is a really stupid question," Christian retorted before uncrossing his only to recross them again, "But I'll answer it."

Sean nodded, relieved.

Christian sighed and admitted truthfully, "I was scared shitless. Unable to move, stop him in anyway…the cut to my neck was quick but it still hurt like hell…"

Sean watched as Christian's cool demeanor faltered, his face crumpling as his strong emotions fought to the surface.

"He dragged me off the bed and turned me over…like some damn rag doll…I was so confused until he, until he…pulled my pants down…"

Sean nodded along, silently encouraging him to continue on with his horrid story.

"I couldn't believe it was happening," Christian swallowed the large lump in his throat as tears made their way down his pale face, "Again. It was surreal until I heard his zipper coming down…" Christian shuddered, took in a few quick breaths before he lost control and sobs began racking his body.

Christian covered his contorted face with his hands, trying to salvage any dignity he could. His body shuddered and jerked as the sobs continued to pound his tense being.

"He raped me…" he sobbed, curling onto the couch like a vulnerable child, his body aching from the relentless sobs.

Sean watched with tear filled eyes before he walked over and tried to hold Christian. Christian struggled against Sean's caring touch, until he could fight no more and he finally settled into Sean's comforting embrace.

Christian felt his cries tapering off many minutes later, little whimpers and short breathing sounds emitted from his mouth as he struggled to keep his bleary eyes open. Sean rubbed his back in a soothing manner and smiled when he finally felt Christian relax and doze off into a deep sleep.

Sean felt himself, exhausted as he was, falling asleep as well. An hour later he felt Christian stirring, and looking at him with red-rimmed eyes. Sean, unsure as to what to say, was beat to the punch when Christian said, "Nobody finds out about this," he indicated to his position on Sean's lap, "Or I'll kill you."

Sean nodded meekly, breaking out into a smile when Christian sniffled and grinned. They hugged once more briefly until Christian and he broke out into peals of uncontrollable laughter. Tears streamed down their faces once more, tears of laughter.

When their laughter finally died down, Christian hiccupped and shook his head, "Thanks Sean…really."

Sean nodded, "No problem, brother."

Christian bit his bottom lip and hugged Sean, "That's right, you are my brother," he claimed as he pulled away.

They stared into each other eyes, both wide and bright blue until Christian said, "Dude, this is so gay."

This caused Sean to laugh again, Christian smirked and sat up. Stretching he helped Sean up and said, "Beer?"

"Hell yes." Sean exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear happily.